Premise 9: Union With The Divine arises through direct communion and healing soul wounding

By Raphael Awen


Ready for more…

It’s day 9 of the 21 day ‘SoulFullHeart Magical Mystery Premises Tour.’

I truly hope you are enjoying this ride. I know I have been. I trust you wouldn’t be hanging around unless this was not only holding your interest, but calling to you personally in a deeper way.

That deeper way, whatever it is, is really the point of this whole tour. Like a song that fills the whole temple, and leaves you and me both utterly undone, that’s what I long for. Why settle for anything less? What that looks like and how we walk out our connection is all up to our choice, desire, and co-creation. I know I am called to create something stunning, that gets attention and changes the world as we know it. I can never do that alone, so then the vulnerable romance beginning question is ‘what do you feel called to?’

Then as we get to know each other and feel drawn to one another, what comes in some form or another, is the tender ‘I like you, do you like me?’ admission and question. Now, if this question could only be conscious, up front, while feeling it deeply and our replies equally as intentional and conscious, feeling-based and emotionally honest as possible! Many times, it takes years and deep process within a group to fully process our attraction and our lessons in a community.

I’m a leader in this community called SoulFullHeart. My heart has been broken open in several communities this life, in communities that sustained and ones that crashed. I can’t guarantee where this one will end up or how it or you will fare in it, and because I feel that absence of a guarantee, and how gutsy a thing it is for all of us to trust again to lean into community, it makes me want to give you this premise tour as plain as day. Eyes wide open and all of that…

I call it magical and mysterious, and I hope it is that for you on one level, but for the part of you who won’t be wooed by magic and mystery, I offer the clearest statement of our values, beliefs, and picture of things.

Now, hopefully, we are a few steps closer to truly getting real. I want to extend to you a foundation strong enough that it could eventually move you to being a part of life here with us in community, even leaving geography to join in, and sharing in the giving and receiving of this work according to your souls deepest calling.

Okay, that opened out the tour picture didn’t it? Took me 9 days to get there. I’m not really that interested in helping someone sort out a few emotional and spiritual problems. While that is a way more fun pastime for me than other things, what I really want is alive community.

I hope you do too and this call strikes chords in you that ring and ring and ring some more.

Here’s today’s premise called Union With God-The Divine Premise:

“Union with the Divine, in both dualistic and non-dualistic forms, arises through direct communion without a middleman, negotiation with parts, and healing soul wounding and conditioning leading to increasing sense of the Infinite Love that we are sourced from and our essence as a fragment of God.”

The short story of this one is that SoulFullHeart sees and has a rich God picture. Both Jelelle and I have had a strong sense of a God connection this life and SoulFullHeart reflects this. It’s kind of funny, trying to define this in a premise. I feel divinity itself smiling down with one eyebrow raised as we do this.

I’ll take the bait and play the fool.

We see that our essence is as God connected as we ever can be, but our experience and expression is an awakening process around all of this, and a personal one at that. So then it’s a picture of getting to know what you already have in a never ending deepening way.

Try and define that.

The only definition you can give is to live it out and experience it out into life, and I’d like to add, with others.

We see that the distinction between nondual and dualistic God realization paths are a smokescreen because all of us are inseparably both expressions. I am duality and nonduality both ‘expressing’ and ‘essencing.’ If that point is of interest to you, I wrote more about it here in my Golden Earth blog series.
If the whole dual/nondual distinction question hasn’t arisen for you yet, trust that for now.

We see the end of the ‘middle man’ in our God picture. Whether trusted spiritual teacher, guru, or what have you, everyone of these are a projection screen holding your bigness until you are ready to claim it back. If you can’t stop yourself from doing that for now, best make sure they are worthy of keeping your deposit in trust. But between you and God, there is no broker. It’s God and You, that’s it. And in another way, there is no distinction even between you and God. ‘You are God out Goddin’ around,’ as Yeshua likes to say.

Which brings up guides….we find it easy and natural to connect with guides as we heal the blocks withholding our effortless spring loaded and natural relationship to spiritual guides. Angels, daemons, Ascended teachers, Archetypal energies, departed loved ones, the list goes on. And ‘you’ don’t need to go into hiding to be some pure channel.

When we find the parts of us and their individual relationship with the Divine, we ‘defuse’ from a singular ‘I’ voice in relationship to god and now we can find the parts of us and their distinct feeling tones. You may well and probably do have very devout parts of you, Catholic even, and other parts of you that want nothing whatsoever to do with God. It is in this array and our acceptance of it that our true connection with the divine leaves the flatline labels we identify with and something alive either explodes or opens out into our experience.

As we get to know and negotiate with these parts of us, soul wounding that before held sway over our conscious relationship with God, now opens out to vistas you had no conscious clue existed. I say that because it was true for me and it is still true for me. I know what I’m talking about and I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. It’s all near as I can tell until I can tell some more, and then it’s up to you to see if your truth resonates with mine or doesn’t. There is no ‘absolute truth’ God picture in SoulFullHeart. Hallelujah and Praise Allah!

We are in something Infinite when we talk about God or love. Talking about it or describing it falls so short of being it. At least we can try and talk about the limitation of the limitation. Whatever description we can make about relationship with the divine, it may be true, and it’s limited, both. I love that. Anybody talking about God is a fool, when it can only be experienced and let in.

We are God trying to describe itself, so here even God is the fool along with us, out seeking to know, to play, to learn and unlearn. I’ll take that any day over religious devotion, duty and obligation.

My day awaits and so does yours. We’re just goddin’ around.

See you tomorrow?

Raphael Awen is co-creator and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.