Arising Of Our Phoenix Selves During EQUInox Passage

By Jelelle Awen

Swirling and twirling emotions as we move deeper into this EQUInox passage. Ups into bliss and Divine surrender peace and downs into agitation, anxiety, sadness. Coming into balance offers a look and feeling sense of what has been tilted, twisted, reaching, grabbing, overly needing. This passage offers a reflection of what has been overly protective masculine and suppressed feminine…..from inside and in relationships too.

This mirror is being held with SO MUCH LOVE by the Divine. I’m feeling new and richer degrees of tenderness especially from Divine Mother for those of us long on this path. In sessions, I feel especially Mother Mary coming through very often to hold and comfort the previously traumatized Inner Child. She is inviting them into Her lap to receive nurturing and understanding to heal the frequencies of abuse that they received. This is SUCH a wonderful energy to feel move through my heart space to these precious inner children that need it so much.

Divine Mother is so supportive of us as wayshowers too…..ALL we have unearthed, uncovered, led, journeyed into, healed and transformed. Even as She offers the next and the next, there is so much honored for where and who we are in this NOW. Never judgement, yet She will be unsentimental in showing what needs to be seen that is no longer serving us.

Those fires to burn it away are hotter than ever before…..with more soothing and deep calm as balm offered than ever before too.

I’m personally going through quite a passageway of transformation with significant life shiftings too that I’ll be sharing more about soon as they continue to digest and integrate inside of my heart space. There is a feeling sense of deeper self discovery, even after so many years of doing this…and a sorting out of what has been ‘me’ and what is the arising, new service-of-love me. There is moving into more self love even as the mirror of revealing what needs to be seen is stronger than ever and often offered at an awkward angle.

What has previously been able to maintain and sustain no longer seems to have the same ground that it did as it transforms, collapses, and burns away. Even the once so beloved is being outgrown as what was once a womb becomes too limiting.

THIS is a powerful time of transformation that aligns the recent surges of Gaia’s frequencies, the SOULar winds and geomagnetic storms, and the upcoming Supermoon too. Cosmic Feminine and Masculine doing what they can to template the NEW sacred human in ever more balance.

Much love to you as we transform into our Phoenix selves arising from the ashes of the old over and over anew…..

Here is a guided meditation to connect with the Divine Mother faces of Mother Mary, Magdalene, Kuan Yin, Sophia, and Dark Mother:

Jelelle Awen

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Picture is Phoenix – Eternal Wings ~ The Art of Kagaya