SoulFullHeart Museletter: April 16, 2022

Blessed, warm, and REAL Easter to you!

In this week’s Museletter, Jelelle Awen announces her return to serving women in 1:1 sessions and also clarifies in a few powerful sentences what sessions do and offer as well as what she experiences as a space holder and what you may experience as a facilitant. Jelelle, along with Kasha Rokshana, serve women exclusively, while Raphael Awen and Gabriel Amara serve men and women. More information on sessions and free 45min intro calls can be found here:

As it’s Easter weekend and the powerful death/rebirth/resurrection energies that this time of year offers have been peaking, there are several new articles and audio blogs to take in, bringing forward deep messages from Yeshua and the Magdalenes, as well as digesting other messages from the Divine and offering unique ways in which to feel your own process. A LOT of Divine love and support are being offered at this time for all of humanity and each individual soul!

There are also two new videos this week. Raphael and Jelelle recently co-hosted a livestream on Facebook where they shared about the incoming Easter energies and shared a poignant channeled message from Yeshua. The second video is from Raphael, offering many valuable pieces about processing difficult emotional waves during such intense times as the ones we are in right now.

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Much love from all of us!

~ the SoulFullHeart Community

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