Love’s Taking Center Stage

by Kalayna Colibri


I’m rebooting, re-calibrating, re-aligning myself to love’s flow in a new way. A way that holds a name change for me as my life broadens and my heart expands, letting in, breathing out, letting go, breathing in…

This is ascension. This is life. This is life with ascension in it… or ascension with LIFE in it. This is where it wants to take us all, bringing us to our gifts and to such a great amount of love that letting it in is the biggest challenge, not searching for it and finding nothing. Nothing…no-thing… it is no-thing-ness. No-THINK-ness…

The realization of it having always been there, waiting in the wings to give you back YOUR wings, comes onto center stage now. It pulls the curtains back on its own, shines through anyways… but if you find your space to let it and help it do so, you are in and of service.

Yesterday while in process, I felt these words come, inviting me, inviting you, to feel something so poignant, so important, for your own necessary and ongoing process and the spillover of your process into the global and galactic terrain…

❤ ❤ ❤

When you feel your self hatred, all it wants is love to override its fear…its deliberate self/loathing, caused by reasons based in hate… which is NOT the opposite of love at all. Nothing can be opposite, only another aspect, a way to try and hide the desire to love and BE loved…

What you call “hate” or even “dislike”, is simply resistance to letting in how much love, appreciation and reverence you can actually feel…. stemming from unworthiness inside you, feeling this way towards yourself. Hate is love covered with protective spikes. It makes love into a blunt instrument or even a commodity. It makes it an attempt to kill-off the one thing it actually wants the MOST… REAL LOVE.

… the sort of love that can’t actually die. The one element ALL is made up of.


In love, with love, falling into and embracing more love,

Kalayna  ❤



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at


When You Finally Are Tired

you reach that end of a tether,
and realize,
it’s time to actually, finally
let go…
A tiredness takes over
from deep inside you.
An exhaustion creeping up
through every cell of your being,
calling out loudly,
that it is ready to collapse,
let itself breathe.
Let itself feel.
Let you feel it for what it really is…
For all the pawing and grasping
at what worked before
to keep it buried
beneath layers of trying and trials,
often self-made and maintained…
It begins to ask for you,
something bigger than it,
to help it,
this old you,
to finally rest.
it takes another long spin
on that favourite merry-go-round
of old beingness
to realize,
you’re finally ready
to emerge from that long,
long birth canal,
and see the light
of the new day awaiting you…


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at

I See You, My King

by Kalayna Colibri


I see the way your words dance off the page you’ve composed,
In lockstep with the processes of your mind
And your lion’s heart.

I see the King you are becoming and ascending to,
As your crown shows the ages, challenges
And dimensions
You’ve faced and walked through,
To feel all you need and desire
That helps you find your worth,
Your human man
And your powerful Emperor
Of galaxies I’ve yet to remember.

I feel the space you hold with me
As you stare into my eyes’ constellations
And penetrate my heart with yours.

I feel your energy press into my space
Of heart and mind, body and soul
And though you aren’t here,
And I may not have met you yet,
I see and feel all of this
As if I have already known you for a lifetime.

I feel the ways you see me too.

I feel you taking in my words,
My poetry,
My writings of healing,
Letting them move through your being
And move us both to our next places.

I feel you seeing me
As more than a body.
As something somehow beyond a woman
And yet fully a woman in every sense.

I feel you taking me in…

Letting me in…

Staring at me from across the crowded space,
Filling and feeling me with your gaze,
Caressing my back with your blazing hot touch,
Kissing me with a breathtaking steamy-soft wanting,
And pulling me into you as if parting would be
The last, most unthinkable desire for either of us.

When I meet you,
We will have already met…
Like this.
Already having felt the energy of what passes between us
With no effort or strategy,
Just personal love, self-love, growing cosmic and Divine love
And holding the sacredness of each of our selves,
Souls and hearts.

