Lion’s Gate Energy Update: Waves Of Higher Frequency Light Moving Out Densities in Emotional/Physical/Energy Bodies

By Jelelle Awen

Energy Update: The energies really have been so intense during the last couple of weeks! Waves of higher frequency light are being delivered/offered through star family/soul family connections…..Sirian and Arcturian especially. Activations during this week of Lion’s Gate opening (light language, contact through dreams, inspired thinking/visions/dreams and star DNA too) are preparing us for what we are calling, ‘Cosmic Christmas’ on Monday, August 8th.

These higher frequency energies are sort of pressing down and in on 3D reality in order to move it out. This pressing down can create a heaviness in the body and a sense of being ‘very sleepy’ or just ‘out of it’. And, we are ‘out of it’ in terms of 3D reality and it can really be felt during energy flux up phases like now. You also may be feeling buzzing in your head or headaches, plus a swirling/dizzy/vertigo feeling in your crown as the light codes come in.

You may be increasingly sensitive to foods during this time and need to rest from some of them or even move into fasting. Even that which is super nutritious is being amplified right now and a little can go a very long way. Eating very light, fruits and fruit-vegetables (such as tomatoes and avocados and cucumbers) can support the body through this upgrading process. We are two months into our daily pure celery juice drinking process and finding it so helpful at detoxing and clearing the body out. Any denser foods (such as those with oils, high fats or processed) are cleaned out right away while drinking it!

This out-of-it-ness may extend to your emotional body too with the purges and surges of lower frequencies of 3D traumas from this life and other lifetimes/timelines coming up. As these come up for processing and you move more into your higher timeline, you may draw fear-based frequencies from others in the form of conflicts, tensions, passive aggressiveness, and even outright attacks.

Trust that anything that comes is a mirror for you and not ‘against you’ even if you don’t want it in your field and life anymore. Trust with love and set boundaries with an open heart from there that you feel that you need to.

I feel a heartline extending to ALL of us from our higher selves and galactic/angelic aspects/guides, who are right there surrounding us and offering help. The degree that you can feel this support and help is related to how ‘fused’ to your lower frequency aspects that you are. This fusion with your Inner Protector creates a sort of defensive energetic shield that their love can’t penetrate.

Allowing control to run or anxiety or rage without holding it and being with it can push your support team away from you and even into the ‘other room’ or even farther away.

Bring all of you in closer and what you are feeling and your loving guides/aspects can come closer too and help you hold it with you. Your higher self and galactic/angelic guides/aspects are amazing heart healers and want to help you with this important work of upgrading your physical, chakral, and emotional bodies.

Anchoring into your heart line even as you surrender to the ‘out of it’ reality can allow a flow up and in and out with what is coming in to support our continual global/collective awakening and your continual personal awakening too.

Allow into your reality the timelines into the New that want to unfurl before you….riding them ‘out’ even as you detach from them. Be with all that is coming up and coming in and coming out with LOVE………as it is offered in so much love!

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Jelelle Awen

Here is a guided meditation to connect with your star family:

And I have shared this meditation even recently with someone doing sessions with me as it can be SO supportive! Connecting to an Arcturian Healing Chamber: