Four Day SoulFullHeart Gathering Event Coming In September: SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter (Aug 19, 2019)

It’s the release of our weekly Museletter! Offering ALL of our writings, videos, events, healing offerings, and audio blogs for the week. Go read it here!

SoulFullHeart Healing as a process and community has been taking in the Higher Timeline downloads that started really pouring in during Lion’s Gate, which just concluded recently. It’s exciting to see and feel the shifts and changes happening that move us into a timeline of letting in an expansion of our community through our new event offerings! One such event is taking place in September. The leading piece this week, penned by SoulFullHeart Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher/Ambassador, Jelelle Awen, invites you to feel into if this gathering for the Fall Equinox is something you might feel resonant with:

“We are inviting you to immerse with us as a community, just as we are in everyday living, for these four days as a celebration of the EQUInox, life, love, and ongoing healing that leads to deeper experience of passion and joy and realness in every moment.”

We will be having another four-day community gathering this December 2019 for the Winter Solstice. The gathering starts at 10:00am on Wednesday the 18th of December and goes through 5pm on Saturday the 21st (each day’s events are from 10:00am until 5:00pm).

The next virtual Group Transmission with Raphael and Jelelle Awen will be on September 14th at 10:00am PDT. The focus of this group is to learn more about karmic healing through unplugging through the lower 4D matrix, which is the control matrix created by the collective unconscious’ unprocessed and undigested karmic soul woundings, trauma playouts, good vs. evil battles, and archetypal projections. Unplugging from the Lower 4D Matrix is the ‘next step’ in awakening as you consciously life your veil of amnesia with the help of your Gatekeeper, an aspect of your Metasoul that guards and protects all the timelines/lifetimes that your soul has fragmented into.

Join us in Victoria, BC in person for a FREE guided meditation and sharing afterwards! We will lead you in a powerful, high vibrational guided meditation. Raphael and Jelelle Awen will be leading the guided meditation, as they have for people around the world in session space and through video sharings on metaphysical websites and on the SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube channel.

For more information on these events, visit:

We have a brand NEW guided meditation video from Jelelle this week. It is a powerful Light Body activation meditation. Light Body activation is going next level with the recent codes and upgrades that have been coming in this year and into 2020, as we move into more embodied ascension as a collective. Jelelle felt to offer this video with teachings about the process of light body activation and what she has noticed about it in herself and in others through sessions, along with a guided meditation to activate the Light Body. This could be especially helpful if you’ve been experiencing body symptoms such as neck/head/shoulder pain, lightheadedness/dizziness, shifting sleep patterns, indigestion, etc.

We have several new articles and audio blogs this week, including energy updates from Jelelle, along with digestions of love and the love of humanity from Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Solais. Jelelle also offers a very helpful article on feeding the Light Body through superfoods and shifting away from heavy eating altogether into possible phases of fasting/living on light and ‘Prana’.

Jelelle, Raphael, Gabriel, and Kalayna offer 1:1 90min Bridging Sessions to help boost and digest your Ascension process and feel with you what your next steps are towards your highest timeline possibilities.

More information can be found here:

Our online shop is NOW OPEN! You can visit it to pay for individual sessions or to attend any of our gatherings, purchase the recording of past group transmissions or pay to attend an upcoming one, or to purchase books. Keep an eye out and your heart open for other offerings in the near future!

We love to share our offerings with you and would enjoy receiving whatever heart donation in the form of money you feel that resonates with our offerings. You can go to our donation page for more info on how to donate:

Thank you so much for your interest in and support of SoulFullHeart Way of Life! If you’d like to receive these Museletters directly and automatically in your email every week, you can subscribe on our website at:

Check out the latest Museletter here.

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