Arise, Sacred Human, Arise: Message From Your Divine Self

It is a time for burning and churning of what just isn’t going to come along with you into the new. If you’ve been ‘tempting’ fate and living in energies that are overly ripe for and needing change, now is when destiny reaches out Her hands to you and invites you to step UP.

Sometimes this feels like a shove and a push. Sometimes this feels like an irresistible embrace and you fall right into the lap of love.

You can no longer live on the outskirts of your highest timeline.

You can no longer sit in the back rows of your own life.

You can no longer shrink to fit in with those that are content to stay small.

You can no longer be defined by that which makes you suffer when you also hold the CURE.

You are so needed to come into your full bloom in the service of love. This is why you are here after all….during this time of so much shifting and changing, during this grand transition of humanity into new forms of expression! You are needed here….for the inner healing that extends to the collective. For the collective healing that benefits the individual.

These are Ashes In The Air kind of life phases. These are deep mournings, forgivings, and moving ons. These are dark nights of the soul that open out into more awakenings. These are completions that make new openings more possible.

These are funerals to celebrate what is now gone. These are ceremonies that celebrate what feels to be lost arising again in new forms. These are bifurcations that call you to make difficult choices.

SOULar energies of healthy masculine/Divine Father activation serve you to make the choices that are resisted by parts of you. These geomagnetic winds blow in new possibilities of shiftings and changes. The Matrix peaking brings life as you’ve known it to its edge/end so that you can reboot again and unattach from the previous forms.

The Divine Mother is here in whatever form you most need Her. She will hold the match and she will be the balm to soothe the burns and the swelter too. Call Her to you and She will come. Yet, you have to make room for Her and room for yourself too to let in the form of you that She represents.

To arise….sacred human… arise!

MUCH love to you and with you as we arise, ashes in our air, and the NEW a steady reminder of what we can become!Your Divine Self w/Jelelle Awen

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