Ambidextrous Ambassadorship


By Raphael Awen

The veil has been necessary for your inhabitation in a phase of a limited 3D consciousness.

That veil is rapidly thinning, and you are even much more multidimensionally aware and functioning than your conscious mind has caught up with.

The tension you feel between what your conscious mind knows and has ‘proof’ for, and what your subconscious mind knows to be true is a tension that wants to be felt and loved by you. The conscious and the subconscious are not actually in opposition to each other, but it can be perceived that way, from the 3D mind, due to a phase of necessary compartmentalization that was needed in order to fully ground in this third dimension.

You as an essence were actually vibrating at way too high a frequency to be able to exist at this lower density, so you needed to forget. Now, however, you are needing to remember, as you move from a phase of descension into a phase of ascension. Both are equally sacred and to be loved and honored.

Your conscious mind and personality is largely an adapted part of you form fitted to this reality at hand. It was created by your Higher Self (Your larger you) as a vehicle to inhabit this phase of your journey in this specific climate and terrain. This 3D part of you and the related parts of you need to be felt and related with. The reactions that ‘you’ feel about this time of ascension are almost all coming from these 3D form fitted parts of you.

It would help greatly in your process of awakening, reintegrating consciousness to say instead of ‘I feel…’, to say ‘a part of me feels…’. When you do this, you are speaking from a higher dimensional frequency of your being, moving towards your Higher Self. You are also differentiating between the part of you who feels this tension of Ascension, giving it recognition and love.

There are other ‘things’ you can do to facilitate your awakening process, and I will share them with you now.

(I tune in Metatron’s voice here as I’ve been asking for more on this)

The universe functions on intention and permission. And these 2 both are a frequency waveform that are articulated by the tongue. As a tiny rudder guides a great ship, so the tongue guides your life. Your voice needs to declare to the universe and to these parts of you what your wishes and desires are.

You are essentially seeking to integrate, or we could say ‘de-compartmentalize’ a tension and polarity inside of your being. This is achieved by becoming an Ambassador to both realities, to both parties, to let each party get to know and feel the reality of the other party inside of you. Your 5D self wants to really get to know and feel your 3D self, and vice versa. They no longer want to live separate existences in separate compartments. As this Ambassadorship unfolds, your life structures and relationships will naturally and quite effortlessly shift to reflect these internal changes in your reality.

As you get to ‘know and love’, embodying this ambassadorship more and more to the fuller regions of your being, you will know when it is time to speak new declarations and treaties that are founded on this knowledge and love.

Speaking words aloud like;

‘I am a multidimensional being’

‘I am infinite love’

‘I am the bright, bright, bright, light of God’…

are all waveform frequency portals to this deepening reality. You can feel this as you speak these words. In the beginning was the word (logos). This is the beginning of your unfolding logos. The logos is your new multidimensional reality of the non-compartmentalized variety. The tension is only meant to be a part of the birth canal from one to another rather than a static state. Your 3D mind and your 5D mind want to be fluid and functional. Learning to walk in 3D was considered quite something, and it was! Learning to walk in 5D is cooler still, but what really tops them all is being able to fluidly walk between them both. Let’s call it ‘ambidextrous’ – the ability to walk between the worlds.

We all have some more work to do to even know what that looks and feels like. It’s like sex. Regardless of how many books and movies depict it, one’s own experience of sex is so infinite in its possibilities, that what one is experiencing can be so very different than what even a partner is experiencing. So don’t expect a government bureau to declare you ‘multidimensional’, and issue you a license or threaten to take it away if you don’t observe the rules. There are no rules, largely, other than the rules of Karma, which boil down simply to Love.

All is returning to love.

This is your return to full multidimensionality, where each step and phase is sacred.

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