The reverence will be unmatched,
The love will be transmuting,
The hotness between us will be indescribable,
And the crucible of changes, growth and healing,
That stand for our deepening bond,
Will undoubtedly bring us both
To the next place of newly arising love
For ourselves,
And quite possibly,
Over and over again,
For each other…


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at


The Financial Area Of Life: Indigo, Crystal And Rainbow Souls Blog Series

by Kalayna Colibri


There are some souls who have signed up to become masters in the domain of money and finances, and some even become financial wizards at very young ages. Then there are some who seem to not ever get a foothold on having a financially stable lifestyle; juggling multiple jobs, bills, family members to provide for, and a seemingly endless list of troubles. There are those who dance in between these two as well, and this is sometimes where we will find Indigos, Crystals and other souls like them. When I feel these souls, and also when I reflect on my own ongoing journey and healing with regard to money, I feel the tug ‘o war between old conditioning that we have been raised by, old systems that are collapsing, and the arising desire to keep blowing up these systems so we can live in an economy that is gift-based and involves living in conscious community with shared resources. This writing today is mostly for those who feel as if money is an area they struggle with. It is VERY possible to be of these soul groups and NOT feel as if money is a challenging topic!

There is a reality to ground into when it comes to current financial systems in place, and then there is also a more desirous way of being and transacting in life and in relationships that is more nourishing, and that is not only a dream but is something we are actualizing right now – if we can begin to let that in. This is the place where I feel these unique soul groups seem to have a lot of struggle. There is still a need for money to some degree, and money itself, after all, is only a piece of our overall consciousness about love and exchange… our very personal relationship to it, is what makes it either come into our lives in abundance or keeps us feeling as if we are victims, always needing more of it and never seeming to get ahead. Choosing what it is we want to do with the money we have (i.e. what we want to invest it in) is actually an area where we have a lot of power.


We often have a rebellious streak that wants to avoid the whole thing of having to find financial stability to some degree in our lives, and also we may feel entitled to free help or services. I’ve definitely had a lot to feel around entitlement, wanting things to happen YESTERDAY and sometimes also wanting financial exchanges (like food and rent) to be WAY lower, if not free. I also leaned into birth family for a chunk of my early adulthood for financial help, which they felt obliged to give me at the time. During my healing process though, I was guided to end this cycle and start taking care of myself… that’s where my real growth started to take root, in more arenas than just this one. At some point, I had to choose to invest in myself in a deeper way. This is also where SoulFullHeart came in, and because I was choosing to invest deeply in ME and the timing was right to do so, the money for sessions just sort of worked itself out somehow and, because it was the right path for me, the growth was (and is) exponential and paying off in many, many ways.


Though part of me didn’t want to work anymore unless it had to do directly with my soul purpose work, it turned out that life was actually trying to show me that for a phase, I needed to have a regular job to offer me the healing I needed in order TO be able to fully inhabit my soul purpose work much later. The main gift of this, I am now realizing, was being able to land more in my much needed personal healing. I needed the grist of having a job (or several) in order to feel myself and parts of me more strongly, to have them pushed up to the surface by their different reactions so that I could feel and heal what I was being asked to during this phase.This also taught be how to navigate and flow with life while engaging in deep inner work. This created a profound lifestyle change that is still evolving today, right along with me. There is a bigger trust in life that I didn’t have back when this all first began, but in hindsight I can now understand it… I needed to trust deeper that if this is what life was showing me I needed to do, there would inevitably be something big in it for me. Perhaps one of the biggest gifts I can cultivate from having gone into the gift of every single job I’ve had as an adult, is that I can now digest it in writings like this one, with a desire to help you find your own way to more trust in the choices life is offering you (regardless of what soul group you belong to!). Finding stability is an act of self love and care. We may need to make choices that de-stabilize us for a phase too, but we ready ourselves for that by allowing ourselves to actually HAVE stability for a while, laying a healthy groundwork inside of ourselves to be able to find our way with sanity.


It’s easy as young people fresh out of university or college, to feel imprisoned by debt. There can be a lot of guilt around wanting to bail on it or maybe some self-image pieces around declaring bankruptcy because of it. I feel strongly like debt actually IS a prison sentence that we are ALLOWING to be real for us. It is another way to be distracted from our true healing and soul purpose work by feeling predominantly like victims to the systems we are trying to shift and change. Well, what I feel to be more and more true these days, is that these systems are already collapsing in on themselves, because they were always meant to. Love has already won. There is no real battle to fight here, we just have to find ways to climb out from under the rubble. Feeling angry or upset is so normal and expected and indeed, for phases we do need our outrage (I’m especially talking to Indigos here, feels like) in order to help move things along, yet, if you think about it, who is that outrage meant to ultimately serve, but YOU? Whatever, wherever it leads you to, it is the path you are choosing and the path you most need at this moment. Feeling knocked sideways by the realm of money, is a symptom of something inside of US that needs to be felt and healed. As we choose to go inward, the systems will be and ARE collapsing outward. Your outrage is a roadmap to your inner world of pain and desire, both, and you DO have an effect on the collective on different levels whether you decide to go in and heal or not…


