Message From On High

It is time

Time to be free

Free of the ties that bind

The binds that have kept you safe, unknowable, and small

The relations, the assumptions, and the fears

That have all appeared as Love and Truth

Until they no longer did.

It is not so much your Mind and Beliefs that need to be examined or retrained,

But rather your heart that needs to be felt

Your soul that needs to be explored

And called into the court of your curiosity and divine compassion

What storylines have you still in chains, in regret, and in suffering

It is going into the deep well of your hidden, veiled, and protected caverns

That bring the greatest gifts to your arising awareness

That you have always been Free, been Loved, and been Alive

Feel and free yourself

You wonderful, glorious, and human expression

Of power, creation, Love, and beauty.


Photo by Clever Visuals on Unsplash

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

Visit our website to offer a money donation to support our offerings at https://www.soulfullheartwayoflife/donations.


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