Practical Ascension Vlog Series: Emotional Area Introduction

In this video, SoulFullHeart Teachers, Facilitators and Sacred Union mates, Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri, invite you into feeling the SoulFullHeart perspective on the emotional area of life.This is an area that undergirds all other areas in the sense that your emotional reality is alive in every moment. Kalayna and Gabriel talk about what they mean when they say ‘undigested emotional trauma’ and what a ‘part’ essentially is. In their experience and as offered through SoulFullHeart, parts work process is a foundation for healing and Ascension.

We signed up to be human in this lifetime and therefore we have much to work, feel and heal in terms of our emotional realities, which tend to be stuck in an understandable immaturity until parts of us can be deeply felt in their realities, which are often traumatic situations from our ‘past’ in this or other lifetimes. Having an awareness of parts provides much new ground for mutual nourishment and profound intimacy in relationships of all kinds, as Kalayna and Gabriel experience together as a couple and as part of a conscious community. They talk about how conflicts and clashes can help you go deeper within and find more love flow inside that can then transact MORE love between you and another person who is doing the same work inside of them.

In many spiritual offerings, the emotional area of life is typically either bypassed or quickly ‘released’ instead of actually forming a relationship within. In SoulFullHeart, we form this relationship to our pain and wounding by relating with parts or subpersonalities that are alive within us. This offers much ground of inner nourishment, healing, and growing self love and worth as well as many more openings for spirituality and consciousness to broaden and deepen. This makes emotional work an essential aspect of our Ascension as a species in 4D and higher frequencies and realities.  

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Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life. Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess. 

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Canary In The Heartmine: The Deeper Messages Of Our Physical Pain


Physical pain has persisted for me over the past 3 weeks starting with a throat infection for a week and then neck and back muscle tension for the last two. It has brought me into a lower frequency that has been hard at times for me to try and find space around and to get in touch with as it holds many messages for me. The timing of such pain is always notable and important to feel into. Deep sacred romance opens up new deep well oil reserves of fear around the protection of the heart and what Love is truly asking us to surrender and show up for, both. This oil can arise in many forms and physical symptoms are one of them.

How we relate to the pain can block or aid in the love flow. I have felt how the pain has brought down my frequency and has sent me into deeper slides of unworth and inadequacy. Without feeling the higher frequency within us to hold a broader loving context, the harder it is to feel like you are not stuck in quicksand. Sometimes it is just surrendering to what the pain is needing from us that can see us through to the other side. I “have” pain, as opposed to I “am” pain. Big distinction.

So the pain is reflecting the fear from a part of me in response to Love. Not just with a beautiful heart and soul, but with Love itself. You cannot be in a sacred romance without also being in relationship to the greater Love That Is. It highlights all the wounds and also waters what is growing inside of you. What it is inviting you to show up for on a grander scale. This is the call that leads you to more vulnerability and not less. More transparency and less hiding. More responsivity and less passivity.

I am being told that my old ways of relating to myself and the world are drawing to a close and it is time to clear the old to make way for the new. This clearing isn’t always pain free yet doesn’t have to be torture either. Our souls have different ways of reacting and mine has tended to be on the more dramatic side. Time to uncheck those boxes for it is no longer needed or desired anymore, but I needed it until I decided I didn’t need it anymore.

The pain is the proverbial “canary in the coalmine”. It is our messenger of what is dying and what is arising if we can get above it with patience, surrender, and deep self-love and care. We are truly the creators of the pain. It is so hard to get our 3D conditioning to move out of the way enough to be able to let that reality in. Our 3D self has been in the Paintrix for so long it really doesn’t know that anything else is possible. It is a way to avoid the real emotive and soul pain that lies deep within that is just seeking the light of our compassion.

