The Universe Sings Of Your Radiance – Unicorns On The Beach

By Jelelle Awen


Listen Below to the audio recording of this writing by Jelelle Awen:

You are on a beach, fingers digging into the sand, toes wiggling around. The sun is warm, soaking into your skin, forming crystals, activating DNA. Light codes in the rays recalibrate your aura. It shines and shimmers; it sparkles with life.

The waves attach and reattach to the shore, claiming the sand and moving back out again. The cycle is relentless, you float away on the rhythm, feeling the beat of the waves in your heart. You seem to hear the smash and crash inside of your soul.

Lady Gaia is smiling through the gulls, the pelicans, the tiny fish that create the food chain. She is inviting you to feel your magnificence that is grand and great as the smallest particle to the largest objects in the deepest of space. You are vast and noble as the stars and as humble as the Earth. She invites you to ground, connecting with the chakra below your feet. She is the umbilicus, inviting you to feed from her deepest earth dwellings, providing a steady nourishment of grounding.

The angels are here in groups. They are drawn to the beach because and the negative ions, the mists, the portals near the shore. You can slip in easy wherever you’d like to go and they show you how, over and over, flying on currents of energies to unseen destinations.

You are as radiant as the sun. A million light rays broadcasting from a higher dimensional frequency of Divine Source expressing as You in human form. As you tune into this frequency more and more, your crystalline broadband echoes out to the ethers and more ethereal beings are drawn. As you heal your pain body, your heart pitch rises emitting both heavenly tones and radiant light.

Your unicorn is there, a guide waiting patiently for you to call it. It is waiting to be ‘of service’, to serve love to and with you. Its enlightened state creates a wand of pure light emitting from its third eye….not a horn or bone, but pure energy. You call your unicorn to you, reunite with each other, he or she has been waiting for you in the seventh dimension. The loyalty of his service touches you deeply.

Your tears are of joy, of reunion, of remembering. They are the substance of hope, desire, and love. Your tears are the language of the healing human heart; they are your capacity to feel all of the joys of the beach in a multidimensional way. You open always to the possibility of feeling more, whatever needs to be felt, not good or bad, but just what Is and what needs to BE, coming up to be released.

The unicorns, the angels, the fish, the waves, the sand, the sun, Lady Gaia…..all seem to celebrate your existence and your mission, your deeper purpose to serve love. They sing it to you, remind you of why you are here. They sing to help you claim your place and your space, support you in healing anything that limits or holds you back.

The Universe sings of your radiance and you…….smile back.

Jelelle Awen is an 5D ascension teacher, writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

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