Supercharged Personal Growth


By Raphael Awen


Many of us have been made aware that time and space are not ultimately real.

They are real enough to us as we live our lives within a certain bandwidth of consciousness; the bandwidth that we call 3rd dimensional reality, but we are seeing and coming to terms with that time and space are creations or emanations of consciousness itself. They are very much like holographic projections we say, as we try to grok what life would be like if we didn’t see time and space as so damn real all the time (pun intended).

This leaves many of us somehow with a feeling of being tied to time and space, like we need to free our consciousness of time-and-space kind of reality processing. We tend to lean towards ‘If only, I could feel myself more outside of time and space…’, as we desire to get on with our consciousness awakening path. After all, amazing things like teleportation, telekinesis and dematerialization are all apparently on the other side of time and space as we perceive them.

This overriding desire to leave the realm of time and space can very helpful, and it can also be a big hindrance.

Initially, this awakening to see the ‘unrealness’ of time and space is essential to see ourselves outside of 3D reality for the souls we are; for the energy we are; for the consciousness we are; for the emanations of infinite love that we are. All very good stuff.

However, in that, there is an inherent tendency to see time and space as what limits us from the heart and soul freedom we long for; what keeps us bound to 3D consciousness. We feel we need to get out beyond time and space to the truer, or deeper reality.

I’m feeling this, this morning, in myself. I feel how more than anything I want to grow. I want to perceive myself and my life and my relationship with every’one’ and every’thing’ in this momentous and measurable flow of growth. So of course the idea of coming free of time and space limited perceptions and soaring into heart and soul reality lands pretty much at the top of my list.

Here’s the kicker though. The two things that are most needed for growth are (you guessed it) nothing else, but TIME and SPACE! Try growing a few vegetables successfully without time and space!

What a pretzel. I want to get free of time and space so I can grow??? It doesn’t work that way.

So what’s really going on here?

Consciousness itself gave us time and space as its own emanation. It didn’t give us something we don’t need. We need time and space for our growth. The problem is not with time and space, but instead how we have made a god out of time and space, rather than revere the source of time and space; consciousness itself.

So how could this be different…on a practical level?

In every space and at all times, see if you can more and more turn your awareness to awareness itself. When you do this, you are supercharging the intended purpose of time and space, which is growth.

Look at this. It’s really important. Put it in your own words. Frame it within your own experience and reference. Grok it into your sacred world.

When you experience time and space with reverence, you are experiencing the emanations of consciousness itself. When you turn your consciousness in reverence to consciousness itself, you have love looking at love; you have life staring at life; you have God looking on God. And you have all the time and space you can imagine to work this out and into your life as you know it.

Now, you’ve got the quantum version of hydroponic heart and soul growth cooking big time. And the coolest thing is that there isn’t a single time or space where this opportunity is not available to you. It’s as simple as turning your attention.


Now, you’ve just left all the constraints of time and space and fully inhabited them at the same time. Welcome to the God class. You are God enrolled in God 101.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information and inspiration.


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