I could feel my heart going out to those with severe chronic pain issues. It is not a pleasant place to exist.  To be able to feel the hidden and fearful parts of you that may be seeking to be felt even as they appear resistant, can lead to much healing and understanding of the gift it was always meant to offer as opposed to a dagger.  Love is the hospital, you are the heart surgeon, and your pained parts are the patients. Time to go in and see what they need from you.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Trusting The Gravity Of Our Emotions

by Kalayna Colibri

eagle in water mirror


“To fall,
patiently to trust our heaviness.
Even a bird has to do that
before he can fly.” – Rilke

To fall… a tall order for some, a tip over the next pending edge for others. To trust the weight of it ALL… to be in the surrender of, ‘okay, I guess this is my next place to go’, without any denial of the clues from Love itself and the invitation into the next layer that needs healing. There are many of these next and next and next places. Trusting in them is the key and the challenge. Trusting that no matter what it feels like in these moments of letting in feeling, there is a shore we will wash up on, renewed, letting in so much more than we once could – wow, this can be the hardest piece of it all, can’t it?

There is a lot to learn to love about our emotional reality, even though the heaviness can sometimes feel as if it invades what would otherwise be a fairly smooth existence. Emotional waves passing through and over us need our attention, our love, our passion for finding purpose and meaning. In the deadest seeming desert there is still movement underneath, around and behind its stillness and winds waiting to sweep through and shake it all up. In the calmest waters, there is abundant life finding its way through inner space beneath the glassy surface, winding its way through shifting currents, being brought to different depths below. Our hearts, our souls, our bodies, our minds, are all teeming with life, with reactions, with weight, with movement, and it all wants to bring us to the next juncture on our paths. All of this wants to bring us more love and be IN more love itself.

There are so many layers of letting go, of letting in more trust, of being in more Love, of flying higher and higher still, but sometimes… sometimes there’s a crash landing needed first. Sometimes there is just that unavoidable trip down into the darkness, where our tallest, farthest reaching gardens can live and thrive. The darkness isn’t ‘dark’ at all, just a void, avoiding love, and with all good reasons for wanting to do so, yet the cost of staying in this lack place is often paid in years spent only dwelling here and not realizing there is another side to this cave.

We must feel our full-weight before we can leave gravity behind.



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, writer, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Feeling Feminine Stillness In Shifting Times

by Kalayna Colibri


stillness in movement


In moments like these, with much rumbling and shifting and changing going on, I feel my feminine stillness arising alongside a deepening trust more and more often. I feel my body, heart, soul and mind too, soaking in a pool of still yet steadily flowing water. A paradox, yes, as we all are too it seems, always in motion somehow or other, always moving with some sort of current, finding our new breath on our way out of birth canals. We find our ways to BE with what IS but still find ways to hold the rumbles, trusting that even as parts of us quake in the emergence of NEW, we will find our desires being answered. Without entitlement, I can feel what is coming and that it’s already here too. I can feel the impending life shifts that are coming and the parts of me that are scared. I can feel the humility this offers too, as I allow in these fears just don’t fuse to them as I used to so often, not all that long ago. MY version of arising feminine stillness and deep trust has been an intense journey of forks in the road, sharp turns around jagged corners, and collapses into the processes of NOW.

I feel so much in my heart that can hold just about anything that comes up now… after having processed so much, I feel as if my container has expanded and can hold as much as it needs to. The next step is really letting in the care of this container, feeling what energies are okay right now, what my body and heart need right now, what my parts or Metasoul aspects need right now.

This process… is the one we are invited into as men AND women. It is a going in to find stillness, to bring this gift into our daily life moments, our relationships, any emotional underpinnings that are being unearthed, any spiritual endeavour or discovery. It finds us like the river finds the ocean. It finds a way to breathe outward while going inward. It is paradoxical and yet it is just what IS, without mental framing necessary. It is the ultimate in self-love that will be more felt by women than by men, in themselves at least, yet this stillness holds an offering to men too, to find their portal in it in a mate, in any feminine connection, and inside of them too to the degree that they can let this in and embody it. More paradoxes there, yes. It is endless.

