SoulFullHeart Museletter: July 27, 2021

Happy and blessed Galactic New Year!

We’ve all arrived in Portugal now and have been getting used to our new life here. We are continuing to feel our ‘Nu Mu’ calling and responding to what we feel is a more aligned lifestyle, which has asked us to deconstruct from living within four solid walls (for now at least). Along with the adjustment to being in a new country and our choice as a community to camp for a phase in a beautiful national park, we are all feeling our next steps inside and out and being with any processes that come up, especially in response to and fueled by world events.

This issue of our Museletter features a piece by Gabriel where he digests and invites your own digestion of the ongoing process we are all experiencing… the disillusionment that needs to arise be felt along with the experiences of the Great Awakening taking hold collectively.

There are many other brand new articles and audio blogs from all of us, including energy updates, digestions of what’s happening in the world, and sharings of our personal processes right now.

These Museletter updates may be less frequent for now, but we are all with you in heart and spirit especially during this time of intense awakening experiences happening on the heels of so much loss and letting go…

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With much love from all of us,

~ The SoulFullHeart Community

SoulFullHeart Avalon Update: Issue 1

We have made our relocation as a community from Victoria, Canada to Glastonbury, UK (Avalon in the higher dimensions) over three weeks ago now. With this shift in geography to a place with resonant soul family and highly activating Mary/Michael energies, we’ve felt new levels of creative inspiration and service desires.

We felt to gather together all of our Avalon-inspired writings, audio blogs, events, and service shifts into one place and offer it as an SoulFullHeart Avalon Update. I also share about my recent shift back to offering 1:1 sessions with women who are drawn to meet with me over zoom or in-person here in Glastonbury.

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