Energy update: Another Schumann Spike Today October 4th

By Jelelle Awen

Another surge and spike up in Gaia’s frequency today, October 4th! A stretch of four hours as shown in the graph below, the bands of white stretching beyond 40 hz! There were some spikes yesterday too that you can see in the thinner bands below. I am feeling the impact on our energy bodies with these spikes…..and nervous systems, and even brain waves/activity. There can definitely be fatigue and tiredness yet, also, jolts and blots of increased focus, clarity, and passion!

There is a sense of leveling UP ongoingly in this now with these shifts and a universal offering sense of them. Similar to the SOULar winds that come flowing in from the ever growing coronal canyon in the sun’s surface with more geomagnetics coming from that on October 7-9.

Although I had not been tracking the Schumann resonance so closely before, it is now on my heart radar as another measurable to show the progressing Ascension process. And it can be useful to track your own experiences of energy ups and downs and ascension body symptoms connected to the waves.

I definitely get a nonlinear sense of these energies too, so you may not feel much of anything during them yet rather a delayed sensation in the days after. You may feel total bliss, openings, and goodness….or anxiety, low energy, out of it, and ungrounded. To each their own with these energies, I am fond of saying now as it leaves an opening for the sacredness of everyone’s journey and experience!

Respect and respond to what your body needs, what your energy body and chakras need, your emotional body too during these NEW calibrations to frequencies of energy we haven’t experienced before now!

Much love to you and whatever your experience of this dynamic shift IS…..

Here is a link to all of my energy updates shared on my blog and on FB:

Jelelle Awen
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