Where the resistance ends, the stillness begins. And the trust your soul has always somehow had, finds its way to your consciously held life structure, whispering to you of new possibilities, and offering to you some NEW pictures of what is to come, if you can do the work necessary to let it all in… ❤


Join Jelelle Awen and I at our next SoulFullHeart Virtual Group Call for Women NEXT Saturday, June 15th. We would love to have you! Go here for more details. ❤


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, writer, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at


While There Are Only A Few Seeds In An Apple, There Are An INFINITE Number Of Apples In A Seed!


By Raphael Awen

How we relate to money is one of the biggest limitations to our emotional and spiritual awakening, and healing process. It seems money holds some of our densest limiting convictions about reality. Sayings like ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ and ‘Don’t quit your day job’ abound as if they hold deep truths at some fundamental level in life that you must live within, or perish. This is living from the picture of the limited number of seeds in the apple.

How we relate to money however can also be one of our greatest awakenings as we recognize it for the deep grist of our journey into wholeness that it can be. If the universe is a universe of Infinite Love and if money is simply LOVE IN MOTION, then there is actually no shortage of what we call money. Not only is there no shortage of money, but there is such an indescribable superabundance of money that we need a new digestive system in order to let in that abundance. This is living from the picture of the infinite number of apples in a single seed.

Feel the part of you who holds deep conditioning around the programming of lack. Feel the part of you who lives in fear of never getting free from the tyranny of lack, and never being free to offer and live from your deepest soul gifts that you have to give the world. Let these fears be transmuted in a process of feeling and healing your way to new ways of relating to money (love) for the growth ground that it wants to be. Money may now move from being one of your greatest limitations to one of your greatest liberations.

Listen here for a recent Group Call offering a ‘profoundly different than anything you’ve ever imagined before’ picture of a SoulFullHeart way of relating to money:


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Your Demons Are Angels Unheard


In this moment I feel you.  I feel you because I have been you.  There are voices, or intense energies, that just don’t seem to leave you alone. They permeate your BEing, making themselves at home with your mental body and wreaking havoc with your emotional body. You are becoming aware of so much around you. Being as sensitive as you are you pick up on it and it just finds its way INside. Sticking to the stuck places that have yet to be felt and unravel. It can be literally overwhelming. You may be even experiencing intense anxiety over what is going on inside. Wondering how you will ever get any peace of ¨mind¨. It is a daily life of maintaining your sanity in what feels like an insane world.  

The thinning of the veil is elucidating your most hidden places. The ones you thought you had under control or weren’t even aware of. The contentedness is slowly losing its hold on your emotional reality.  What I want to offer here is that there is a life-line. It is to actually go INsane.  Which in this way means to go “into the healthy”.  In our fear-sided consciousness, we have turned away from going into the deep emotional as the Holy Grail of our greatest gift to ourselves.   

These energies have been called our inner Demons.  They have felt like a haunting to some.  An intense barrage of thought and emotion that have medicated by all sorts of prescriptions, whether drugs, or sex, or anything else that has aided as a distraction.  Some may just be living with it trying to “get by” as best they can.  I want to give a voice to these “demons”, for they are actually your unheard and unfelt angels.  They have a message to deliver to you and you just haven’t had the means to be able to actually hear without being overwhelmed.

What is needed to navigate this seemingly intense geography is a container and a map.  For many men, and of course some women, there is this uncertainty and fear of going into the deep chasms of pain.  I know this one, because I have lived it. I questioned whether or not if I popped the lid open on the underworld whether would I ever make it back.  I feel how in the masculine there can be a rigidity in the going in.  Some pre-programmed resistance.  While on the outside there is an illusion of strength, the real courage comes in feeling what hurts and appears terrifying.  

Believe it or not there is a YOU there that can hold these intense energies that bring you to states of discontent and despair.  You just need someone to reflect that to you so you can feel it.  There is also separating this YOU from the overwhelm that occurring on the inside.  In your essence as Love you cannot be these energies.  You have just fused to the part of you that has identified as this.  So much that it has just felt like you.  I also want to offer that all this intensity is also not….all…yours.  You are a sensitive angelic soul that is being birthed into your true essence as these ascension codes continue to come into our energy field.  You can feel the collective ache that mirrors that which is yours, which is why it feels so HUGE to you in the moment.  

