Energy Update: Easter Solar Flare & Sacred Masculine Energies Upgrading/Activating Chakras

By Jelelle Awen

Energy Update: A major X1 class solar flare came out of a very active sunspot yesterday, Easter Sunday April 17th. There is another potentially very active sunspot forming just behind it with more sunspots emerging over the sun’s northeastern surface later today (4/18) or tomorrow (4/19) and now the Sun is facing Gaia, so def. we are expecting more activity to reach us, according to

It was interesting to have a significant solar flare on Easter, as we all have been tuning into and feeling the Resurrection/rebirth portal energies. In our group call yesterday, we all visited as a group the ‘scene’ of Yeshua’s crucifixion and felt the higher energies holding the space there with soul family and Divine support. We could feel the sacredness of both the death/dying to the current form (even via ‘persecution’) and the rebirth that was going on at the same time!

It feels appropriate to receive some sacred masculine energies on this day, which can be challenging to the body/auric/soul fields even as they offer upgrades and activations. There is so much POWER in these frequencies! They are intimidating even as they are compelling, attractive, and interesting!

It feels like we need these powerful sacred masculine solar energies to offset the hijacking of the masculine since the fall of Atlantis. I particularly feel these solar energies impacting our crown chakras, throat, solar plexus (gut/belly) chakra, and root chakra…which are the more ‘masculine feeling’ chakras if we want to feel into it that way…these chakras are more outbound than the inbound and receptive ones such as the third eye, heart, and second/sacral/womb chakras.

With the solar energies comes more activations/upgrades of these chakras and also some of the symptoms of these activations:

For the crown chakra, you may experience non-dual bleed throughs, headaches, brain fog, inspired thinking/visions, restless sleeping, and intense dreams/lucid dreaming.

For the throat chakra, you may experience sore throats, difficulty speaking, need to clear your throat a lot, sudden need to share your ‘truth, and activation of light language/toning.

For the solar plexus/gut, you may experience nausea, decreased appetite/need to fast, weight retention in your stomach area, ‘butterflies’ in the stomach, increased appetite, punch in the gut feelings.

And, for the root chakra, you may feel ungrounded, waves of survival fear, anxiety, feeling need to be in nature, disconnected from humanity.

It’s a good time during all these solar activities to check in with, clean, and clear your chakras and auric field on a regular basis through however you are drawn to do that. This is a teaching and guided meditation to do this with your Ascension chakras:

How are you experiencing these energies?


Jelelle Awen

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