This philosophy is so applicable to any area of our life where we feel we would like to experience more abundance or an easier flow. Going inward about it is where we can feel and experience our true power and alchemy. We are infinitely creative beings, all of us. Though it’s difficult to understand at times why we seem to be struggling to get ahead, especially if we are conscious at all about the HUGE souls we are and the importance of what we came here to do and lead, we must stop looking outside of us for answers, for we are literal packages of goodies and shadow, both, that need love and care to unpack. We are hardwired for being a part of the deconstruction and reconstruction of the changes going on in this world, and as such, we must be grounded by doing this from the inside, first and most importantly. ❤


So, sweet “love sponge” souls, try to soak up some self love this weekend… if this area of life really is a struggle for you, you can try journaling with a part of you who holds on to this struggle and needs YOU very much right now. If you wish to, you can try the following questions in your journaling…


What does “money” mean to you?
What would being “financially stable” mean to you?
If you have some reactions to Leena’s writing about money and finances, what are they?


Let me know if you ever have the desire for a session to help you digest this and other areas of your very sacred life!


Lots of love to you, loved ones…





Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at

Bridging The Soul Identifiers Of “Indigo”, “Crystal”,”Rainbow”, And “Star”

by Kalayna Colibri

indi, crys, rainbow souls

If you have been hanging around in spiritual corners and riding some higher frequencies, it’s likely you’ve heard of these souls by now and you may even identify as one yourself. Since I am starting to write mostly for these particular soul groups, I wanted to invite you more into an awareness of WHO it is I’m writing to!

These, like any identity we claim, are just one piece of the great mosaic of us. I feel as if they do help illuminate our missions, yet, I also feel like over-identifying with any one of these, can ease out the possibilities of letting ourselves also be an unfolding mystery. It feels sort of like going by your sun sign for the rest of your life as your main way of getting to know yourself. There is nothing wrong with doing this, and some souls definitely NEED to do this for a phase (or several), so that they can awaken and begin a process of healing and getting to know themselves. I definitely needed the identity of being an Indigo for a phase of time, to have something defined that I could lean into for an explanation as to why I seemed to be who/how I was in the world and to help me differentiate from the collective.

Here is a short summary of these three different soul groups, known as Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow…

In my understanding and experience of the Indigo soul, they can be both adults and young people. In terms of linear time, they have apparently been incarnating since the 1970’s, with the majority of them being born between the 70’s and the mid-late 80’s. From the mid-80’s until (I think…) around 2000 or so, the Crystal children started coming in. These days we are now receiving incarnated Rainbow and Star children/souls. Indigo traits often include a deep passion for justice and global change, psychic and other healing gifts, entitlement around being able to express their gifts (definitely a piece I’ve had to work myself!), and an intolerance for dis-integrity, plus many gifts of discernment around whether or not someone or something is trustworthy. The Indigo’s main soul mission is to deconstruct old systems that need to collapse. If you’re someone who has the gift of seeing (or feeling) auras, you may notice that they have a more Indigo-coloured aura. Indigo is also the colour most commonly associated with the 6th chakra or 3rd eye, so this is a big indication of their psychic gifts. Most Indigos seem to be quite entrepreneurial and will be drawn to starting their own healing practices however possible.

Crystal souls have come in in huge waves since the mid-1980’s. Their most commonly attributed soul mission is to follow-up the deconstruction work of the Indigos, helping to rebuild the world and create new, more compassionate systems to replace the old ones. They are more even-tempered than your average child/adult and generally are known to have large, penetrating eyes that seem to really see you.They tend to forgive rather easily. and are quite sensitive and psychic. They also seem to be a group that most often chooses to become vegan or vegetarian our of compassion AND health reasons, and though they may not choose to be activists like many Indigos might, they still feel strongly about living in specific ways that are less harmful to others and the planet. Crystals seem to be more  drawn to the idea of living as part of a community from an early age and will know and recognize soul family pretty fast.