I have walked through this place a few times in my process, learning the hard way sometimes that the intensities inside are there to inform us of a deeper soul ache.  We are a fractal of a larger MetaSoul that contains the legacy of our journey.  When you are sensitive to that it can be a lot to hold and you need to be given a way to be with it.  As you grow this more solid YOU that is watered by a space-holder at first, and then by you and the Divine, you are able to hear the messages and receive the gifts of this previous hell.  

You are not crazy, or going insane.  You are becoming very sane.  You are being gifted with your soul’s calling and the messengers of Love.  You can choose what messages to take in and when, for you are the lead in this new world you will have created for yourself when you have taken the first step to go in and feel all the parts of you that have a voice, and that need you.  In session space, I hold the center for you until you are able to feel it on your own.  To feel the difference between what your true voice and energy is in contrast to the one that is not.  In time you can hold these energies and have the map by which you can give them all the love they need and deserve.  For your service they will transform from demon to angel and provide you with a portal to your beauty and power as a Sacred Human Awakening.  To feel a self-love previously unfelt at anytime this life.  To open up to new romance and a world of unending possibilities.

I know that may feel like it isn’t possible.  Again, I remember.  But with one step into trust and a desire for more than what you are feeling now, it will return itself back to you what you put in it. I know who you are and I am here to serve you the love you need to love those beautiful demons.    

If you are a man feeling this space inside yourself, or know someone that does I will be hosting a group men’s call with Raphael Awen over Zoom this Saturday, May 6th.  You can find out more here:

Gabriel Heartman is a teacher, men’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. 

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On Top Of Being Manifestation, You Are Also Manifesting Being

Day 3 Yeshua

By Raphael Awen

This is Day 3 of my new introduction to my soon-to-be, re-released book ‘90 Days With Yeshua’.

Here we explore together, in our easy dialogue fashion, how to relate to manifesting our desires, what blocks that, and why.


Raphael: Good morning Yeshua.

Yeshua: Hey, Good Morning my man, where are we off to today?

R: I’d like to talk with you about manifestation, cuz it feels like a bunch is wanting to manifest in my life and I’m a bit impatient about it too.

Y: Okay, tell me what you know so far…

R: Well, we’ve covered much of this before and I do feel how all of us don’t so much have a ‘broken manifester’ as some like to call it, or a ‘lacking manifester’, but rather a very well working manifester that is just busy manifesting things that a more conscious part of the person may well not like.

Another piece I feel how even my biological life in this moment is pure magic in manifestation. There’s not a scientific or medical explanation that can touch the magnificence of the wonder that I am on just a biological level alone. But I still feel I want to become a whole lot more fluent around learning how to manifest what I really want, like there’s some technology I’m missing, or is patience I’m missing, or some of both? Can you help me feel what I need to see and feel around this?

Y: Yes, we work this out together actually, co-creatively…. you have a desire energy moving through you, to learn more, and desire to manifest new things that are high on your appetite, and I have a desire to use this pregnant moment to not just hand you a fish, but to teach you to fish, anytime you want to.

R: So we’re both in the manifestation world then…

Y: Yes, and so is the rest of consciousness, always wanting to learn and feel new things it hasn’t felt yet, especially around manifesting things and expanded realities.

R: So it’s not just me and my desires?

Y: Well, yes and no, but we’ll get to that in a moment. First, can you tell me what you are wanting to manifest?

R: Sure. New laptops. New smartphones. Clothing. An oceanside retreat centre. More interest in SoulFullHeart and more income. It’s been a dearth over the past couple years that we are now evidently moving out of, which seems to make patience a bit harder, to have desires start to flow, if you know what I mean…

Y: I always know what you mean! I don’t ask you to explain for my benefit. I ask you so that our published dialogue can make heart sense to those reading this and land in more hearts.

