On Top Of Being Manifestation, You Are Also Manifesting Being

Day 3 Yeshua

By Raphael Awen

This is Day 3 of my new introduction to my soon-to-be, re-released book ‘90 Days With Yeshua’.

Here we explore together, in our easy dialogue fashion, how to relate to manifesting our desires, what blocks that, and why.


Raphael: Good morning Yeshua.

Yeshua: Hey, Good Morning my man, where are we off to today?

R: I’d like to talk with you about manifestation, cuz it feels like a bunch is wanting to manifest in my life and I’m a bit impatient about it too.

Y: Okay, tell me what you know so far…

R: Well, we’ve covered much of this before and I do feel how all of us don’t so much have a ‘broken manifester’ as some like to call it, or a ‘lacking manifester’, but rather a very well working manifester that is just busy manifesting things that a more conscious part of the person may well not like.

Another piece I feel how even my biological life in this moment is pure magic in manifestation. There’s not a scientific or medical explanation that can touch the magnificence of the wonder that I am on just a biological level alone. But I still feel I want to become a whole lot more fluent around learning how to manifest what I really want, like there’s some technology I’m missing, or is patience I’m missing, or some of both? Can you help me feel what I need to see and feel around this?

Y: Yes, we work this out together actually, co-creatively…. you have a desire energy moving through you, to learn more, and desire to manifest new things that are high on your appetite, and I have a desire to use this pregnant moment to not just hand you a fish, but to teach you to fish, anytime you want to.

R: So we’re both in the manifestation world then…

Y: Yes, and so is the rest of consciousness, always wanting to learn and feel new things it hasn’t felt yet, especially around manifesting things and expanded realities.

R: So it’s not just me and my desires?

Y: Well, yes and no, but we’ll get to that in a moment. First, can you tell me what you are wanting to manifest?

R: Sure. New laptops. New smartphones. Clothing. An oceanside retreat centre. More interest in SoulFullHeart and more income. It’s been a dearth over the past couple years that we are now evidently moving out of, which seems to make patience a bit harder, to have desires start to flow, if you know what I mean…

Y: I always know what you mean! I don’t ask you to explain for my benefit. I ask you so that our published dialogue can make heart sense to those reading this and land in more hearts.

I so get it, Raphael. Desire itself is moving through you. You tend to feel like these are your desires and then that you need to get better at looking after those desires. I want you to feel for a moment that what you are desiring isn’t just coming from your sense of self or wellbeing, or from that much maligned place called your ego. Desire couldn’t actually live in you unless it found ego attachment, so a key here to feel is that your egos desires are NOT what is ‘in the way.’

R: I like where this is going so far, but I haven’t a clue where it’s going next, consciously at least…

Y: Yet you are willing to look, willing to want, willing to risk not finding anything helpful or what you’d call a breakthrough. What do you say to that?

R: I do feel a residual place in me that is hesitant to even have this conversation because it takes work somehow, and there isn’t any guarantee that it will turn up what I want quickly…seeking instead some kind of quick fix. But, yes, I am willing to face the part of me that holds that feeling with an open hearted trust and compassion for whatever caused that kind of hesitation towards life and abundance, with a desire to feel what life is like beyond these current feeling boundaries.

Y: There you go. Right there, you scooped a big piece of what you are looking for today. A part of you not sure if you can find and have what you really want, if it’s worth any effort to pursue it. Now that wouldn’t work in your previous paradigm of working and earning the money for what you wanted to manifest. You needed to believe you could earn the money and the seller of the item you wanted to buy from would hold his end of the promise and come through. All of that worked on faith, just on a more common everyday level. You are seeking to manifest on a more refined level, but it still is led by your trust and faith.

And furthermore, you don’t want to win any kind of ungrounded lottery here, based in pure chance. That only puts you in some kind of freak show, where no one around you is helped by your shift in life. Life wants to move you along WITH others in tow.

R: That speaks then to the bigger picture….my desires aren’t just mine like I tend to feel them. I’ve questioned myself a fair bit for being caught up in some ego pursuit, wanting the best laptop money can buy, etc.

Y: Raphael, why wouldn’t the universe want you to have the best laptop money can buy?

R: Well, maybe there’s other things more important that I need to learn first, that getting the laptop would hinder my growth…stuff like that.

Y: Well, that sounds really pious and even insightful, and maybe even true….but can you see how holding it that way can be using a truth to accommodate an untruth?

R: …Like spending my time preparing to not have something I deeply desire, so that the disappointment is somehow managed…

Y: Totally. Now compare that to let’s say, in the old paradigm of obtaining things, you went out and earned the money, placed an on-line order for the thing and were now all excited anticipating its arrival. You wouldn’t tend to think your excitement about its arrival was what was bringing it to you, but rather that you bought and paid for it. You earned it, you would say. You paid for it, and therefore you can joyously anticipate its arrival.