Rainbow souls are most likely, I’ve read, to be born to Crystal soul-ed parents. So this makes them a natural evolution of the Crystal energy of compassion and healing. These souls, it feels like to me, come in with very little karma from other lives, mostly because they haven’t incarnated HERE all that often, or perhaps EVER. It’s possible that some of them are pretty “new” souls, meaning that they haven’t left their home frequency to incarnate anywhere before coming here to be with Gaia. They are said to forgive very easily and anyone who is around them feels a sense of harmony and peace. Because they have no karma, they have incredible healing and psychic abilities that are free and unblocked and no emotional baggage. They have an ability to trust the ethereal with little effort, whereas there is more of a journey for the Crystal and Indigo souls around this piece.

Now we have what some call “Star” souls coming in, who may have NO karma at all, not having lived out any lives with Gaia. These are souls who are star beings in human form, and I’ve also read somewhere that they actually KNOW this consciously and can offer many gifts very early in their lives. They are introverted and very comfortable with complex electronics from an early age. As children, they will sometimes strike you as being “mini-adults” in child form and are very intelligent. They come into this life so directly from Source energy that they just trust it with little effort and are very connected to it at all times.

I wanted to summarize these groups to help bridge something for you, in case you aren’t already familiar with them. Yet, I feel there is so much more to the story than these definitions, and I feel that as we go into our own healing processes, we can move out of one soul frequency and into another. For example, I do feel that as we awaken, we can move into a more Indigo frequency, and then possibly a Crystal frequency after that. This feels especially true in terms of ascension, where having a 4D awakening can give you a thirst for justice and profound change in your life, but also globally, similarly to how an Indigo soul often feels from birth. Then, as we move through these frequencies, we can begin to feel the more unified piece where we can trust that life is unfolding as it’s meant to and that rising above the battleground instead of fighting on it, is actually where our real power is. This feels more like how a Crystal or Rainbow or even Star soul may naturally feel about life. Also, being an Indigo may mean needing to have a deep “Lone Wolf” phase for a while until a desire and need for community arises, which feels like something a Crystal, Rainbow or Star soul may be more naturally drawn to early on in life.

I feel we could have and be so many of these frequencies at once and that as we heal, more and more soul qualities become freed up, allowing us to vibrate at much higher frequencies. When we look at the Metasoul, which we talk about in SoulFullHeart, it is so possible that we could have souls living out lives as Indigos or Crystals simultaneously as the life we are living out here and now. As we heal these soul frequencies in this life and in other Metasoul lives, this makes way for a deep transformation of the self we have known ourselves to be, becoming unrecognizable on MANY levels, to ourselves and to others too. In the end, we are all sacred humans learning to find our way back to the sacred in whatever way calls to us in the moment. How we grow and evolve is a deeply personal choice and experience and there are many different definitions we can feel into and take on for however many moments we need to do so! ❤


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at









An Intro To The SoulFullHeart 7 Key Areas Of Life For Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Souls Blog Series

by Kalayna Colibri


In this writing today, I want to take you with me somewhere. Actually, I’d like to set my internal compass for that, with everything I write to you from now on. So this is the invitation: come on this journey with me. See what there is for you to feel into for yourself. Everything I say to you is grounded in my own experience and guidance. This is a personal thing for me and I want to share from this place in my heart that digests and feels everything happening in my own world and then, in turn and yet simultaneously, the world around me. Nothing that I say is “Bible” and everything is “near as I can tell”. That being said, do come with me and collaborate with me! Let’s grow these ideas and experience our own growth and consciousness expansion TOGETHER!

In SoulFullHeart, there are 7 areas of life that we hold to be key for our healing and understanding of ourselves. They are ways in which we can check up on what’s going on for us and how we are relating to life and even ascension. With each of the entries in this series, you may immediately feel a niggle or knowingness of some kind and some doorway into your most inner reality that maybe you haven’t quite gone to yet. Maybe you have actually explored these places before, as I did before meeting Jelelle and Raphael and starting my own SoulFullHeart process. If you can let me, my words, and my energy in, you will be letting in a huge gust of SoulFullHeart love and support for you to continue this exploration into the depths of yourself.