I so get it, Raphael. Desire itself is moving through you. You tend to feel like these are your desires and then that you need to get better at looking after those desires. I want you to feel for a moment that what you are desiring isn’t just coming from your sense of self or wellbeing, or from that much maligned place called your ego. Desire couldn’t actually live in you unless it found ego attachment, so a key here to feel is that your egos desires are NOT what is ‘in the way.’

R: I like where this is going so far, but I haven’t a clue where it’s going next, consciously at least…

Y: Yet you are willing to look, willing to want, willing to risk not finding anything helpful or what you’d call a breakthrough. What do you say to that?

R: I do feel a residual place in me that is hesitant to even have this conversation because it takes work somehow, and there isn’t any guarantee that it will turn up what I want quickly…seeking instead some kind of quick fix. But, yes, I am willing to face the part of me that holds that feeling with an open hearted trust and compassion for whatever caused that kind of hesitation towards life and abundance, with a desire to feel what life is like beyond these current feeling boundaries.

Y: There you go. Right there, you scooped a big piece of what you are looking for today. A part of you not sure if you can find and have what you really want, if it’s worth any effort to pursue it. Now that wouldn’t work in your previous paradigm of working and earning the money for what you wanted to manifest. You needed to believe you could earn the money and the seller of the item you wanted to buy from would hold his end of the promise and come through. All of that worked on faith, just on a more common everyday level. You are seeking to manifest on a more refined level, but it still is led by your trust and faith.

And furthermore, you don’t want to win any kind of ungrounded lottery here, based in pure chance. That only puts you in some kind of freak show, where no one around you is helped by your shift in life. Life wants to move you along WITH others in tow.

R: That speaks then to the bigger picture….my desires aren’t just mine like I tend to feel them. I’ve questioned myself a fair bit for being caught up in some ego pursuit, wanting the best laptop money can buy, etc.

Y: Raphael, why wouldn’t the universe want you to have the best laptop money can buy?

R: Well, maybe there’s other things more important that I need to learn first, that getting the laptop would hinder my growth…stuff like that.

Y: Well, that sounds really pious and even insightful, and maybe even true….but can you see how holding it that way can be using a truth to accommodate an untruth?

R: …Like spending my time preparing to not have something I deeply desire, so that the disappointment is somehow managed…

Y: Totally. Now compare that to let’s say, in the old paradigm of obtaining things, you went out and earned the money, placed an on-line order for the thing and were now all excited anticipating its arrival. You wouldn’t tend to think your excitement about its arrival was what was bringing it to you, but rather that you bought and paid for it. You earned it, you would say. You paid for it, and therefore you can joyously anticipate its arrival.

R: I’m tracking…

Y: Good, cuz we’re about to take a leap here. Hang on!

In this old picture, you would have an expectation based upon the entitlement of having earned the thing and that would be powering your excited anticipation. But what I want you to feel is that it was your excited anticipation of having the thing in your life that powered you to do the work to earn the money…do you see that?

R: Totally…

Y: I’m not sure you do…

R: Okay, I’m not sure I do either…but what I hear you speaking to is something about the real ‘work’ of manifesting has more to do with the wanting the thing than it does with the method of obtaining the thing…

Y: Yes! You’re getting it. It always was and is desire that manifests, and the real work always was and is holding desire….no different now that you’ve retired from a money earning based career.

R: And you’re saying there still is work involved?

Y: Yes, but this kind of work takes different muscles…to move a different kind of energy movement…

R: …Such as moving that feeling reality inside of me that the universe may not want this for me, that it’s too ego based…etc.

Y: …that line of reasoning has been simply a great way to disown desire, and get yourself out of the work of holding desire….so what if a big ego needs to drive a big truck and is a workaholic to make the payments…he’s learning his way to manifesting his desire in the universe…

R: but it’s not healthy Yeshua to live like that…

Y: Maybe so from your perch, but who are you to judge the lessons he is spending his life to learn?

