The Gifts Of Consciously Connecting With Our 4D Self And Other ‘Lower’ Vibrational Aspects

By Jelelle Awen
I went shopping yesterday with Raphael Awen, still sort of ‘dropped into’ the energy of a part of me. This part of me is named Jillian, my birth name and the name I started to go by when I began my awakening journey many years ago. Jillian is what I would feel to be my 4D self aspect. In SoulFullHeart, we see the 4D self as the part(s) of us that is in transition, going through death and rebirth, awakenings and dark nights…the energy inside that is integrating the 5D and higher frequencies that are coming in into our physical and emotional bodies and into our lives. The 4D self is the pre-transformation caterpillar AND the butterfly that emerges out of the cocoon……transformed and yet ever transforming too.
We feel a part of us in SoulFullHeart as ‘dropped in’ when we consciously bring their energy forward and let them speak through us, sharing their feelings and reactions. Rather than just becoming these emotions, we ‘hold space’ for them to come through ‘as a part of us’. There is a difference in how this feels inside as there is more sense of trust, the bigger picture, and more visercal sense of connection to the love that is holding it all. Rather just ‘fusing’ or ‘becoming’ a reactive, emotional state, we feel the separation between us and this reactive energy. We gain this separation or de-fusion through connection with the 3D and 4D aspects of us AS parts of us, forming a relationship, choosing names.
I am still amazed at how distinctive the energies and frequencies of parts ARE as they come through. As I dropped into Jillian yesterday to talk with Raphael when he sweetly invited her out, I felt how her energy is different than mine as Jelelle. It is very familiar to me after many years of connecting with her and has gotten softer and more trusting. Jillian has some fears, concerns, wounds, issues as a result of experiencing the intense transition we are undergoing from 3D to 4D to 5D and what she has experienced of this through this life and other lifetimes too. Jillian is the energy within me that is vulnerable to these changes and feels them acutely inside herself and toward others too. Thank the Divine for Jillian as, really, she connects me to my transitional humanity and reminds me how difficult this transition can be. When I feel compassion for Jillian inside me, I can then feel compassion for ALL souls and what they are going through in choosing to be here now during this intense phase of transition.
Before recent situations that have ‘triggered’ Jillian into my awareness again, I have been feeling quite non-reactive, centered, in high frequencies mostly and anchored in 5D or higher often as Jelelle (my soul name or 5D self). Yet, to stay there and bypass what my emotional body is feeling on my trailing edges (as represented by Jillian) is not what I am here to do, be, or lead. I could use my access to high vibe soul frequencies and Metasoul aspects to transcend Jillian’s feelings, but then I don’t get the gifts of what she is here to offer me nor the integration of her energies into mine.
Becoming conscious partners with our 3D and 4D aspects allows for an organic integration that is held with much love, even as it requires challenge and boundary setting at times from our 5D aspect too toward the defensive and emotional energies these parts of us have become and taken in. I don’t feel that we can actually ‘leave behind’ these denser frequency aspects of our being nor are we meant to…yet rather to feel and integrate and be with them. I think much suffering can occur in the denial of these frequencies inside of ourselves (and abuses of others too) and so many gifts from the willingness to bridge with them.
That is the process that we offer in SoulFullHeart and also how we live our daily lives. We start the process during weekly sessions by feeling into with you how your 3D, 4D, and 5D self are expressing in the seven areas of life…it can be very illuminating! There is more in this article about that and we’ll be sharing a group call we did on Sunday about this soon:
Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit for more information about space holding sessions with SoulFullHeart Facilitators, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

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