You Are Your Own Paradise

By Raphael Awen


The paradise you seek always was nothing other than your own heart. All the heavens you ever imagined were the feeling of feeling how it would feel to be in love with your own heart, and every aspect of yourself.

That you may feel things about yourself that you want to change does not negate this truth about yourself. You are your own paradise. All that is waiting is for you to claim yourself, your heart, as your only real and deep home. One that you cannot lose and one that cannot ever be taken from you.

Now, with your own heart claimed, you can feel what feels like it isn’t in tune with this love-heart-home reality and feel that. Feel where and why and how it came to be impervious to love. Feel it with wonder and awe and reverence, for it too is a part of your paradise, given to you to unlock new dimensions of your infinite paradise.


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