R: I’m tracking…

Y: Good, cuz we’re about to take a leap here. Hang on!

In this old picture, you would have an expectation based upon the entitlement of having earned the thing and that would be powering your excited anticipation. But what I want you to feel is that it was your excited anticipation of having the thing in your life that powered you to do the work to earn the money…do you see that?

R: Totally…

Y: I’m not sure you do…

R: Okay, I’m not sure I do either…but what I hear you speaking to is something about the real ‘work’ of manifesting has more to do with the wanting the thing than it does with the method of obtaining the thing…

Y: Yes! You’re getting it. It always was and is desire that manifests, and the real work always was and is holding desire….no different now that you’ve retired from a money earning based career.

R: And you’re saying there still is work involved?

Y: Yes, but this kind of work takes different muscles…to move a different kind of energy movement…

R: …Such as moving that feeling reality inside of me that the universe may not want this for me, that it’s too ego based…etc.

Y: …that line of reasoning has been simply a great way to disown desire, and get yourself out of the work of holding desire….so what if a big ego needs to drive a big truck and is a workaholic to make the payments…he’s learning his way to manifesting his desire in the universe…

R: but it’s not healthy Yeshua to live like that…

Y: Maybe so from your perch, but who are you to judge the lessons he is spending his life to learn?

R: I guess the answer to that is someone feeling superior because of my self proclaimed more evolved way of relating to life…

Y: higher, lower…. It’s all still measuring on the same stick, just at different ends…

R: So what stick would you suggest?

Y: I would suggest letting go of the feeling that coming from any more evolved place, or moral place, gets you anywhere. That isn’t what moves manifestation. What moves manifestation is being willing to incubate desire inside your personal manifester – period.

R: Period?…I’m hoping you’ll say more because I feel like I’ve heard this before and it still has further to land in me.

Y: Well, okay, let’s see if we can lift that period a moment longer… I love your curiosity and need to know…. What I can feel you coming to terms with, from what we’ve been feeling together today is that effort or work is still involved. Just because you don’t go out and earn money in the old way and then in turn go purchase it, you still do very much ‘work for it’, so to speak. It still takes energy to flow, or what you call ‘work’, for anything to manifest. What’s different is that that the energy required is free in terms of it being super-abundant, but the energy only moves as you are willing to hold the desire. Desire, you could say, constructs the pipeline that delivers the object, regardless of whether it manifests spectacularly out of thin air, or is the result of a purchase using earned money. Willingness we could say is even greater than desire because desire isn’t hard to come up with. You just want the thing or you don’t. What takes the work is the willingness to hold the desire….

R: We’ve talked about this all before and yet, I feel like I still need to hear it and feel it some more…can you say more?

Y: Sure…what more needs to be said is the other side of this truth. We’ve been feeling where work comes into the picture. What is also true in this picture is that manifesting your dreams is natural, and even effortless. It may sound contradictory to what we just covered, but I like to call it paradoxical, rather than contradictory. All great truths are paradoxes.

R: I love truth that dances inside of a polarity….I hope those tracking this conversation can too.

Y: Well, this truth opens out paradox in a good way. Manifestation requires choice, and even work as we talked about to hold desire. It isn’t going to happen in a dualistic world without just that, some dual. On the other hand, a fight of any kind isn’t what brings manifestation about. Manifestation simply wants to manifest. It doesn’t need any of your efforts to make it happen. It’s a power of its own and will manifest effortlessly. What you can do however in service of this manifestation naturally arising in your life is to choose to let that in. Manifestation of your deeper desires is a timeline of events and arising circumstances that require your permission. The tree grows on its own, but you provide and protect a space for the tree to grow.

R: Man, you’re hot stuff!

Y: You’re feeling full up about now, right?

R: Yes, I am. This stuff so needs to be felt and lived into to digest and make room for more.

Y: On that note, here’s just one last piece for dessert before we close if you can find the room.

R: Always…

Y: Okay, good, because this is a lot today and I’d like to give you a nice little tote bag to carry this home.

R: Awesome…

Y: We’re talking about manifestation from the point of view of how to increase its working in your life, but in that we can miss the forest for the trees. The forest, if you will, is this. You ARE manifestation. Every cell in your physical, emotional, spiritual being IS manifestation. On top of BEING manifestation, you are also manifesting BEING. How you do that consciously, or unconsciously is what steers the manifestations on the levels we’ve been discussing it today.

R: Okay, now I’m really full…

Y: So am I, you’re a lot you know?

R: I’ll take that as a compliment…

Y: Totally…you deserve it. I don’t know anyone quite as maniacal as you.

R: Thank you so much Yeshua

Y: You are so welcome.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information and inspiration. Your support is deeply appreciated here: www.patreon.com/soulfullheart

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