R: I guess the answer to that is someone feeling superior because of my self proclaimed more evolved way of relating to life…

Y: higher, lower…. It’s all still measuring on the same stick, just at different ends…

R: So what stick would you suggest?

Y: I would suggest letting go of the feeling that coming from any more evolved place, or moral place, gets you anywhere. That isn’t what moves manifestation. What moves manifestation is being willing to incubate desire inside your personal manifester – period.

R: Period?…I’m hoping you’ll say more because I feel like I’ve heard this before and it still has further to land in me.

Y: Well, okay, let’s see if we can lift that period a moment longer… I love your curiosity and need to know…. What I can feel you coming to terms with, from what we’ve been feeling together today is that effort or work is still involved. Just because you don’t go out and earn money in the old way and then in turn go purchase it, you still do very much ‘work for it’, so to speak. It still takes energy to flow, or what you call ‘work’, for anything to manifest. What’s different is that that the energy required is free in terms of it being super-abundant, but the energy only moves as you are willing to hold the desire. Desire, you could say, constructs the pipeline that delivers the object, regardless of whether it manifests spectacularly out of thin air, or is the result of a purchase using earned money. Willingness we could say is even greater than desire because desire isn’t hard to come up with. You just want the thing or you don’t. What takes the work is the willingness to hold the desire….

R: We’ve talked about this all before and yet, I feel like I still need to hear it and feel it some more…can you say more?

Y: Sure…what more needs to be said is the other side of this truth. We’ve been feeling where work comes into the picture. What is also true in this picture is that manifesting your dreams is natural, and even effortless. It may sound contradictory to what we just covered, but I like to call it paradoxical, rather than contradictory. All great truths are paradoxes.

R: I love truth that dances inside of a polarity….I hope those tracking this conversation can too.

Y: Well, this truth opens out paradox in a good way. Manifestation requires choice, and even work as we talked about to hold desire. It isn’t going to happen in a dualistic world without just that, some dual. On the other hand, a fight of any kind isn’t what brings manifestation about. Manifestation simply wants to manifest. It doesn’t need any of your efforts to make it happen. It’s a power of its own and will manifest effortlessly. What you can do however in service of this manifestation naturally arising in your life is to choose to let that in. Manifestation of your deeper desires is a timeline of events and arising circumstances that require your permission. The tree grows on its own, but you provide and protect a space for the tree to grow.

R: Man, you’re hot stuff!

Y: You’re feeling full up about now, right?

R: Yes, I am. This stuff so needs to be felt and lived into to digest and make room for more.

Y: On that note, here’s just one last piece for dessert before we close if you can find the room.

R: Always…

Y: Okay, good, because this is a lot today and I’d like to give you a nice little tote bag to carry this home.

R: Awesome…

Y: We’re talking about manifestation from the point of view of how to increase its working in your life, but in that we can miss the forest for the trees. The forest, if you will, is this. You ARE manifestation. Every cell in your physical, emotional, spiritual being IS manifestation. On top of BEING manifestation, you are also manifesting BEING. How you do that consciously, or unconsciously is what steers the manifestations on the levels we’ve been discussing it today.

R: Okay, now I’m really full…

Y: So am I, you’re a lot you know?

R: I’ll take that as a compliment…

Y: Totally…you deserve it. I don’t know anyone quite as maniacal as you.

R: Thank you so much Yeshua

Y: You are so welcome.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information and inspiration. Your support is deeply appreciated here:

That Scrambled Self-Image

by Kalayna Colibri

Jens Hesse_sat31_orchids_2011_84x51

Painting: “Orchids” by Jens Hesse

The battle seeds of “that, not THIS”

are planted deep and early.

They live, embedded, unbroken

for so so long,

watered by the choices they fuel.

These choices WE make

can bring them out to the sun

to be seen, felt and brought to light.