As we talk about ascension, this is where the work must always begin to be on this journey in the most grounded, thorough way possible – inside ourselves. If you follow my favourite show on called Cosmic Disclosure, you will have heard Corey and David talk about this need to go inside and heal our hearts or our service to others won’t be as centered in the heart as is necessary right now. I can already feel that this is something so important to each of you taking this in… it was, is, and always has been for me too. This is why I engage so deeply in this work on myself, so that I, in turn, can serve you with love and serve love WITH you, too. What you are receiving now, is an infusion of the overflow of love coming straight from my heart, finding its way into yours. I know that it has often been hard to trust when someone says that they “love you”, especially being the sensitive, huge, inter-dimensional souls that you are, knowing full-well that sometimes we can say that to each other and not really mean it. It’s okay if that’s how you feel. Love is coming at you anyways, from me, from angels, from star beings, from Mother Gaia, and even from you and the love you are made of already.

The 7 key areas of life that I mentioned before, and that I will talk about in depth throughout this series, are: financial, environmental, social, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. I will offer you some words around each of them so that you can let in how we see and feel each area through the SoulFullHeart lens, and how I feel each area applies to you as an Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, and/or Starseed soul. You might feel some overlap with other healing paths you’ve looked at or been on before, but you’ll also get something brand new out of the experience if you’re open to it. Actually, I suspect I will too, as this is something I’m digesting for my own healing as well. Each area can carry with it some intense challenges for us, as some of us have reincarnated many times, yet some may have not and could be brand new to life here with Mother Gaia. Some areas may also been easier for some of us than others, and we’ll have a look at that together too. As much and as often as possible, I will tie everything back into ascension, since that’s actually the main reason why all or most of us have chosen to incarnate here at this time. You’ll notice that as we ascend, there are different ways in which each area will express in our lives, and I will touch on that as well.

I am a teacher and guide yet I am also a student, and we are all big souls here, learning how to really step into our bigness and express our soul gifts from our ever-healing and expanding hearts. There are many, many places we can go together on this path, and I’m hoping to start some conversations with you who want to learn more but also with you who want to offer how it’s all been for you from your own perspective.

So, if you feel the desire, please keep an eye out for my next blogs in this series, and let’s travel inward, onward and upward together. ❤

If you’re curious to read more about me, you can visit my bio here.

You can also read more of my writing here.




Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at


The Love “Misfits”: Ascension And Healing For Indigo And Crystal Souls

By Kalayna Colibri


I come from a thing called “Gen Y”. I feel this name is apt, because myself and those in my age group ask the question “why” an awful lot! I’m not sure when exactly I started asking this question, but I’m sure I was pretty young at the time, maybe even just learning to talk… 

My sense is that we’re supposed to be the generation who does this asking questions thing, or at least get the ball rolling on it. Millennials have the chance to deepen this questioning even further, and so many of them are doing just that. When I see what’s going on with them and how they’re often marginalized by older/other generations, I get why they would be. They, and those of my generation too, are meant to be game-changers. Many of them feel drawn to activism, veganism, community, and/or just generally making different choices than anyone who came before them, with a deep knowing inside them that the systems in place now NEED to shift and change.

Early in my “seeking”years, which really began around age 14, I was labelled as an “Indigo” because of my age, my determination, my desire to share my soul gifts, and the things I was passionate about. I did really identify with this label for a long time, as it explained a lot about me and actually helped me understand myself a bit better. These days though, as I go inside and heal more and more, I feel a more crystalline essence coming through that is transmuting my passion into compassion, my anger into understanding, and my entitlement around sharing my soul gifts or having what I want, into patient gratitude and trust. Through working with inner-punishers and learning to love them, I’m finding that my judgments toward self and others is shifting into healthy discernment with love, helping to keep me from going back into the same frustration loops, that were only ever about making myself suffer anyways. There is much shadow to be worked in the archetype of the Indigo, it feels like to me, at least in the way that most of us have related to it up to now, and ascension is the perfect way to bring that all to light for each of us.

