Seeking To Understand Rather Than To Fight

By Jelelle Awen

“When you seek to fight that which you don’t understand or fear inside yourself and with others, it will come back again with each new form worse. If you seek instead to compassionately understand, you can mutually discover your truer purpose of serving love,” Yeshua and the Magdalenes

This message came through two years ago, when I was just initially exploring my Christ/Magdalene lineage. In their lifetime, the Magdalenes could have felt highly persecuted, heavy with revenge and hatred in their hearts towards those that harmed them, especially with the crucifixion of Yeshua and murder of others. Yet, repeatedly and ongoingly, they (including Yeshua in light body form) held forgiveness in their hearts and saw every ‘player’ serving a part in the Divine unfolding to seed Ascension consciousness.

They sought to understand rather than judge. They felt ALL were serving love in the form chosen by them and the Divine. This allowed them to forgive eventually and even appreciate those who served the necessary and difficult darker roles.

I feel the truth and invitation in each word….both inside and out. Becoming a love ambassador to ANY and ALL energies within us, helping create a bridge to invite those aspects in shadow (often stuck in shame and blame cycles) plus karmic loops, this IS the embodiment of Christ consciousness within us. This is how the true Divine loves us and how we can receive that love.

These words feel even more true now with our ongoing experience of the Matrix narrative taking us into increasingly polarized places.

We can become more divisive, taking sides, resisting and judging both inside of us and outside of us. Or, we can seek to compassionately understand ALL through the Divine’s heart. Inner peace is experienced from this state.

Outer peace is seeded from it too. ❤️🌹


Jelelle Awen

This is a teaching and a guided meditation video from our Deepen 2022 series with Raphael and I to move from the warrior to the 5D love ambassador:

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