Embracing With Love Your Galactic Consciousness, Contact Experiences W/Jelelle Awen (Video)

By Jelelle Awen


NEW video from me! I felt powerful, consciousness lifting energies that I’ve been integrating the last couple of weeks through another level of Star Family connection/embodiment finally ready to share with you today!

I filmed this video this morning, shortly after I wrote this post about the galactic consciousness awakening and star DNA activations going on with these recent Ascension energies: https://soulfullheartblog.com/…/energy-update-embracing-ra…/

Transmissions of embracing rather than resisting, curiosity rather than pushing away, love rather than fear! INJOY! ~

Here is the description:

Intense ascension energies are providing a connection to our Star DNA, remembrance of contact experiences, and star families. SoulFullHeart Teacher, Facilitator and Author Jelelle Awen offers a picture of embracing rather than resisting your galactic consciousness can help hugely with this integration of what is being activated right now by these Ascension energies. She feels that resistance can come from undigested trauma from contact or abduction experiences that are still suppressed and not yet remembered and digested with your Inner Child. Your Protector would then use the veil of memory wipe to keep you from exploring into these grounds by amping up fears of ‘negative alien agendas’ and ‘being attacked’, etc. .

Jelelle advocates for creating a relationship with your 3D Self parts and also your Galactic Metasoul Aspects and whatever else you are experiencing as ‘outside’ of you. In creating a relationship, it is much more difficult to resist it and push it away, allowing for more INtegration and activation of your galactic consciousness!  

Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Jelelle offers a 90 minute one on one bridging session with her over zoom for $55 USD min. donation…more information here. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.


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