Bridging The Soul Identifiers Of “Indigo”, “Crystal”,”Rainbow”, And “Star”

by Kalayna Colibri

indi, crys, rainbow souls

If you have been hanging around in spiritual corners and riding some higher frequencies, it’s likely you’ve heard of these souls by now and you may even identify as one yourself. Since I am starting to write mostly for these particular soul groups, I wanted to invite you more into an awareness of WHO it is I’m writing to!

These, like any identity we claim, are just one piece of the great mosaic of us. I feel as if they do help illuminate our missions, yet, I also feel like over-identifying with any one of these, can ease out the possibilities of letting ourselves also be an unfolding mystery. It feels sort of like going by your sun sign for the rest of your life as your main way of getting to know yourself. There is nothing wrong with doing this, and some souls definitely NEED to do this for a phase (or several), so that they can awaken and begin a process of healing and getting to know themselves. I definitely needed the identity of being an Indigo for a phase of time, to have something defined that I could lean into for an explanation as to why I seemed to be who/how I was in the world and to help me differentiate from the collective.

Here is a short summary of these three different soul groups, known as Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow…

In my understanding and experience of the Indigo soul, they can be both adults and young people. In terms of linear time, they have apparently been incarnating since the 1970’s, with the majority of them being born between the 70’s and the mid-late 80’s. From the mid-80’s until (I think…) around 2000 or so, the Crystal children started coming in. These days we are now receiving incarnated Rainbow and Star children/souls. Indigo traits often include a deep passion for justice and global change, psychic and other healing gifts, entitlement around being able to express their gifts (definitely a piece I’ve had to work myself!), and an intolerance for dis-integrity, plus many gifts of discernment around whether or not someone or something is trustworthy. The Indigo’s main soul mission is to deconstruct old systems that need to collapse. If you’re someone who has the gift of seeing (or feeling) auras, you may notice that they have a more Indigo-coloured aura. Indigo is also the colour most commonly associated with the 6th chakra or 3rd eye, so this is a big indication of their psychic gifts. Most Indigos seem to be quite entrepreneurial and will be drawn to starting their own healing practices however possible.

Crystal souls have come in in huge waves since the mid-1980’s. Their most commonly attributed soul mission is to follow-up the deconstruction work of the Indigos, helping to rebuild the world and create new, more compassionate systems to replace the old ones. They are more even-tempered than your average child/adult and generally are known to have large, penetrating eyes that seem to really see you.They tend to forgive rather easily. and are quite sensitive and psychic. They also seem to be a group that most often chooses to become vegan or vegetarian our of compassion AND health reasons, and though they may not choose to be activists like many Indigos might, they still feel strongly about living in specific ways that are less harmful to others and the planet. Crystals seem to be more  drawn to the idea of living as part of a community from an early age and will know and recognize soul family pretty fast.

Rainbow souls are most likely, I’ve read, to be born to Crystal soul-ed parents. So this makes them a natural evolution of the Crystal energy of compassion and healing. These souls, it feels like to me, come in with very little karma from other lives, mostly because they haven’t incarnated HERE all that often, or perhaps EVER. It’s possible that some of them are pretty “new” souls, meaning that they haven’t left their home frequency to incarnate anywhere before coming here to be with Gaia. They are said to forgive very easily and anyone who is around them feels a sense of harmony and peace. Because they have no karma, they have incredible healing and psychic abilities that are free and unblocked and no emotional baggage. They have an ability to trust the ethereal with little effort, whereas there is more of a journey for the Crystal and Indigo souls around this piece.

Now we have what some call “Star” souls coming in, who may have NO karma at all, not having lived out any lives with Gaia. These are souls who are star beings in human form, and I’ve also read somewhere that they actually KNOW this consciously and can offer many gifts very early in their lives. They are introverted and very comfortable with complex electronics from an early age. As children, they will sometimes strike you as being “mini-adults” in child form and are very intelligent. They come into this life so directly from Source energy that they just trust it with little effort and are very connected to it at all times.

I wanted to summarize these groups to help bridge something for you, in case you aren’t already familiar with them. Yet, I feel there is so much more to the story than these definitions, and I feel that as we go into our own healing processes, we can move out of one soul frequency and into another. For example, I do feel that as we awaken, we can move into a more Indigo frequency, and then possibly a Crystal frequency after that. This feels especially true in terms of ascension, where having a 4D awakening can give you a thirst for justice and profound change in your life, but also globally, similarly to how an Indigo soul often feels from birth. Then, as we move through these frequencies, we can begin to feel the more unified piece where we can trust that life is unfolding as it’s meant to and that rising above the battleground instead of fighting on it, is actually where our real power is. This feels more like how a Crystal or Rainbow or even Star soul may naturally feel about life. Also, being an Indigo may mean needing to have a deep “Lone Wolf” phase for a while until a desire and need for community arises, which feels like something a Crystal, Rainbow or Star soul may be more naturally drawn to early on in life.

I feel we could have and be so many of these frequencies at once and that as we heal, more and more soul qualities become freed up, allowing us to vibrate at much higher frequencies. When we look at the Metasoul, which we talk about in SoulFullHeart, it is so possible that we could have souls living out lives as Indigos or Crystals simultaneously as the life we are living out here and now. As we heal these soul frequencies in this life and in other Metasoul lives, this makes way for a deep transformation of the self we have known ourselves to be, becoming unrecognizable on MANY levels, to ourselves and to others too. In the end, we are all sacred humans learning to find our way back to the sacred in whatever way calls to us in the moment. How we grow and evolve is a deeply personal choice and experience and there are many different definitions we can feel into and take on for however many moments we need to do so! ❤


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at









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