Energy Update: 2019 Death/Rebirth Passage Opens Up To A 2020 New Dawn

By Jelelle Awen

Death and rebirth. Letting go in order to let in. Releasing the old to experience and become the NEW. These were the energies that we had been baking in since the 11:11 portal as the seven year cycle of initial awakening for many souls starting in 2012 completed….along with the ten-year decade-long cycle as well. The ‘end of an era’ passage of 2019 invited us to feel what needed to complete in our lives too, especially in personal relationships.

There was a sense of ‘ash in the air’, separations, declarations, break ups and breakdowns, peaking conflicts, difficult situations, etc. as 2019 came to a close. This was heightened by being in social settings that you aren’t your normal ones, in addition to the collective 3D ‘pressures’ of obligation, duty and conforming to others’ expectations of you rather than following your own heart.

The old grounds, previous agreements, and ‘grandfather clauses’ in relationships have been dissolving and finishing…having served their purpose for what was previously needed for all the souls involved. The ‘running out of ground’ sense of what was originally signed up for is heightened so that you can advocate, set boundaries, make choices, say ‘no’ if necessary. Patterns of behaviors and especially ANY settling/shrinking with others is being revealed, sometimes painfully, yet also necessarily.

Three days into 2020 already and it does feel like we are on moving to the ‘other side’ of this intense pressurization and death/rebirth passage. The other side is not completely free of angst, hurt, growth, and feeling necessary darkness/shadow. Yet, there is a sense of this ‘New Dawn of A New Decade’ energy holding the bigger space for it.

There is more connection possible to YOUR bigger picture soul purpose for being here at this time. There is more connection to your Higher Self clarities and visions. Receiving messages is deepening through dreams and meditative states. This more and more becomes the FUEL for your life and gives every moment more sense of purpose and meaning.

A New Dawn offers infinite possibilities of experiencing love within yourself to all parts of you….and with others in relationship as well. A New Dawn offers a beacon of hope to the parts of you who need some light in their skies. It is the ‘other side’ of the difficulty where you discover the WHY of what you’ve been advocating for…the experience of more love and yourself AS love.


Jelelle Awen

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Navigating Relationship Completions, Timeline Collapses & Shifts Podcast (Video & Audio

Here it is…the fourth episode of our weekly SoulFullHeart Experience Podcast! In this one, Gabriel Heartman and I could have talked for awhile about this topic as we are living through it right now…..navigating relationship completions, timeline collapses, and life shifts. This is such a big and deep crucible of growth for so many of us right now as we move into 2020…as we learn how to surrender to the necessary death/rebirth phases that the Divine offers us WHILE feeling the parts of us in mourning and the full range of emotions too!

Here is the description:

In this fourth episode of our weekly SoulFullHeart Experience Podcast, SoulFullHeart Facilitators Jelelle Awen and Gabriel Heartman talk about navigating life transitions, relationship completions, timeline collapses and other shifts.

This period of time leading up to the New Year of 2020 (especially during and after the 11/11 portal) is sorting out what vibrational is ‘coming with you’ and what doesn’t fit or match your higher timeline reality. This sorting out process can be experienced as something you are in cooperation with or that it is happening ‘to you’ depending on your level of conscious choice in the process.

We recommend connecting to the parts of you that been involved with and attached to the previous timeline experience or relationship. To feel the mourning and grief of letting go, along with the other feelings such as frustration and hurt that come up during completions. We also talk about the benefits of having a higher level context about the shifts and changes, what karmic clearing may be going on and necessary in your Metasoul. This allows you to be able to feel Divine trust and surrender to it rather than feeling like life is ‘doing something against you.’

Gabriel and Jelelle also share about a recent process we’ve been digesting in our community around this with Kalayna, a deep intimate friend and former SoulFullHeart Facilitator, choosing to take space from the community and facilitating to support her own process and how we have navigated and experienced that shift. We write more about that here:…

This SoulFullHeart Experience Podcast is offered as a bridge to those of you who may not be familiar with the SoulFullHeart process or us as Facilitators of it. Those of you who are aware of our work and even connected to us through sessions, may find value in the way that we present the navigation of life shifts from the SoulFullHeart perspective. These Podcasts are offered on a weekly basis on the SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel, our Facebook pages, our and as an audio file on our Soundcloud channel and iTunes channel:…

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Energy Update: 12/12 Portal Invites Renewals & Completions

by Kalayna Colibri

Renewals and completions… this is a powerful invitation coming in through this 12/12 portal we’ve entered. Relationships especially seem to be highlighted right now and many questions are being asked about whether or not they are on healthy or even desirable ground. To feel if you want to deepen the ground is an aspect of ‘renewal’. Is there enough juice and attraction there, romantic or otherwise, to want to move WITH the relationship into your next phase of life and does it fit with your arising clarities about yourself, your heart and soul, and your path, or does it seem to no longer fit with what you’re feeling coming up for you?

