The More You Already Are

By Raphael Awen

If you could have anything you ever wanted, or ever will want, how would that change your life in the long run?

Forget about the three wishes and the Aladdin’s lamp scenario. In today’s deal, there’s no limits what-so-ever, so no need to choose any prioritization.

You don’t need to deliberate over whether a billion dollars is more important than personal happiness, etc. You can have it all, physically, financially, spiritually, emotionally, sensually, sexually, and whatever other ‘ally’ you can think of…I must have missed a few, right?

Oh, yes, cosmically, galactically, socially, mentally, environmentally….

Where would you start?

I’d start on the first thing my heart or body or mind or spirit had appetite for. There’s places to visit and experiences to be had for sure, and I’d start with them, but I guess I wouldn’t be doing any of those things to be happier, because I’d have already dialed up all the happiness I wanted as well. This world of no limits whatsoever would be pretty crazy wouldn’t it, and something to get used to?

Before too long, I wouldn’t be operating from any sense of need or desire, because I have or can have whatsoever my heart desires, and then that desire would now be shifted to a fulfillment. I’d have to use some of this creative power to create some needs or desires, or I wouldn’t have any basis for existing in this dimension of experience and pleasure.

How do you define a pleasure without a displeasure to compare it to? A five star hotel only gets its appeal from comparing it to four star, or a three star, or a dumpy slummy kind of dwelling.

How do you define joy without knowing some sorrow?
Can your capacity for joy be separated from your capacity for sorrow?

It’s kind of like the trade off involved when you take an anxiety or depression medication. The med takes out the lows, but it also takes out the highs. It removes you from the range of your emotionality, as well as your humanity.

My guess is that before too long, I would want to be given back at least some of the aspects of my life of genuine unfulfillments and unmet desires, if I was to remain in a human experience in a world of duality (good, better, best, and not so good, etc). Unless of course, I just wanted to be done with this whole reality and cash in my chips. But, you and I wouldn’t be here were it not for some gain, some payoff that makes it all worth the ride, is my sense of it.

Now, let me ask you one more question.

What if, and this is a big ‘what if’, so get ready for it…., ‘what if this above have-it-all scenario and its play outs are exactly (underline exactly) what’s true for you and I on a higher level?’

If we all came from oneness-allness-Divine-source, (or whatever you want to call it, because even if you call it bananas, even bananas are an expression of it) the only thing the Divine didn’t possess was the ability to experience lack, or unfulfillment.

It seems the Divine needed and wanted to know lack, so it could come to experience greater fulfillments that the fullness of fulfillment it already knew. Full fullfilment isn’t actually possible in an ever expanding infinite love reality. It always wants more. It’s never actually fully satisfied. One glory leads to the wanting of more.

This feels so true to me and explains so much of our human behaviors. Addictions are not about our wanting too much, but rather about the fear of being possessed by our wanter, so we settle for the behavior or the substance to keep us from falling into what we fear of the abyss of never-ending want. We have a phobia of our wanter, so we lock it into lesser pleasures.

So, if that feels true, the next questions in our quest are then something like how could the All come to know lack? How could it be safe or desirable to give up Allness in some way to experience and know lack or absence?

My heart tells me that the only way consciousness would accept such a wild ride of departure from fullness would be on the condition of never actually losing the fullness, but only the awareness of it.

For the experience of lack to be real enough, and ‘enough’ is the key word here, it had to feel real. That could happen in a simulated reality we call life, where the simulated reality is one of many being generated by the Allness Reality Simulator, where we have a higher and a lower reality, both of which are equally true.

Here, we come to see and begin to feel that we never lost any fullness in our journey through lack. Lack is actually an expression of our fullness. Wow.

Trippy, huh? And all I’ve had to drink today is a second cup of Cacao and some fruit smoothie! Didn’t even need Ayahuasca!

Now, we come to see and feel that we agreed to forget our essence, only upon the condition that we would never lose possession of our essence. We knew there would be an awakening journey experience that we dialed up for ourselves, and that was the gold we chose over the gold we had.

You are living in an expression right now of your deepest power and superabundance as you experience lack and pain. You dialed up the experiential journey of forgetting, in order to have the felt experience of being re-MEMBERED with your essence.

And then, the cooler part still is that you did it for a net benefit. You did it to expand your perfection!

Holeeee shit! It’s all as holeee as its ever gonna be, right now, as you and I go exploring more and more.

The more that you come to know will never be topped by the more you already are.

How’s that for real adventure?
Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Check out our programs: FREE, PREP and DEEP, for a new and profound going-on place in your spiritual and emotional journey at

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