4:4 Portal, Full Moon & Easter Passage Energy Update

By Jelelle Awen

4:4 Energy Update: It is the 4:4 portal today and there is really something so affirming of the bigger picture and yet also grounding into the NOW about 4 energies…as represented by the four seasons and four elements (well, and the fifth of spirit). Four codes can be about following Divine guidance, your intuition/soul wisdom, and then making progress/choices toward that, resolving practical and relationship matters with loving negotiation inside and out.

I also felt there was an invitation with these 4:4 energies to be direct with care, transparent with yourself and others to deepen the sense of trust in your higher heart intuition and Divine guidance as well. Being direct with care is possible as you heal from trauma responses/reactions/projections/triggers that lead to hiding your truth, being indirect, manipulation, passive aggression, keeping secrets, lying, etc. Feeling parts of yourself and soul aspects to heal these grounds allows for transparency inside and out.

4:4 is also about recognizing the patterns and cycles in your life and in your awakening journey…the beginnings, the harvest, the fall/death, and the spring arising again. These energies of transformation are being strongly activated right now…and an invitation to surrender to the cycles of change that lead to profound transmutation at all levels of being. To be in the flow more and more…

4:4 is a recognition of your current home on all levels…in the physical, within your body, in your heart space, connected to your soul, with the Divine, in your relationships. And feeling how you and parts of you feel about the current state of these homes…safe? Restless? Frustrated? Unhealthy? Time for change? Goodness and rest? Groundedness? Uneasiness?

This is also the Easter passage, offering codes of crucifixion/necessary death/letting go that allows for resurrection with Divine forgiveness and trust….as the Magdalenes seeded into the collective consciousness during that lifetime. There is the template there in the soul family monad around how to BE with inevitable change in a way that allows for the deepest personal growth in alignment with the Divine.

And, all of this is amplified by the full pink moon energies….on the leading edge of experience lunar frequencies allow space for feeling, for being, and for digesting. The moon matrix is also amplified during full moons and has been 3D home, so you may feel your body vessel/home going through adjustments too, transformation, unplugging, detox and letting go, esp your womb space or hara for men.

This is a passage to honor whichever phase you may be in right in this moment……WHILE seeing/feeling the bigger picture of your life/purpose/service grounded in the home of your heart and soul.

Much love to you on this 4:4, full moon, and Easter Passage,

Jelelle Awen

There is an illumination being offered of inner sacred unions too, the dynamic between your inner masculine and inner feminine energies….and if they are polarized, in union, in conscious negotiation or playing out unconscious dynamics from parental templating, Matrix conditioning, soul karma and more. This is a key element of deepening the sense of home within. Raphael and I will be exploring inner sacred union with sharings and a guided meditation in our group call on Easter Sunday, April 9th, more info to join by donation at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1224787391742244/ or soulfullheart.org/events

And, Raphael and I wilI be sharing more of our sacred union story tomorrow (part two!) during a livestream into our SoulFullHeart Portal FB group…our story which is filled with life shifts, death/rebirth, and openings too, more info at: https://www.facebook.com/events/142833035175497

We are posting less frequently on this blog and more regularly on our FB feeds, IG, and also the blog on our website soulfullheart.org: https://www.soulfullheart.org/blogs

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