Energy UPdate: Sirian Energies Offer Hope/Possibility/Forgiveness During This Time Of Peak Fear & Violence

By Jelelle Awen

“We see you. We know you. We were once you. And we are HERE for you.” This was the message from my Sirian metasoul aspect/fragment named Sela this morning.

Sela is a glorious, blue Feline/human looking hybrid, a Queen in Sirius, who I have been connecting with for the last two years. I was feeling her in my field after watching the new Lion King movie and crying through so much of it as I took in the beauty and struggles represented in it that mirror humanity’s current cycle too. The movie provides an activation of Lion/Lioness energies during this Lion’s Gate portal too!

I first became connected to Sela two years ago shortly after the Lion’s Gateway portal opened up access to Her. This is what I wrote about that profound and beautiful opening to abundance unity codes that she offered to me at that time:…/abundance-unity-begins-fro…/

Today when I connected with her during meditation, her tears were flowing along with my own. We were BOTH crying for humanity, for our struggles, for our triumphs, for our fears, for our desires….and for our violence. We were feeling the cries of the world, which is necessary to do as you move into your 5D ambassador of love self and a key activation that is happening during this Lion’s Gate passageway. You open up your heart space to feel the cries of the world without BECOMING the cries of the world.

I reached out to her for a sense of how to digest the 3D/Lower 4D Matrix being revealed-to-be-healed process that is pushing up MORE violence, especially in the form of terrible mass gun shootings in the last couple of days. These shootings were all by men under 30 (I believe) and you can feel the pain they were in, the disconnect they felt from 3D society, the hate that parts of them stewed in, and the shadow in their souls from other timelines/lifetimes just waiting to be triggered into action.

These shootings are happening during a high energetic influx of light codes from the recent eclipses, the Lion’s Gateway, Gaia/Schumann resonance spikes, AND very high SOULar winds (up to almost 700 km/sec today). These feel like the strongest energies this year and perhaps EVER offered to us since the fall of Atlantis/Lemuria.

What I received back from Sela today in response to my heart cry were waves and waves of love. Acceptance. Forgiveness. And deep compassionate understanding. Her message was, “We were here too. We Sirians have been through many dark nights and peak fears and end times. We almost destroyed our planet as we played out these expressions of duality and polarity against ourselves and toward other species, such as some from Orion, some from Vega, and others too. We have tried in the past to influence humanity such as in your ‘Ancient Egyptian’ timeline. We learned and we found love again. This is why we are so passionate now about providing a bridge of hope and possibility to you during this time of your Great Shifting back to the light.”

As she mentioned, ‘your great shifting back to the light’, I felt my Higher Heart chakra activate and pulsate. I could FEEL where her species had been and was NOW, firmly anchored in 5D and higher lifestyle and culture. I could feel how the radiance coming from her was a result of darkness being revealed, felt, and forgiven on both the personal and the collective levels. I could feel how her deep compassionate wisdom combined with strength had been cultivated from suffering through the aftermath of violence and the temporary power it offers through destruction…..and saying a final ‘no’ to expressing power in any way that harms others.

She offered me a feeling sense of our sacred humanity and the codes in our DNA (including Sirian frequencies in our Metasoul). She provided me a feeling sense of the potential and capacity that we have a species for love, for goodness, and for coming together as a community for the good of ALL.

It can be challenging to feel this goodness capacity of humanity during this time of matrix revelation/collapse; this time of peak fear in order to heal; this time of shadow coming up to receive the light. Feelings of rage, injustice, despair, hopelessness, and deep sadness may be coming up for you and parts of you right now, especially if you have chosen to live in the United States, where so many of these energies have been ‘pooled’ for healing.

This process of trusting goodness begins from within. It happens as you feel/heal/connect with the aspects of yourself and your soul that are living through and in violence, experiencing traumatic deaths, living in shadow, harming others in different ways, and being harmed too.

As you become a love ambassador to yourself and connect to the aspects of your Metasoul that can provide you a feeling sense of your own soul’s transformational journey from 3D into 5D (like the Sirians), you can FEEL in your heart then the goodness that lives and breathes in EVERY soul.

As you serve yourself, so you can serve others. As you end violence from within, so you can end it with others. As you forgive yourself, so you can forgive others. As you love yourself, so you can love others.

I feel so much possibility and opportunity for the opening of our higher hearts AS a collective during these intense completion times of 3D and moving into 4D. NOW is the time most challenging to continue to feel, to heal, to BE, and to love. Yet NOW is the time it is most needed and required.

MUCH love to you as we go through this journey of returning to the light together!

Jelelle Awen

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