Eclipse Of The Heart: Shiftings, Re-unions, And Completions

By Jelelle Awen



The moon passes in front of the sun, the warmth of the rays are blocked for these moments, and the energies shift across our world. Most of us will not be able to actually see and view the eclipse happening on February 26th, 2017 (unless you live in the Congo, Argentina, Chile, Namibia, Botswana, etc.), yet our souls will feel it, our galactic selves will feel it, and our higher selves are already calibrating to its influence and energy.
Most of my focus as a teacher, healer, facilitator has been on the inner cosmos, especially on healing and awakening the emotional body as it integrates and weaves with the soul expressions and embodiment of the higher self. So, my focus has not been so much on reading the grids or cosmic connections or astrology, etc. Recently, though, I have been integrating more and more aspects of my star selves, connecting with my star family (especially the Archturians and Pleidians)…..this organic process has infused me with more cosmic awareness, more sense of connection OUT there which is really rooted inside like everything else.
I have become more sensitive to how playouts and movements and events in the stars impact our emotional states, spiritual awakenings, ascension process, and our relationships. I feel that as an emoto-spiritual teacher that it is important for me to bridge what is happening in the sky with how it might manifest and relate to what could be happening for you inside of you, in your personal worlds, in your inner cosmos.
When I feel into the eclipse, I get this sense of covering over and then revelation again of the sun, mostly in the heart domains. Just as the sun gets to ‘arise’ again after it has been obscured by the moon, what has been ‘veiled’ over wants to be seen anew. Experiencing darkness in the middle of the ‘day’ is a waking up to what you may be taking for granted. What has been in the dark, wants to come into the light. While the soul awakening frequencies have been amping up and up for so many on this ascension path, these eclipse energies feel PERSONAL to the heart, getting to the real heart of the matter for most people.
The comments and questions that I have received lately have mostly been about relationships and specifically romantic unions that have been energized for many years, even decades. Within these relationships, there can be a sense of ‘living with’ what has been while consciously dreaming and desiring MORE….more love, more connection, more resonance, especially in the soul areas. There can be ‘living with’ what has been not as nourishing and even settling for shrinking of body, heart, and soul desires that are blooming from within, yet cannot express in the current ground of the relationship.
What you experience on the outside is a reflection of you and, often, in your romantic patterns with your partner (and other close relationships with friends and family), you are experiencing a version of you that wants YOUR attention that is represented by them. If someone feel stuck to you or not awake or not in synch or depressed or too linear or much more literal….you can look inside and FIND that you have a part of you that is JUST LIKE THEM, but has been suppressed. The part of you that is judging them (even if there is true discernment there, you can feel it is judgement when love is being withheld, primarily toward yourself!) is actually deeply judging the part of you that is JUST LIKE THEM. I am emphasizing this being just like them piece because it can be such a suffering loop and trap to feel what your partner/friend/family member is somehow NOT just a reflection of some part of you. You become in argument and fight against them on some level then, just like is happening inside of you from one aspect of you to another.
As you can bring the reflection that your partner (or friend or family) is offering and find the place inside that is like them, connect, and heal and feel this aspect…THEN the ground of TRUE discernment is available to you. THEN you can feel if you want to continue in the relationship ground or not, even as there is still love there. It is possible that the relationship ground will collapse and complete once you feel the part of you that was needing to be felt and being expressed by your partner. Although it is also possible that a whole new ground will arise between you and the partner as it clears of the projection energies.
If you feel as if you are settling in relationships, this you have allowed until you no longer need to allow it because you are connecting to and healing the previously suppressed part of you that you NEEDED to have reflected by your partner or friend or family until you didn’t any longer. This need to have this reflection is what people can mistake for resonance in relationships, when actually, it is what a client recently called ‘sticky’ or codependent at its roots. Sticky relationships are based primarily in subconscious unfelt need RATHER than health and soul bonds.
The SOUL, the 5d higher self, WANTS to seek for revelation inside AND outside. The SOUL is OPEN to eclipses of the heart. For things to be revealed and in that revelation to arise new or to fall away and complete. The soul doesn’t want to spend moments settling; it wants to move on and experience the possibilities of growth that come from letting go of what needs to be completed while love remains in the heart.
ALL phases are sacred, of course, and necessary for your growth and are there because you have allowed them to be there, on a higher level. YET, there is so much support for this revelation into honesty, to take an honest look at your relationships and feel them from this ground of heart AND soul nourishment. And then to take action, make changes, based on what you see and feel. This transition, if it leads to completion of the relationships, can be held with SO MUCH self love and love for other. It is a difficult and painful transition to be sure, as the unbinding happens of the hookups and connections AND the goodness that is there too. I do not offer this is in a casual way as relationships and relationality are, to me, the PRIMARY ground for which our soul growth and awakening moves and I hold very high reverence for them. The relationship within which then expresses outward being the main ground for transformation….
The eclipse offers us a symbolic picture of what can happen inside of us; the obscuring of the light, the re-emerging of the light into our experience…the digestion of the ‘event’ which then brings about shiftings that lead to re-union or to completion. And ALL of it held by love in service of love.
Here is a recent writing that I did about moving from sticky binds to soul bonds in relationships with mates, friends, and family:

Jelelle Awen is an ascending teacher into 5D consciousness, Divine guide-scribe, and co-creator/teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information and inspiration.





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