Living Between The Time And No-time Dimensions

By  Raphael Awen

I live in a village where church bells chime on the hour, every hour, reminding us of the dimension of time.

In time, there are many urgencies of what should and shouldn’t be. What would our lives be if it wasn’t for such urgencies? How could we maintain a sense of what life is and who we are without such parameters?

Outside of time, there are no urgencies, for all is both waiting to happen and has already happened. Both are equally true outside of time where all potentialities and outcomes equally exist.

If that’s true, and if it’s also true that you and I span the time and the no-time dimensions in the larger sense of who and what we are, then that opens up a whole other way of seeing and feeling our lives than we normally do in the more familiar time dimension.

Maybe the point of the things I want to do today in the time dimension, as well as the pretzel of sorting out what best deserves my time, and then sorting the next pretzel of finding the time and energy for such worthy doings; maybe all of that wants to be informed by the no-time dimension where it’s already all done, where doing doesn’t happen.

What we’d be left with would I imagine be something resembling play, like kids building forts with tea sets inside. It wouldn’t be a ‘real’ grown up house and a real grown up tea time, but as I recall, I never quite found something in all my adult years as simply fun and engaging as true play to the tune of what I did in childhood.

Maybe your and my inner child hasn’t actually become adapted to all these hourly reminders all around everywhere, the ones on our wrists, and the devices in our hands, keeping us here in the not so fun territory, in a world that feels overdosed on real.

Maybe it’s our inner children that hold the portal back to our essence and are inviting us into what they actually never lost, thank God, but only forgot, in our rush to grow up.

I recall the hour spent in church strangely as the most imprisoned and boring hour growing up, where time surely could not move any slower, like we needed to suffer in the time dimension, like we needed to shed a whole essence of our being and conform to something we were not.

Maybe we did need that. Maybe the church, like all of our institutions are still reminding us of how boring time is, when play is lost, how boredom is like a drill that bores vacuums in our lives that create space for new things to come in, which things are aching something out in us like a kid attempting to to sit still in church, an ache that precedes new creation.

How did we expect to find what we want if we didn’t encounter what we don’t want? Both are equally sacred and both took a lot of courage to choose. You are this courageous, for you chose to be here in both, both the longing and the realization of remembering and expanding on the divinity that you are, even through the comparison of discovering what it isn’t.

You and I are so surrounded by so much divinity on all sides that the things that don’t feel or look very divine are just dimmer switches and moderators allowing for the stuff we are learning and unlearning. This is all happening in the gap that is created in our perception between what is seen as divine and what isn’t.

I’m going to see if I can breathe in a whole big breath of no-time love from the no-time dimension side of my being in order to be with the time pretzels I feel around me in the time dimension, let the two of them get to know each other more.

Maybe as you and I figure this out, we solve this conundrum and deposit the answer/download somewhere in the no-time databank where it’s actually already solved somehow.

And here is where not only you and I get to be part of the deposit and the withdrawal from the time side of our experience, but so does everyone else get to be part of it. There is only one of us after all for whom all of this is and is being sorted out for.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.  Visit for more information about sessions, events, videos, etc. 

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