Energy Update: Higher Solar Winds And Solar Eclipse Support Inner Masculine Healing

By Jelelle Awen

Energy Update: I woke up this morning at 5:55am on 1/5….this has happened before and usually points me toward an importance about the energies coming through and to feel into them. 5 activates the metaphysical teacher and student within us. I can feel Archangel Metatron in this number too. I feel this as a support to be sharing and teaching as I am for 33 days in my daily video series, Deepen, which you can take in all the videos so far and coming up here on this Youtube playlist and on my FB feed:

So I’m feeling into the energies now as prompted…..there are geomagnetic storms that started yesterday and are continuing into today as well. SOULar wind speeds are UP in the mid 500’s km/sec as well, according to These winds ignite beautiful auroras in the skies of the higher altitudes, which is still high on my desire list to take in in person. Aurora codes feel powerful on a galactic activation level!
As usual, these storms and winds are being caused by the ever growing ‘hole to make us whole’ on the sun’s surface. SOULar winds and geomagnetic storms can cause tiredness, along with more dense feelings of 3D as it gets pushed up to be felt and released. High speed winds can also create an off balance feeling as the geomagnetics increase, putting us ‘off center’. Emotions of irritation, rage, distrust, and anxiety can be triggered by the sacred masculine SOULar activations too as the wounded masculine flushes up and out to be felt and healed.
To support these Sacred Masculine activations is a partial solar eclipse tomorrow, January 6. This solar eclipse is proceeding a powerful, total lunar eclipse on January 1/21 (good date for that!). SOULar eclipses offer us a revelation of, again, the shadow side of the masculine. The shadow is revealed so that it can be healed and embraced and loved. There is really SO MUCH shadow still in our masculine frequencies, especially in the 3D mainstream timeline. Whatever you can feel of yours and how it expresses from within you supports the collective healing and transmutation into healthy masculine expression, which is SO needed and valuable to bring us into Divine alignment and balance from within.
I feel Divine Father looking and watching over us. He is there to help heal the wounded father templates that so many of us received from our birth family experiences. He is there to activate our masculine leadership that leads to soul purpose driven clarity and action; loving truth telling; capacity to set healthy self loving boundaries and MORE. He is there to help heal the distorted “Him God” of religions that judges, punishes, and shames. I have recently been connecting more deeply with the Divine Father and His love is such a balm to the abandoned daughter part of me and a wonderful template to my masculine too.
As you take in these five energies amplified by the SOULar winds and the eclipse, you may feel a desire to connect more deeply and meaningfully with your inner masculine. It feels like this is often the more neglected side to receive true compassionate healing frequencies as it is often polarized against by a wounded feminine. Our inner sacred union happens as we embrace this masculine frequency. Raphael Awen and I will be talking about the inner sacred union process today in the Day Five video, which I’ll be sharing here later.
I provide in this recent video in my series teachings about the Inner Protector and a guided meditation to connect with them:
MUCH love to you and your masculine as we navigate these shifting, transitional and exciting times together!

Jelelle Awen
1:1 sessions available with me for women to connect to your Inner Protector and other parts. More info here:

Pic of Aurora taken by Alexander Kuznetsov on January 4, 2019 @ Rovaniemi, Finland

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