Energy Update: Intense Reboot/Activations Going On As We Move Into SOULstice

By Jelelle Awen
Energy Update: The energies have been INtense! as we head into the SOULstice tomorrow….the longest day of the year and start of summer for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day of the year and start of winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere. You may be feeling quite tired/drained, experiencing headaches, breakdowns/breakthroughs, being overwhelmed, and just overall feeling ‘out of it’ right now.
There can also be feelings of drag, lackluster energy, just not being into doing or being part of anything 3D. Yet even the soul activities may be not be drawing your usual passion or energy either. Difficulty in focusing on projects can come up too, even on those that support your service of love expression. This is usually a sign of a ‘reboot’ and next level activation…..what has previously brought joy, fuel, energy no longer does in the same way as you move into another tier of our soul consciousness expression into physical embodiment here.
There is really then just BEing with these upgrades and activations as they are going on. Resting into them, letting your body rest if it needs to, not trying to do at the usual level. Connecting with your inner masculine aspects can help with this as they learn to rest and let in and surrender.
The Gaia/Schumann spikes have settled down a bit after two days of higher amplitude and frequency waves moving in. These spikes can amplify the body symptoms and emotional reactions too, yet I do feel (and have been offered) that they are happening as a support to our overall Ascension process and are coinciding as well with the SOULstice.
The SOULstice marks a passage in ‘time’, not real in a higher dimensional sense, yet important as a marker related to our awakening and ascension processes. Our souls know the importance of this seasonal transition and in many timelines we celebrate the SOULstice in special and meaningful ways even as our 3D culture does not.
You are SO welcome to join us for a celebration and gathering tomorrow to bring IN the SOULstice codes for and with you during a group transmission with Raphael and I at 10:00am PDT (Vancouver, Canada time) or you can receive the recording. We will also be digesting the current energy influxes and talking more about the passageway that we are in, being activated by the solstice energies, the upcoming eclipses, and the Lion’s Gate on 8/8. The transmission we will offer during the meditation will connect you to your SOUL’S relationship to the SOULstice and whatever may be helpful and supportive as you move into your Next Level higher timeline.
You can offer your $15 CAD ($11 USD appr.) energy exchange here and we will send you the zoom link to join us and/or recording:
This is an alive time to connect to the parts of you that can provide support to move into your higher timeline and the ones that most need your attention and love to come along for the journey!
Jelelle Awen
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