Energy Update: Unexpectedly Strong G3 GeoStorm W/Auroras & Heightened Energies

By Jelelle Awen

Energy Update: An unexpectedly strong G3-class geomagnetic storm came through yesterday, April 10th! Things were supposed to be quiet in Gaia’s field, yet, at the height of the storm, auroras crossed the Canadian border into multiple northern-tier US states.

“What caused the storm? The prime suspect is a “canyon of fire” CME, which hit Earth’s magnetic field on April 8th. The impact was weak and, at first, it seemed to have little effect. Geomagnetic unrest increased on April 9th as Earth passed into the CME’s strongly magnetized wake. The arrival of an unrelated solar wind stream on April 10th tipped conditions into G3-category storming,” according to

Strong geomagnetic energies are to be expected as we move into a more active solar cycle and as our Ascension process accelerates as well. There are definitely impacts on our physical, emotional and energy bodies with these storms, flares, and high solar winds.

Those of us tuned into the Ascension process can feel a more intimate bridge to these energies with our personal processes and the impact collectively as well.

The collective mainstream consciousness is shifting from 3D to Lower 4D with the C/V/War narratives, which I described more in my post yesterday here. With this shifting into a ‘higher’ consciousness state, more karmic soul frequencies are released and flooding/bleeding through into our awareness. Lower 4D is a dimension where we get to reconcile our shadow and bypassing it to move directly into 5D doesn’t allow for this crucial integration.

This shift into Lower 4D brings heightened intensities in ways that we haven’t experienced before collectively and it will just be amplified as we continue in the Ascension process. Being WITH these energies in a conscious way, tracking what is going on with solar activities and how they impact you, and what is going on in your inner world as well can assist you going forward.

Deepening your conscious connection to ALL of your bodies and what supports clearing, digesting, and activating is important too.

I am noticing increasing levels of energy, renewed focus, soul passion purpose, etc. after a period of deep rest, going inward and rebooting. Easter’s resurrection/rebirth energies are coming into my heart and soul field as well, providing a boost.

How have you been experiencing these recent heightened solar activities over the last month?

Do let us know if you are drawn to a free talk with one of us or a 1:1 session over zoom to digest the ongoing Ascension process, energy healing/clearing, Divine Self bridge/mirroring, connection with parts/soul aspects for deep soul healing, etc. More info at


Jelelle Awen

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