Practical Ascension And Parts Work: HOW To Make Changes In Your Life That Reflect Your Soul

By Jelelle Awen


Practical ascension….this has been floating around in my head for awhile. What IS practical ascension? I was a small business/life coach for five years and we focused with clients on the ‘what’ AND the ‘how’. The ‘what’ was the greater context and vision for their lives and business and the ‘how’ was how to get there. I’ve been asked a few times lately during SoulFullHeart sessions about the ‘how’ of making changes in life that reflect the soul’s awakening desires and pictures about reality.

Going back to practical ascension for a moment… feels like where life intersects with concepts, where the spiritual IDEAS that you’ve been learning, reading, and taking in actually implement IN your life and CHANGE your life. Another phase beyond the initial awakening of realizing the inner matrixes that block you and that you no longer resonate with the 3D conditioning you’ve received, and that MOST of what you’ve been taught about reality in school and in life is limited and based in fear.

The soul wakes up through this learning and taking in of ideas, this looking outward for inspiration and sources of guidance and advice. The mind is shifting in this phase, paradigms and entire schools of thought (taught through our schools mostly) are being dismantled. There is a whole bunch of rubble and ash during this phase, which I have connected with transitional fourth dimensional or 4D consciousness (which I write more about here: This can mostly be happening INTERNALLY, however, as that is where it needs to start, where the seeds of change are watered.

And then, with this watering and baking and dismantling of ideas and shifting through emotional reactions does the soul energy begin to rumble to make ACTUAL changes in your life, to have the outside reflect MORE of your inner transformation. Some of these changes happen TO you as life moves you through the necessary death and rebirth (although nothing happens to you without your participation and choice on a SOUL level). More and more changes though can happen WITH you as you move into the phase of what we could call practical ascension and a more empowered sense of activation in your life fueled by your soul’s momentum and out of the safety and comfort of your 3D self.

This is when ALL areas of your life want to move into a higher vibrational frequency of expression as more and more YOU in your soul essence wants to express and grow. In SoulFullHeart, we look at with you through sessions the seven key areas of life related to this: emotional, spiritual, physical, social, financial, and environmental. Then, we feel into with you how your 3D, 4D, and 5D self may be predominately in expression in each of these areas. There is more about this delineation in this article with some journaling questions you can ask yourself here:

This is where the HOW comes in….as you then connect with aspects and parts of yourself to feel and negotiate with them around making practical changes to your life, especially within the areas which are causing you conscious suffering and capping your growth. It is the parts of us that hold the emotional body in confusion/blocked/suffering and are basically blocked or clogged frequencies, serving like boulders to block the flow of the emotional body river. NEGOTIATION really is the key word here as it allows the movements forward at a rate and pace that the parts of you that are attached to the old way can digest WITH you (‘You’ being the growing authentic and higher self embodied version of you.)

Differentiating an energy of attachment or resistance or fear as coming from a part of you immediately creates objectivity inside of you (what we call ‘defusion’) as you can now address and feel these reactions. It creates instant metaspace to say, “Part of me feels afraid” and to then BE with and feel this part of you rather than BECOMING this part of you. We often start the process with your protector part as it is negotiation with this aspect that allows for deeper access to the emotional body.

I have discovered no better HOW when it comes to moving life into a place of reflecting our deepest desires and soul expression then through the parts work process.There IS a way to actualize what you most deeply desire to BE in your life that I am inviting you into feeling if you resonate with or at least are open to exploring. Parts work is certainly not the ONLY way, yet I am pressed to offer another that is as catalytic and effective as this one is (and I have searched and researched for many years and yet always come back to parts work as my personal ground of healing and transformation along with what I feel called to offer others for close to 15 years now).There is more about parts work here: and I’ll be writing more and more about it as I (and the other facilitators in SoulFullHeart) engage in sessions with more people and they help us co-create it.

Navigating and embracing this parts work reality within myself and with the help of facilitators in the past is HOW I have been able to BE in a sacred union bond for nine years with Raphael Awen and have it deepen, grow, and expand into magical terrains of goodness and MEGA love. Parts work is HOW I have been able to shift a highly self conscious and unworthiness-based relationship to EVERYTHING in my life to one of unselfconsciousness, comfort in self, and self worth. It is HOW I have healed lifetimes worth of karmic playouts and binds within a relatively short period of time (more in the article I shared above about karmic healing and healing your metasoul line.) It is HOW I have been able to heal so much unconscious wounding in my emotional body and to experience life with little to NO emotional triggering or charged reactions now. It is HOW I have been able to inhabit and claim and express my soul gifts and serve love with others as my means of livelihood without compromising.

It is important to offer a HOW to you and not just a WHAT picture (although I love doing that too.) There are more and more spiritual teachers offering parts work as a key aspect of healing the emotional body wounding and more common language of inner child, inner critic, etc. And of course Carl Jung blazed the trail here before us…the emotional body has been left out in spirituality for many years yet the continual ‘proof’ of its need for healing expresses out in abuse patterns, unworthiness-based and unaware ego (another word for the 3D self) based frequencies, inability to make practical changes and navigate IN life and to integrate soul awakenings into every day life, suffering loops inside and in relationships of all kinds. The emotional body is screaming to be included in the picture and parts work dives into the waters of the emotional body immediately with immediate access.

The love that you ARE wants to come in and move through your life…to change your EVERY moment experience of experience. Of course parts of you hold fear about these changes, especially when and if they relate to other people and relationships that are entangled yet still transact love. Being with and connecting with these parts and their fear leads to more integrated self as they relax and integrate their energies over time and the stuck or wounded frequencies vibrate higher and higher. More and more then do you relate with life as a singular “I” that truly IS an I AM energy of embodied higher self frequencies pulsated with innate self worth AND visceral connection to ALL THAT IS.


Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine facilitator, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and teacher of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc.



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