Realigning With The Infinity Of Our Being

By  Raphael Awen

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Infinite anything is really quite scary to parts of us.

What do you do with all the flour in the world? Yet, with a cup of flour, you can bake a yummy cake?

How do we enjoy or find pleasure in the infinite?

We are in our essence Divine expressions of infinity, or said another way, and possibly, yet even more profoundly and simply as well as scary, we are infinity.

I find parts of myself having been so conditioned in the measurable kind of exchange; where you get so much of this, for so much of that, to be feeling disoriented and even unhappy at times to be emerging more and more into this new world of infinite beingness.

It’s really strange though, because this infinite beingness is something I have wanted and prized even, having seen it though through the eyes of commodity and comparison. Then, when this new relationship with life begins to materialize as more and more as a default way of living, it definitely (de-‘finitely’) calls for some integration!

Yesterday, I went out to do a few hours of painting for our landlord, something I did as a career for over three decades. It was easy, peezy on one hand, all too familiar, humbling on the other hand to be ‘earning’ a fraction of what I usually once earned. I had this strange feeling of not really caring what I earned or didn’t earn, like it made no difference to me, which is of course very different to the me of yesteryear who liked to sit in a coffee shop early in the morning, adding up and prognosticating on a week’s profits.

The energy for all of that was so built in then, it just seemed to come out of the woodwork. I had to discipline myself to leave room for other things in my life, and not be a workaholic. Part of me was willing to be balanced, mainly because this part of me realized that I actually achieved more measurable and fulfilling results when I did so. It was all about the measurable quantities, whether of money or of joy, and everything in between.

So how does, particularly the masculine aspects of us transition from this relationship with the finite to the infinite? What would the joys and rewards look and feel like in a world immersed more and more in the infinite, in the ‘indefinite’, the undefined?

Do things like ‘results’ even come into play, and how do we relate to them when and if they do?

Love without boundary, love without measure, love without condition, all speak to this essence of who and what we ARE. We are this infinite being that chose to have a simulated experience with the finite. Here is where the divine is literally having this experience and learning through us.

We relate to this as an initiation, to be initiated out of the finite into the infinite. And that’s a really good word for it, because it is very initial, a beginning all over again. We stumble and fall before we ever walk, and the parts of us conditioned to results and professionalism and expertise can feel very frustrated in the transition, the trans-initiation.

We have to be willing to span two worlds, one that gave us much reward, where we were able to readily and even effortlessly marshall our energies in service of a goal and reward, to a world where results just emerge without our finite wrangling and dealing, where the result doesn’t bring the same assurances and pleasures in the ways that it once did.

It often feels like falling as this new world arises and the old one falls away. All our instincts are to restore balance, but balance isn’t what it once was.

What the equivalent of walking even looks like in the infinite world is difficult to measure or describe or to name the price for. All of measuring, description and costs per measure kind of realities don’t have traction here.

What does have traction here is a feeling. This feeling is a feeling of homecoming, of being Being. Of being reunited with the essence of where you started out from. Some big relief to all of the above described dilemma shows up in feeling awareness that the infinite expression of who and what you are actually PRECEDED the more immediately recalled experience of your time in the finite.

You are this big of a being to have dialed in this full range of being.

Now, we are in a place of being enabled to hold space for the parts of us in transition, to feel every frustration, every fear or anxiety that surely will and does arise in the process of trans-initiation. You were fully initialized into one world and now a whole new world calls for your initialization.

This is a particularly poignant feeling to be feeling of the day of the Lion’s Gate cosmic portal where the energetic alignment is in full support of transitions.

What gifts are parts of you longing to receive? What things are they longing to let go of?

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New souls coming into community is really one of the magical alignments of this new arising expression of the infinite for me. It’s just a portal to more curiosity and cure all around.

~ R ~

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You Are Infinite

By Raphael Awen

As a being, you constantly express this infinity that you are, whether you are aware of it or not. This infinity manifests in you as both the desire for all things as well as the deep gratitude for all things. There is nothing in the universe that is not you, nothing that is separate from you.

Even the apparent created reality of a separate and distinct self, a finite self, is a created reality that we dialled up from our infinite self, to learn within. The finite was parented from the infinite.

Even the relationship you have with life wherein lack has been made the main story and conscious  waking reality are also a powerful manifestation of the super-abundant reality that you ARE. You, AS INFINITY, dialled up an all too real feeling storyline of lack in which parts of you are the main characters living out something so far removed from the super abundant infinity that you are. Your waking conscious reality is actually one still very much asleep possibly.

Your soul knows that the letting go of the original conscious awareness of this super abundant infinity of being in order to enter an amnesia and subsequent awakening/re-membering process IS where the true gold of being is found….where each of us is reborn into something so much more than we were, even compared to who and what we were before we chose the amnesia. Even our original bliss state was undiscovered and immature. 

Many dream of winning the lottery only to find that those who do cannot digest the instant rise to super abundance as they have not had a process of acclimating themselves to the wealth. The dream of ‘having it all’ comes from a subconscious knowing that they already ARE and have it all, and the inability to hold the All (lottery winnings) also comes from the unintegrated subconscious deep storylines of lack.

If you and I already possess it All, but we are living in a self-created story of something less than the dawning realization of that, then the present story we find ourselves in is the creation of our super abundant infinity.