This can be a time of many rumbles underneath the ground of any kind of relationship, where you’re being asked quite directly by the love you are if this is enough for you, prompting you to check in with your heart and parts to see if it really is or if there are other reasons why the ground has been kept alive this long. Relationships are intense and emotional crucibles, meant to be a reflection for where you’re at on your healing path and what you’re being invited to look at next inside of you. Being with the desire to complete an old ground is challenging and the process of doing so can be even more so… yet the beacon of what you most desire and what you’re coming to realize you most deserve to experience in relationships of any kind, is held by love, always…

It’s not a black and white picture when we talk about ‘completions’, as they are really the ending of one phase of life or a ground of your relationship within yourself or with another, not necessarily something that means an absolute finality. It can definitely feel this way though, especially if you’re choosing to separate from an abusive or highly toxic relationship with birth family, a lover, or even a close friend and your parts may want it to be a case of a closed and locked door on your side of the bridge. Sometimes this is really needed in the name of self-love, for the sake of your recovery and to collect the wounded parts of you back up again. However, there are other times where the process is to complete the old ground in the relationship so that a NEW one can arise in its place.

This is the sense of renewal and completion that is arising during this season and through this 12/12 portal… that we get the chance, in every moment, to feel if we want to continue with one thing or another or move into a reevaluation and transition into something new, starting INSIDE. Life may present you with opportunities for something new on the outside, yet the work continues within and this is the core place where the ground in any other area of your life can shift and change and evolve, not to mention heal.

If you feel drawn to have support during this time to help you feel the parts of you that are unsure of this next phase and what these energies are inviting for you personally, my beloveds and I would love to hold space for you:

Much love to you as you feel through and navigate your own rumbles and movements as you continue your own journey of shedding old skin and moving into the new with brilliant butterfly wings emerging! ❤ 


Photo by Daoudi Aissa via


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for women age 25 and under, energy healer, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Incoming July Energies Support Change Choices & Integration

by Kalayna Colibri

It doesn’t feel like we’re in a phase of much being activated at the moment, though it depends very much on the phase that you find yourself in. If you’ve recently been navigating some significant life changes, you may find that you’re actually in a phase of integrating them… and if you’re trying to figure out your next step at the moment, or taking some sort of action in order to exit one phase and enter another, you may find that you’re being asked to find some stillness amid challenges that are springing up. It feels like whatever side of “change” you’re on right now, whether in the INcubation or INtegration phase of it, you may be feeling the birth canal of the rebirth these energies coming in are inviting you into. And what’s more is that these changes are a direct result of your awakening journey so far… they are all a graduation point, even the difficult ones, and they all want to lead you to your next places on your journey.

You may be starting to realize that parts of you have been over-focused on ‘making change happen’ in one particular area of your life, whether it’s trying to lose some physical weight, moving to a new home, looking for work, or completing/beginning a relationship. This over-focus feels two-fold to me: first, I feel there is an invitation here to feel how the work to ‘make something happen’ is a part trying to force something that perhaps has its own timing and probably out of a fear of missing out on an opportunity or to bring someone or something closer to you in your life for fear of losing them, or losing your next chance, whatever that may mean; and second, I feel too the invitation to begin seeing the bigger picture of the changes, that they connect to all areas of your life and not just one. It’s like trying to work out by only targeting one muscle group when really it’s your whole body that needs your attention and love. Plus, compartmentalizing is probably losing its ground for you in general, so the focus on only one thing/area or even person in your life is something you won’t actually be able to maintain for long as it all wants and needs to connect and integrate together.

It feels like July is a ‘hot’ month for bringing in and settling into changes too. I get a ‘coming and going’ sort of feeling around it. You may be experiencing a push-pull inside of you around change too, as parts of you want it and others don’t, and this polarization becomes harder and harder to ignore. You can choose to feel the parts and the ways in which they’re attached to what you’re taking steps to let go of and the ways they feel about what/who you’re trying to let in too. Your Inner Protector especially will have opinions and observations to offer, as will other parts of you.