 I stand aligned with Mother Gaia in heart, soul and body and have felt that I am more deeply impassioned and aware of issues regarding her stewardship than some others, which is another trait we as Indigos and Crystals seem to commonly share. In meditation the other day, I connected with Mother Gaia and felt deep tears as she held me with her love, reminding aspects of my soul that worry about her, that she is okay and can take care of herself, ultimately. I feel her inviting us all into a space of feeling love with her in mutual care and reverence, and that all of the anger we have put out towards those who exploit her resources has actually been a negative output of energy that has been more warrior-like than necessary, even while standing in peaceful protest. She does not need an army, but she does need and desire for us to remember the love that we are and are here to offer as we ascend with her and help others do the same. Many of us have forgotten our true power and where it comes from, and have needed to do this for a reason. However, we all have much power to reclaim now and we have SO much support being offered to us to do so, even from Gaia herself!

 Coming into this life as Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, Starseeds (or a little bit of everything, as it feels like we could be many of these at once), means we have come in to remember who we are and find our way back to the power and powerS we have always had access to in our home frequencies. So much in 3D reality has densified life with our permission, but we do have the choice to start lovingly recognizing this and pushing against it like a springboard. It’s my sense of it, that if this tweaks you, there is some seed inside of you that needs some love-watering and some wounding that needs to be felt and healed so that you can remember more of who you ARE. I don’t think that any of us were ever meant to remain in a long healing process, as we have the innate capacity to heal deeply in short periods of time whenever necessary. There is definitely pain to move through together though, and we aren’t meant to do it alone.

 If this lands in you, it may be that I am meant to serve you. If I am, there is so much heart ground I look forward to navigating with you as we work together to help you remember what you are here to remember! Regardless of the path you choose for your healing and growth, know that your soul and heart capacities are being seen and felt, and that your soul purpose will not go on without you, even and especially while you take time for YOU, to go inside, heal your heart, and express fully from that beautiful place you’re now re-discovering and uncovering!

In love,



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at

Honouring Our Necessary Doubts In 4D Consciousness

by Leena Colibri


Though our souls feel drawn to the light and to the most exquisite colours and textures of love imaginable, there can still be a bubbling up of necessary doubts. Necessary in the sense that this is an aspect of us that needs our center to feel, hold and guide it and also, there are plenty of ways in which love actually pushes up these doubts within us, asking us to discern for ourselves what it feels like it is in our lives. Feeling ourselves in this way can really open up a whole other experience of love (and the light of illumination that comes with it) and land it deeper within us. In terms of ascension, we can talk about this as being in 4D consciousness, where there are many questions on our way to our own inner truth and certainty.

Those times of wanting proof, desiring something tangible to land in, looking for a concrete playout of love in our lives and in the world, is something we seem wired up for and it also feels like an invitation to eventually come to a place within ourselves where love can express deeper and more fully, first within us and then outside of us. Sometimes the most incredible and grounded hearts and souls who become spiritual teachers are the ones who have undergone awakenings on many different levels – and I can almost guarantee you that they weren’t afraid to have their doubts along the way.

What is a quest but a journey filled with questions and many different corners to turn and paths to draw and take? Some souls are so big and ancient, that they need those very intense periods of doubt and density in order to find their way through it and into the love polarization again, but this tme, in a much bigger, brighter way than ever before. They are just another expression of love finding its way back to itself through hardships, abuses, and other numerous and often very challenging life circumstances. None of us who are living into embodying ascension are souls who have “had it easy”. Letting this in, we can feel so much more compassion and also reverence for all souls everywhere, no matter what they have chosen. No matter the ways in which timelines shift, we are infinite and we are playing something out for our own growth and the growth of the collective consciousness we are intrinsically connected to.

Doubting is just as sacred as believing. Sometimes these doubts bring us back into the conditioning that many of us were raised with (by culture and birth family), that the more negative outcomes are the ones more real than the positive outcomes. This is also sacred, though that may feel a bit thorny and hard to swallow. For those souls who find it easier to trust that the worst case scenario is always the most likely, that is something that often needs to be walked out and is just as sincere an expression of their power as those souls who choose optimism. There is a thought pattern of “what goes up, must come down” that feels so central to 3D belief systems and is not only about the law of gravity, but also the feeling that being in a higher in vibration and more IN love will ultimately have a big come down and even a crash. There is a way that yes, this has to be true for us at times on our growth paths, as going upward also means coming back down and going inward when necessary, that is, until we don’t need this anymore, which I like to hold that someday will be true for all of us and that for some of us, this is already what’s true! If we can claim that those “crashes”, often signifying some wounding that we need to be with, is just as important as the high of healing, then we offer ourselves and those wounded parts of our hearts and souls a big pillow to land it.

