Energy Update: Powerful Gaia Frequency Wave Just Moved Through

By Jelelle Awen

Wow! What a ride in the Schumann/Gaia resonance frequency the last 48 hours! Spiked up to 80 HZ and ‘hovered’ in the 40 to 60 HZ range for hours! Looks like in the last couple of hours it has finally settled down again.

sra (2)

Many of you have been sharing about physical symptoms in connection to these energies. Head and neck pain as the pineal gland and the causal chakra activate and upgrade is common. These energies can definitely push up a sense of being ‘rebooted’ with the sleepiness that brings up….intense dream states too. My dreams have been rich, full, and very active.

There is an emotional purging element with these energies too, supported by the recent full moon energies. You might find yourself bursting into tears, sensitive, emotionally reactive…at a higher pace and rate than is usual for you. This is GOOD too as that which was previously anchored to fear/tension/anxiety/resistance can be released. If you can feel directly the part of that is feeling emotionally (whether Inner Protector, Inner Child/Teenager, etc.) that can be so helpful. More about parts here:

I have the sense from my guides that this burst of energy is like when you jumpstart a car with jumper cables. It’s a support/boost to those of us already awakened and on the ascension path consciously. And it’s a ‘wake up’ possibility for those about to tip over into awakening. It may be difficult not to be triggered by those souls not awakened that are around you….especially birth family and friends…..yet this is a time for which they may be more open than ever before. You can become a bridge for them if you lead with an open heart, yet still good boundaries of self love. I think we’ll be seeing more spiking energies during Christmas as well as more souls tune into Christ consciousness.

Good to ground these energies into your soul field….starting with your ascension chakras….personal sun about two feet above your head…and all the way down your chakra column into Mother Gaia Herself. Feeling your personal root system with Her. She is shifting every time I connect with Her….more vibrant, more crystalline….just like us!

Here is a guided meditation with me to activate and integrate ascension energies and I may release a new one today as connected to these energies if I get a chance to:

Also, I have some availability this week if you are drawn to have a 1:1 session with me….powerful energies for galactic activation, digestion of awakenings, clarities about next steps, etc. You can PM me if interested! More information here:

I also wrote about this wave here:

MUCH love to you as we take in love and light from the most rooted aspects of our BEings through our connection to Mother Gaia!

Jelelle Awen

8 thoughts on “Energy Update: Powerful Gaia Frequency Wave Just Moved Through

    1. The Schumann resonance is the resonant frequency of the Earth’s electro-magnetic field. It is also known to be foundational to and linked to human consciousness. There are many good articles online about it if you google, ‘schumann resonance frequency’. Normal used to be 7.83 HZ yet over the last couple of years especially we are seeing many high spikes in frequency, which many feel (as I do) that it is a ‘sign’ of Gaia’s ascension and human consciousness ascension as well rising into higher frequency.

  1. Hi Jellele,
    I regularly check the Schumann Resonance shown on the top chart that you have. However, I have not come across the second chart – are you able to provide a source for this information, as I would like to be able to check this regularly please? I have been teaching a few others about the Schumann Resonance of our mother.

    I have a pattern of migraines that occur prior to these waves (up to a week or more prior)! So it is good for me to be able to check these charts. This is one reason why I don’t have to wait for a wave to hit before I know it is coming! So I would be REALLY interested to receive a link for the second chart you have, as it further explains the situation. Hopefully it’s not a Facebook-only thing, because I have never had (and never intend to have ) a Facebook account! Much gratitude to you in advance.

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