As always with the incoming energy waves, there’s much to feel and awaken to within. You’re always invited to find expanded consciousness and a brighter view of the bigger picture of Ascension, the Cosmos, etc, yet this expanded consciousness landing within you is the one that truly lights up your path, your action steps, your stillness needs, and the parts that need your love as you choose, inhabit, and integrate the changes you most need in this Now. The Divine Mother/Feminine and Her many different expressions are here to be with you and hold space with you too as you explore all of these elements of your being… I feel Her honouring all of your choice points and everything you’re feeling or even ‘not’ feeling along the way, while also encouraging you to keep going, flowing, finding ways to BE with all of the challenges and desires, both.

Love to you as you feel all there is to feel on this next stratum of your ever-deepening healing and ever-increasing desire for everything you’ve ever wanted to have or happen in your life. ❤


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Relationship Shiftings/Openings/Completions Q&A W/Raphael and Jelelle Awen (Video)

This is a livestream on June 26th with SoulFullHeart Teachers, Ascension Guides, and sacred union mates with Raphael and Jelelle Awen talking about relationship shiftings, coming togethers, and completions of all kinds during awakening/ascension. They answered questions and responded to comments about sacred union, transactilibity and resonance in relationships of all kinds, parent-child transition into adulthood, soul family, and more.

You are welcome to ask a question or leave a comment on the recording of the broadcast and they will respond to it! They were also streaming onto Facebook so if you want to see the comments they were responding to, please go to:

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Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Jelelle offers a 90 minute one on one bridging session with her over zoom for $55 USD min. donation with women over 35 and with other SoulFullHeart Facilitators…more information here. Visit for more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

5/11 Energies: Portal To Forgiveness, Completion Of Old Timelines With Others

by Kalayna Colibri

5/11 energies feel significant today… portals opening into self-forgiveness. Higher Self connections are possible between you and those you’ve known in the past. Old relationship debris gets to clear away as you feel the tears of remorse for what’s happened in these relationships and what didn’t happen too. It’s an opportunity to own the role you’ve played while feeling the Higher Selves of others own their own roles too… ripples of deep self-forgiveness are possible in this today as well as forgiveness of others.

This is a powerful way to complete old timelines and embrace the imminent, highest timeline that is possible for you. So much movement happens when forgiveness is genuine and not simply said but felt. True gratitude can bloom from this too, as you feel these portals open and close, and feel the lessons and growth you and parts of you gathered from each and every experience.

This is beautiful to feel in words but even better to experience when parts of you are ready to let go into this space. It is a true and deep gift to be able to feel how all relationships have been connected for a reason and how you are a part of the trajectory of so many others. This is true oneness and connectedness. This is what unites us in higher, more porous dimensions for the healing of the collective inside and outside of us. This is powerful and poignant healing and ascension, a true moving on and moving up.

Being in this space with your parts if you can feel them while leaning into the space holding of higher-dimensional aspects of you is the invitation today. Experiencing this for myself and the movements inside are touching, expansive, and above all, loving to the nth degree… ❤️

Lots of love to you and WITH you!


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 35, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, speaker, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Energy Update: Good News Love Waves Coming In

