Body Changes, Interrupted Patterns, Collapsing Timelines, HUM energies during ascension

By Jelelle Awen

Mega interrupted sleep ‘patterns’ for the last few nights for me. I can sleep for about three or four hours, then I am awake for several hours, crash nap, and then repeat again. I can connect this to a late afternoon tea or some chocolate, yet, it feels deeper then that and more about connecting to something BIGGER that is happening in both the COSMOS and personally. Before I knew the ascension vocabulary of ‘jumping or dissolving timelines’, I would have called what I am feeling as ‘anticipating change’, feeling changes coming on an intuitive level, and feeling the ‘rumbles’ of change coming for me personally, my beloveds, SoulFullHeart, and the world at large.

Yet, this isn’t anything NEW as change is the ONLY constant and we’ve been in transition for many years, both personally and globally. There is a HUM though, a feeling of something pulsing and alive, that wants to MOVE us on to the NEXT and the NEXT. Energies that want to move us on to whatever other place we are meant to be both inside of ourselves and what we experience as outer reality.

I can feel the sleep changes (crash naps for a few hours in the ‘middle of the day’ are newish too) as an aspect of the ascension process and actually a welcome disorientation comes where the mind can’t ‘track’ the days and nights as well and it ALL starts to kind of merge together, which is kind of the goal of ascension after all. The light body, the crystalline 5D body for which we are transitioning into more and more, doesn’t probably need the same amount of sleep as our carbon-based denser body did.

I already feel that our relationship to food will change significantly too with much less solid food needed and mostly vegetables and fruits when we do eat. Many of us can and will ‘live on light energy’ most of the time and go days without eating. This is not that radical as we ARE energy and made up of energy so it all we really need in another way is energy, although preparing and eating food can be so wonderful of an experience. It feels like we will get to choose when we want to eat. Our body weights will be natural and healthy with no extra fat as fat is needed only as an anchoring into 3D reality. A very necessary one at times, yet also, one that densifies us ultimately.

Back to the HUM….I’ve been asked what it means to experience a ‘collapsing timeline’….and today, as I was digesting wonderful openings and changes for some of us in the SoulFullHeart community, I had this sense of these changes feeling ‘surreal yet natural.’ This is a good way to describe a timeline collapsing…it feels surreal as in ‘better than my known reality before’ yet ‘natural’ in the sense of just fitting with essence and soul or higher self. Being open to timelines collapsing and shifting is really about being open to that ‘anything CAN HAPPEN in ANY MOMENT’…this is tapping into the realm of Infinite Possibilities for which we ARE in our essence as a fractal from Divine Source.

So then, of course, with all this exciting anything can happen-ness, sleep doesn’t seem as important even as it CAN BE critical to allow for the conscious mind to rest, the astral self to go explore, the integration of other lifetimes, the body to go into calibration and integration mode. I feel a trust in the moment in my body kNOWing what it needs for itself, rest and sleep will arise WHEN they are needed, and it is my mind that fixates on ‘missing sleep’ or ‘not getting enough’ or ‘interrupted anything’. The mind tracks life through segments and counting down of moments where the soul and higher self just flows in the moment by the moment for the moment. Why does being awake at 3am feel any different than being awake at 4pm, since both of these ‘markers’ are illusionary and made up anyway? To the soul, these distinctions don’t matter because they aren’t even REAL.

The HUM is also in the cosmos. It is the waves of PURE love raining and washing over us from the great central sun, center of the Universe, and radiating out of our sun in the form of light codes in the sun rays, which I’ve been taking in a lot of lately. It’s like the Universe is on a caffeine buzz, which feels both surreal AND natural. Momentum is the texture of the HUM too, a beat that is both relentless AND patient as it invites us to come along and also to keep UP with it. It invites us to ‘come along’ inside of ourselves, surrendering to the bigger picture and our higher selves, as we become more and more THAT surrender and THAT HUM in human form.

Love to you and our sleepless and crashing nap states both…..and feeling the HUM together….

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of an upcoming book, Becoming The NEW 5D Sacred Human.

Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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