So at the end of the day, as real as “days” are ;), there is nothing to really keep us down and in doubt but ourselves and what we’ve signed up to experience and learn from. In my experience, it feels like as we heal, we can feel more and more a growing center that wants to stay in the more natural “highs” of healing and love flow. If we exclude our doubts from our inner worlds, we could be denying ourselves some healthy discernment and also some more doorways into a deepening experience of what it truly means to be Infinite Love embodied. It seems also, that these doubts can then surface as self-sabotage and more negative play outs if they aren’t felt and negotiated with in the moment. I also feel the Archangels offering me in the moment, that not feeling even these feelings of ours, can actually block them from accessing and truly knowing us, more so than the feelings themselves might! THAT feels like real Divine love to me… a willingness to help us be with what we are feeling and arise with it, rather than bury and rise above it.

You are goodness and love embodied, carving out its way through this world through moment-by-moment choices. Your chosen expression of it is yours alone and every single thing you are feeling through is just as important for your personal growth and ascension as any books you may read or teachers you may lean into. ❤


Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at

Feeling Our Power WITH “Authority”

by Leena Colibri


Perhaps we will become much less afraid of someone being “in power” once we fully realize that they cannot have power over us without OUR consent and that we are all actually emPOWERed to feel our collaboration in all moments. Our relationships all have a ground that transacts and translates into a space of either feeling we have no power or too much power in a given context, while the whole time we are actually in power WITH one another. It is an expression of our FULLEST power to be and feel victimized, not a LACK of power. There is nothing missing at any time, as we are always whole and we are always standing on the ground of our already-made choices with more choosing possible with every single breath we take.

Authority is given to others who we believe are above us. Leaning in to a teacher or leader is actually an expression of relationship that can only ever be a ground of equal footing, though they seem and actually are ahead of us in some ways. Being ahead is not the same as being “above”. The illusion of “above” happens when we bow too low, below the point of heart-based reverence, and forget that WE have chosen the dynamics going on within and without us. This is why in a way it is so revolutionary to feel that we are part of God and God is part of us! Of course this is mind-bending as this is not the conditioning the majority of us have grown up with and it certainly is not the messaging that we receive from mainstream media sources. Star beings, other sorts of energy-based beings and even the Archangels are so fascinated by us and want to help and support us using their gifts, but would so love to feel on an equal ground with us in terms of our power as human BEings. We are dormant sacred humans, forgetting completely about the “sacred” part, until that just is not what’s true anymore and we awaken to claim it.

It feels as if we have always been invited to feel others, guides, angels, and even the Divine this way, yet we have been unable to heed and embody this without healing enough; without discovering and uncovering our wounds that are blocking us. Because we have power and choice in the form of “free will”, we have the ability to discern and decide what other human beings we would like to be in conscious co-creative power with and the same goes for etheric guides. Sometimes these relationships organically arise as if they were always meant to be in our lives, and yet, that doesn’t mean that they are meant to be there forever. Regardless of outcomes, however, the balance of power between all of us can be realized through reverence. I feel we are being encouraged by our guides to feel where this may be missing in all of our relationships and to either advocate for it or walk away. In this way it feels clear to me that no god or guide truly polarized to love and light would want us to bow down to their sole authority over us and instead would want to invite us into a collaboration that has mutual benefits and gifts. This is abundantly true about star beings as well and many of them would rather not come into contact with us, knowing that we would be more than happy to sign over our authority to them.

To find that sacred flow of self-reverence, aided by guides and human beloveds, is perhaps one of our deepest tracks of healing and always has been. Love, because we are made of it, has as much power as we are willing to give it and it wants us to be empowered. It is showering us with recharging energy from the sun of its universe, pressing on us to let it in more and more and find, at last, a way to heal those places where we have not been able to claim and truly own the power that we have and are made of. Even better if we can move this power-filled sense of love between us as humans and with etheric/energy beings as well, for THAT would be the most epic collaboration of co-authority in the history and timelines of humanity.



Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at

The Magical Perspective Of Our Metaspaces

by Leena Colibri



Waves of magical realizations cascade over me as I learn to breathe them in, feeling gratitude wash away all tendencies towards desperation for this and that to change or “finally be here”. This arises along with feelings of tension  around whether or not I can maintain this state, as the conditioning and learned ability to downplay all that is good about my life is still moving and healing.

My life, as it is right now, is something I have the desire to keep letting in, because as I do that, not only do I get to live more fully in every moment and perhaps not ever need to experience “nostalgia” again, but it also gives me the gift of being able to see how far I’ve come. Phew. Going to breathe that one in for a moment… wow. Everything in life changes and shifts so much while we engage in our own healing. There have been many choices I’ve needed to make to get here, some very tough ones and some that came rather easily, and without being willing to see and feel what it is that I truly need and desire, perhaps I couldn’t have risen to my next waves of alchemy and co-creation. Because I have dedicated much energy to going inward, I now get to cultivate a metaspace and vista inside that I get to see myself and my life from.

There is so much that finding a metaspace inside of ourselves can offer us, especially around being able to take a step back and view our lives from a different perspective – one that is not so steeped in any in-the-moment tensions (though the tensions may still be there to some degree, just not so fused to us). What’s cool about these metaspaces is that when we energize our desire for them enough through meditation and taking time to ourselves, they seem to start to happen on their own, offering us organic moments of ecstatic joy and even bliss as we see and let in the true magic of our lives. This is what I feel now as I feel some surprise at becoming enveloped in these waves of love and appreciation for my life right now.

In addition to this, I feel awash on the shores of magical humanity in the moment… sitting at a computer that does these magical things that WE created it to do! Or rather perhaps I should say that we co-created it with beings and forces that we cannot always see but we definitely perceive to different degrees and at different levels! Woah! There is so much that we co-create every single day, in every single moment.

I also feel magic as I am sitting in my little apartment here in Mexico, feeling its size and set up as something not unlike a dream fort I would have loved to have as a child, complete with tiny kitchen and nesty, cozy bed! Of course I also have desires for improving my space and even for it to be in a different location, yet there is so much I am continuing to let in about the magic of where I am, who I am and what I have NOW. This life chapter I’m in is one I would only have dreamed of even a couple of years ago. Now I get to live into it.

I have noticed that there seems to be a conditioned response that we have to magic and even gratitude. I would just speak for myself, but I do feel there is a collective piece here too… there is always something to pick apart about every gift, material or ethereal, we are given. There is always a way to dissect and dismiss. Yet, too, there is always a way to let in and to feel these tendencies as they come up at the same time, letting the water of love bring up the oil of what has been in shadow inside. I’m not convinced this is something we can “master” exactly, but it does feel like a skill and awareness we can develop through deep care and curiosity towards ourselves. It is what helps us create our metaspaces, where we can see what’s going on in front of and within us in a new way.

We have to get out of ourselves from time to time. If this is difficult for you to do, try to find a lookout point in your physical reality. Take a hike up a mountain where you know there’s a view, or if there’s any way at all to get to the highest point in your town, try doing that. I find that looking downward and outward from a higher place physically is such a powerful way to let in what’s really important to me and why, and what I may need to change in order to feel myself in a higher frequency more often. You sometimes hear about people who have gone on long hikes or pilgrimages in nature to find an answer to their questions about their lives. This is a process that is so worth it and you do find the answers and the magical realizations that you seek, if you become present enough to let them in – something that being close to nature will surely offer you plenty of support for doing.

The times we are living in call us to live with more love in our hearts. We are being asked to cultivate our purposes and join together somehow, even while still having our individuation and personal time. And, in this call, we are being supported to sort through who we are and are not, even if the answer to this question is only valid for the next moment, as that claim still helps us move on to our next place of BEing and healing. There are many rivers to cross, yes. There are many streams we can each follow, yes. And there is always, always so much magic and Divine love to let in while we do so. ❤

With love from my metaspace to yours,




Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at