By Jelelle Awen
The ‘good’ news, yes, is the SOULar winds picking UP again, plus a full moon coming on April 29th offering much needed lunar/Divine Feminine frequencies. This is preparing us for what feels like a significant portal opening on 5/5 that offers a ‘next level’ embodiment of your Higher Self and connection to your galactic self and star family. These energies coming in stronger CAN be good news if you feel them and let them in that way. Even the body symptoms you might experience of light headedness, shift in sleep patterns, appetite changes, mega drowsiness, head aches and muscle pains. Even the emotional body releases of what was in shadow of shame, guilt, anger, frustration. Even the relationship break downs and break ups that can push up so much to be felt inside. Even the job/money livelihood dissatisfaction rumbles and scarcity pictures coming into awareness.
This is ALL good news because it is about experiencing deeper and deeper layers of 3D conditioning/parts of you to BEcome more of your essence again as INfinite Love, yet now within your human body. These energies provide a loving container to hold these explorations and journeys. The good news is the support that the Universe and the Divine provides for this transition and shift. The support comes in these SOULar AND Lunar frequencies bringing in Divine Masculine activations and the Divine Feminine INtegrations. Bringing in more balance into your whole BEing.
This may not feel like good news to parts of you, especially if these energies are inviting you to move into a death and rebirth cycle. Listen to the voice that feels overwhelmed and lost. Feel this voice as a beloved part of you that needs YOU. You can hold much compassionate for the parts of you that have been invested in your life up to this point and all the settings and stages you’ve chosen there. Read more about parts and Metasoul aspects here:
This is only the death of what is false to your authentic BEing now. This is the loss of only what no longer resonates to the same vibrations as you. Of course this can be VERY painful to experience if another person is involved. Long-term marriages and relationships are completing in this way now as what is REAL is able to be felt, seen, and acknowledged. You may be leading this completion, which also can be challenged to accept as the self loving thing to do for both you AND your partner. Trust that if you are wanting to experience more love, you are providing a merciful completing for both you and your partner.
PURE love, as offered by these cosmic energies, reveals what isn’t from and of that substance. What was previously able to be settled for in terms of crumbs of nourishment no longer IS when you start letting in the full meal love deal of these energies. This, again, is GOOD news as your digestive system (on all body levels) wants and needs more! Crumbs are no longer enough. You want a bountiful bounty of love and goodness and resonance….in ALL relationships and especially with yourself and with every part of you to another.
Let in the love bounty of these energies and be with any parts of that experience them as LESS than this. Bridge to them from your soul consciousness that gets what GOOD news this whole process is, one that you have so bravely committed to as a soul. Connect to the Divine GIFT being offered in this NOW to all parts of you in ALL timelines of your Metasoul expression.
Love to and with you as we let in the goodness of who we really are and return to that feeling sense about ourselves in every moment!
Jelelle Awen
Connect through a love bridge to yourself and your journey through a 1:1 bridging session with me (or with Raphael for men)! More information here.
Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Jelelle offers a 90 minute one on one bridging session with her over zoom for $55 USD min. donation with women and with Raphael for men…more information here. Visit for more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

Practical Ascension Vlog Series: Social Area Personal Process Sharings

by Kalayna Colibri and Gabriel Heartman

In this second video on the social area of life, SoulFullHeart Teachers, Facilitators and Sacred Union mates, Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri, offer their unique perspective that is based on their own personal processes in this area. They share about the ways in which parts work through SoulFullHeart helped them access and feel their pain and enter into territory of deep healing and awakening. They share about the process of setting boundaries with others and how challenging this can be, especially with birth family.

This can be a tricky ground to navigate and walk out, especially while there are many binds to still be illuminated in the relationship between yourself and others. Having the language and feeling sense of ‘parts of you’ is essential for helping you feel and move through the polarities inside of you in relationship to these different relationships and the many dynamics alive inside of them. Being able to let go of the social connections that do not match or move with you as you continue your Ascension journey is essential for being able to then draw and be in a relationship with soul family and conscious community.
As you continue your Ascension journey of healing and awakening, the social area of life can be one of the biggest, most powerful anchors into 3D reality as parts of you cling to these different relationships that aren’t growing and awakening with you. The journey through this desert land is worth it for the gifts of healing and blooming self love that come out of it, along with the possibility of drawing soul family connections… which it is necessary to make room for inside of you and inside of your life.

If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them in the comment thread on Youtube or find us on Facebook (just look for Kalayna Colibri and/or Gabriel Heartman and/or SoulFullHeart Way Of Life!). You can also email


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Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.

Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  

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When Your Mate And Other Relationships Aren’t Awakening With You: Sacred Feminine Blog Series

By Jelelle Awen


She is expanding, growing, learning. Each drop of remembered kNOWledge waters the seed of her sacred human self and she so WANTS to grow now. Looking and searching for resonance to mirror her growing sense of soul, she needs the NEW reflection to transform into the NEW her that is waiting, spring loaded to become WHO she REALLY is.

She aches for MORE….more love, more light, more growth, more newness, more connection, more intimacy, more joy, more passion, more realness, more authenticity, more health. She feels this desire for MORE most of her moments and the ways and means to suppress it with distractions are not working as well as they used to. The part of her that wants to protect her from pain and keep her safe TRYS to suppress the wanting and the growing, yet THAT doesn’t seem to be working in the ways that it used to anymore.

Her friends, her family, her mate…they are watching this transformation as witnesses who, on a soul level ‘signed up’ to witness it. Maybe they are uneasy about it. Maybe they are resistant about it. Maybe they are inspired by it. Maybe they are coming along. Maybe they are not.

Oh, and her mate….if he is not feeling the same stirrings and call of healing the heart and awakening the soul, her heart aches to share this WITH him. Staying on her side in moments (let it arise in him through him) and then venturing over onto HIS side again (please come with me!) and back and forth. This is an uneasy dance with it can feel like no easy answers with neither partner doing anything wrong or BEing wrong.