Victims to their siren call, we are NOT

as we continue to choose to listen

instead of feel…


Who and what we are told to be,

those who tell us are telling themselves,

and we in turn keep telling OURselves.

We poke, pull, prod

at those aspects we painfully, straining

excessively work to change,

not letting in the beauty

we are and were ALWAYS

intended to be a part of.


This woven fabric of our lives

becomes a threadbare tapestry

of power-filled lies

we tell ourselves in each moment

we don’t feel ourselves deeper…

The mirror of life

shows us where to go inside

invites us to be with others

to see a reflection

for what to heal next…

to find our deeper self

who knows

just kNOWs…

who we really are,

what we are really worth,

and that no one


has had ANY real say

in what that ACTUALLY means…


There is so much,

too much


From us to us,

NOT just them to us…

There is a lot

buried deep

we are digging up now…

bringing forward now,

being felt in now…

if we can take that next step.

Ask for support.

Say YES to love,

starting with OURSELVES

and those seeds we’ve grown inside us

that need that love

to remember

that this is what they were made of in the first place.


Let that light of your inside heart-shine

glow in your deepest feeling place desires.

Those ones that don’t beckon

to your image-based ticks and jabs

but instead

show you who


you really, mostly deeply




Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at


When You Finally Are Tired

you reach that end of a tether,
and realize,
it’s time to actually, finally
let go…
A tiredness takes over
from deep inside you.
An exhaustion creeping up
through every cell of your being,
calling out loudly,
that it is ready to collapse,
let itself breathe.
Let itself feel.
Let you feel it for what it really is…
For all the pawing and grasping
at what worked before
to keep it buried
beneath layers of trying and trials,
often self-made and maintained…
It begins to ask for you,
something bigger than it,
to help it,
this old you,
to finally rest.
it takes another long spin
on that favourite merry-go-round
of old beingness
to realize,
you’re finally ready
to emerge from that long,
long birth canal,
and see the light
of the new day awaiting you…


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at

Life Speaks To Us Of Love

By Jelelle Awen


Life speaks to us of love, over and over, as we become more receptive to listen, our hearts more open to receive, and our souls more embodied to remember.

This language of love is a Universal signal, broadcast by our Beloved home Gaia, amplified by the hearts and soul of every awakening being in their expression of essence. To listen, to tune in to this signal begins from Within, from INSIDE, to adjust our inside experience to experience something different on the outside.

More and more souls are hearing the language of love, responding to the signals, being awoken by the higher frequency broadcasts. Becoming in resonance with these love frequencies pushes up ALL that needs responding to from inside, ALL the places and aspects that need love and care and healing. Not all at once does this occur, as it is offered at a rate and pace that you bear as directed by your higher self and Ethereal and star being aspects.

Yet, up it comes…..the oil pushed up by the water. This oil that was hidden or stuck can gush through at times in your 3D pain body and 4D awakening self can cause disruptions of sleeping cycles, eating patterns, physical illness. And especially emotional churning, as that which has been stuck in your emotional body loosens and flows. Many people are expressing this as their reality right now…intense emotions coming up that feel ‘old’ or from previous experiences that they thought they had healed beyond. Yet, the quality of the love water coming now from the Universe, the higher frequency of it, pushes up another layer of emotional oil to be felt and healed.

Life speaks to us of love…even in the oil and especially in the emotional reactions that are offering such a visceral sense of what needs your attention. Your pains, your difficulties, your feelings that aspects of you have about being lost or being disconnected or wanting to just ‘give up and go home’…these are pushed up to receive the water of your love (first and foremost) and then receiving love with others in the forms of soul mates, soul friends, teachers and space holders, Ethereal beings and guides. MORE water of love to respond to the oil, over and over until the oil is washed out and the flow of life can move through your healing heart and soul.

SO much love to you during this experience of transitional and transformational times…please do reach out if you feel there is a service with love that we in SoulFullHeart could offer through our path of responding to the oil while offering washes of love… well as if you have a desire for a community experience to become part of….

Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.