As the dance plays out, she may reach a place where she can no longer ‘shrink’ to the old dynamic ground in the relationship to be with him. The place where they used to ‘meet’ each other has literally collapsed through her own growth and this has CHANGED the ground of their ‘usness’….the third energy created when two people come together in mateship. The usness has shifted from wherever it was when they agreed to BE together as it is based on energy and NOT an actual contract at all.

She may reach this place of not being able to allow the dynamic anymore in a dramatic sweep of realization that leads to immediate changes and transitions and completions. She may reach this in small increments and through negotiations with self and with him along the way. Through this negotiation maybe he WILL come along because it is his time and his desire to be and do so. OR he cannot and yet…..on she moves because now her growth cannot be contained without staying in suffering or in a lower frequency EVEN as love remains.

This is written for and inspired by women I have connected with through SoulFullHeart recently in this situation, finding (and ultimately choosing on the soul level) themselves HERE….in this place of awakening while their mate doesn’t seem to be coming along with them. I feel how this situation can be reversed too, with the man awakening and the woman choosing to remain in the same consciousness frequency….yet it feels to me that most often it happens in this way as yin has tended to lead in these grounds.

Drawing this situation is a reflection of the woman to look into herself. It is an invitation to feel how her mate’s (and those in other relationships) lack of resonance reflects a shadow aspect of herself that is ALSO not in resonance with her growth, a part of her that may resist awakening, or is very afraid of it. If she is deciding to stay within the relationship even without the deeper soul resonance and even perhaps outward resistance and maybe even abusive frequencies, then there IS a part(s) of her that feels the same way for which his lack of resonance represents. Without access to these parts of herself, she will make it about the outside, about him, about others RATHER than about herself for which they are just a reflection. Focusing on the outside in this way leads to disempowerment feelings and more sense of suffering and impotence.

She is not a victim but rather willing participant in this dance until she no longer chooses to be. Going within to find the parts of her that are represented here is the way to access her inner power, to feel possible next steps and choices, to navigate from HER side.

Living within a relationship with mutual resonance of body, heart, and soul with Raphael for close to nine years has filled my woman’s heart with loved UPness, compassion and I can template a NEW way for women to experience themselves within a sacred union ground. And a new way to relate to themselves for which ALL aspects of themselves (even those in shadow) are held and explored with a loving curiosity and tenderness WITH internal boundary setting also happening when it is needed.

There is a NEW way of 5D relationship in which their mate is inspiring them to grow, supporting ALL of their movements which support their soul, and which love becomes more and more pure between the two partners as they dedicate themselves to their inner healing and soul awakening. Often what people feel is ‘love’ in romantic relationship is actually a sticky, codependent frequency of need from one part of them to another part in their mate (example, inner child in the woman hooked up with the patriarch in the man, the matriarch in the woman hooked up with the inner child in the man, inner punishers in both hooked up together.)

It is a complicated dynamic and yet love will steer through it if there is willingness to feel, to heal, to grow, and to be REAL with what the emotional reality actual IS and the degree of suffering over suffering exists from inside. No more suffering becomes the motivation for change until love leads the way more and more with suffering becoming a rarer occurrence. It IS possible to experience this PURE love ground in relationships to the degree it is happening from within, from inside, from one aspect to another.

If you are a woman in this situation, you may need someone to hold space for this process of going within, accessing these aspects of yourself, and I would be honored to serve love with you in this process as it was my own in the past. Go here to read more about that: I know that Raphael Awen would be honored to serve the male side of the relationship (or if the situation is reversed.):

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc.

Eclipse Of The Heart: Shiftings, Re-unions, And Completions

By Jelelle Awen



The moon passes in front of the sun, the warmth of the rays are blocked for these moments, and the energies shift across our world. Most of us will not be able to actually see and view the eclipse happening on February 26th, 2017 (unless you live in the Congo, Argentina, Chile, Namibia, Botswana, etc.), yet our souls will feel it, our galactic selves will feel it, and our higher selves are already calibrating to its influence and energy.
Most of my focus as a teacher, healer, facilitator has been on the inner cosmos, especially on healing and awakening the emotional body as it integrates and weaves with the soul expressions and embodiment of the higher self. So, my focus has not been so much on reading the grids or cosmic connections or astrology, etc. Recently, though, I have been integrating more and more aspects of my star selves, connecting with my star family (especially the Archturians and Pleidians)…..this organic process has infused me with more cosmic awareness, more sense of connection OUT there which is really rooted inside like everything else.
I have become more sensitive to how playouts and movements and events in the stars impact our emotional states, spiritual awakenings, ascension process, and our relationships. I feel that as an emoto-spiritual teacher that it is important for me to bridge what is happening in the sky with how it might manifest and relate to what could be happening for you inside of you, in your personal worlds, in your inner cosmos.
When I feel into the eclipse, I get this sense of covering over and then revelation again of the sun, mostly in the heart domains. Just as the sun gets to ‘arise’ again after it has been obscured by the moon, what has been ‘veiled’ over wants to be seen anew. Experiencing darkness in the middle of the ‘day’ is a waking up to what you may be taking for granted. What has been in the dark, wants to come into the light. While the soul awakening frequencies have been amping up and up for so many on this ascension path, these eclipse energies feel PERSONAL to the heart, getting to the real heart of the matter for most people.
The comments and questions that I have received lately have mostly been about relationships and specifically romantic unions that have been energized for many years, even decades. Within these relationships, there can be a sense of ‘living with’ what has been while consciously dreaming and desiring MORE….more love, more connection, more resonance, especially in the soul areas. There can be ‘living with’ what has been not as nourishing and even settling for shrinking of body, heart, and soul desires that are blooming from within, yet cannot express in the current ground of the relationship.
What you experience on the outside is a reflection of you and, often, in your romantic patterns with your partner (and other close relationships with friends and family), you are experiencing a version of you that wants YOUR attention that is represented by them. If someone feel stuck to you or not awake or not in synch or depressed or too linear or much more literal….you can look inside and FIND that you have a part of you that is JUST LIKE THEM, but has been suppressed. The part of you that is judging them (even if there is true discernment there, you can feel it is judgement when love is being withheld, primarily toward yourself!) is actually deeply judging the part of you that is JUST LIKE THEM. I am emphasizing this being just like them piece because it can be such a suffering loop and trap to feel what your partner/friend/family member is somehow NOT just a reflection of some part of you. You become in argument and fight against them on some level then, just like is happening inside of you from one aspect of you to another.
As you can bring the reflection that your partner (or friend or family) is offering and find the place inside that is like them, connect, and heal and feel this aspect…THEN the ground of TRUE discernment is available to you. THEN you can feel if you want to continue in the relationship ground or not, even as there is still love there. It is possible that the relationship ground will collapse and complete once you feel the part of you that was needing to be felt and being expressed by your partner. Although it is also possible that a whole new ground will arise between you and the partner as it clears of the projection energies.
If you feel as if you are settling in relationships, this you have allowed until you no longer need to allow it because you are connecting to and healing the previously suppressed part of you that you NEEDED to have reflected by your partner or friend or family until you didn’t any longer. This need to have this reflection is what people can mistake for resonance in relationships, when actually, it is what a client recently called ‘sticky’ or codependent at its roots. Sticky relationships are based primarily in subconscious unfelt need RATHER than health and soul bonds.
The SOUL, the 5d higher self, WANTS to seek for revelation inside AND outside. The SOUL is OPEN to eclipses of the heart. For things to be revealed and in that revelation to arise new or to fall away and complete. The soul doesn’t want to spend moments settling; it wants to move on and experience the possibilities of growth that come from letting go of what needs to be completed while love remains in the heart.
ALL phases are sacred, of course, and necessary for your growth and are there because you have allowed them to be there, on a higher level. YET, there is so much support for this revelation into honesty, to take an honest look at your relationships and feel them from this ground of heart AND soul nourishment. And then to take action, make changes, based on what you see and feel. This transition, if it leads to completion of the relationships, can be held with SO MUCH self love and love for other. It is a difficult and painful transition to be sure, as the unbinding happens of the hookups and connections AND the goodness that is there too. I do not offer this is in a casual way as relationships and relationality are, to me, the PRIMARY ground for which our soul growth and awakening moves and I hold very high reverence for them. The relationship within which then expresses outward being the main ground for transformation….
The eclipse offers us a symbolic picture of what can happen inside of us; the obscuring of the light, the re-emerging of the light into our experience…the digestion of the ‘event’ which then brings about shiftings that lead to re-union or to completion. And ALL of it held by love in service of love.
Here is a recent writing that I did about moving from sticky binds to soul bonds in relationships with mates, friends, and family:

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