And if we created this and are creating this, then we did this in order to awaken to THAT, and to feel all there is to feel in relation to the present created reality. Like a movie producer and story writer, we gave ourselves these dramas in order to feel the things that we as a soul knew we needed to feel in order to realize what we set out to realize. We are out and about ‘real’-izing the infinity that we are.

If this is true, then we have our work cut out for us. The ‘work’ has up till now gone on even in our unawareness and unawakened state, as we now awaken to an ever more conscious state of choice, intention and effort towards inhabiting what we most deeply and truly want. We discover that our waking reality is actually a bad dream and a sleeping reality that we wish to awaken from, that we get to awaken from, and that as unpleasant as this bad dream was and is, it is actually all originating in love, and part of love. 

We’ve been given the seeds, the soil, the sun and the water, and now, the awareness that we ARE the gardener who is growing the garden of self, of love, of surrender to the divinity and infinity moving within our souls.

Our mandate now is ‘just feel what there is to feel’ and thereby to let-in this transmutation of our being that we are living out in each moment.

Each of us has new and powerful story lines awaiting our choice and appetite to step into. We chose this. Infinity itself is watching you with wonder and awe at what you will choose next.

If you are seeking a conscious awakening into the more that you already are, I offer a free initial consult into what ongoing sessions within the SoulFullHeart process could look like and feel like for you. Please check us out at our website below and be in touch.

Much Love,

Raphael Awen

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.  Visit for more information about sessions, events, videos, etc. 

Let Your Inner Tension BE Your Path Through 4D Ascension

Painting by Cristina Bernazzani


by Kalayna Colibri

There is no “wrong way”… there is only the way in front of you and inside of you. There is no way or path that is more correct, more aligned with you than what you are currently walking out. The flow you’re already in wants to bring you to your next places of growth and healing, as is inevitable on this Ascension journey where SO much is going on at all times.

It can be especially hard, as you walk out 4D-ascension specifically, to really let this in. To hold that you and parts of you are OK. 4D holds the container for so much churning, so many storms, so much turmoil inside as buried pain surfaces on heart AND soul levels. It isn’t comfortable and it often expresses as messes, conflicts, contention, feelings of being twisted around inside of you into a really uncomfortable pretzel as your Higher Self continues to try and find its way closer to your being. The Higher Self coming into the body causes reactions that aren’t just physical… the emotional reactions, oh, those intense emotional reactions, are all part and parcel of the bigger picture of what needs to be purged, felt, healed. The parts that surface can really inhabit the intensity of this. Parts represent so much of our old ways of being in the world and with ourselves, which is a result of our wounding and conditioning too from culture, birth family, friends, the education system, the medical system, the “Matrix” in general if you want to call it that. The ‘Matrix’ is a charged word and concept for all of the pushing away from it that is happening… it can be held by parts of you as another representation of their pain and anguish, what they want to push away from and forget about. Yet there is still a Matrix within, a very intricately-wired set of responses to life and above all, to love. This is what is being pressed upon the most when we feel this intense birth canal that IS 4D awakening and movement. And of course this is HARD… this is what has been so normalized, so accepted, yet so painful inside of all of us.

In the 4D scramble for answers, it can be understandably hard to find stillness and calm and a place within that is an undying oasis of infinite love… a place that truly believes in and trusts love. This oasis of self-love and worth is worth working for, is worth burning-up from the inside for… and is the passageway to our more consistent 5D moments and eventually whole lifestyle of 5D consciousness and breathing and being. And, though it can be so hard to feel this when the burning and purging is happening, there is SO much love holding it ALL, always and in ALL ways.

For more support and to gather at an oasis of self-love process and experience of infinite unified love with the world, you are welcome to join us at our Unity Meditation gathering happening virtually over Zoom tomorrow and for many other days and times to follow! Please join us and lean into the web of love that has been created and continues to be re-created by each amazing soul that joins in and leans in too. ❤ Go here for more info:

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The Universe Doesn’t Owe You Anything

By Raphael Awen

The Universe isn’t actually holding out on you.

The Universe doesn’t actually owe you anything.

The reason this is true is because the Universe has already given you everything it has to offer without holding anything back.

This is a tough one for parts of us to accept, as they have been conditioned to cause-and-effect reality here in 3D experience. ‘I do good and I get good in return’ is the childlike perception that we then project onto the Universe or the Divine, giving it god-like status, that parts of us can then play victim to, or hold responsible for our frustrations or unmet desires.

It’s called ‘unconditional love’ because it has all come to you signed, sealed and delivered without conditions. The only conditions that we all experience are the conditions around us being able to let in this love that is technically all-ready all ours.

Our experience of life in a past, present, and future reality, along with the cause and effect piece, as well as the world of free will can all be used to support this child’s picture of God holding out on us; of God or the Universe not being willing to give us our deepest desires.

What if the whole of that is all about a ploy coming from a part of us playing victim to life, and seeking a strategy to deal with this unfathomable infinite love that we are so fearfully tasked with letting into our very being?

What if you already have it all, and it’s just a process now to let it in?

What if part of that having it all is that even the frustrations, and longings, even the dis-ease in the body, even the breakdown in relationships, are all pointing to this perfection that we have been submerged in and are coming to terms with, here in this very particular Gaian conditioned experience of free will, cause and effect, ‘reality’?

My ‘working hypotheses’ is that this is closer to what is true for each of us. I can’t prove it to be true from a 3D mindset, but I can feel it to be true from a 5D mind.

Now, I am invited to feel and get to know any part of myself, or any aspect in my Metasoul who is still living in the old world of expecting God or the Universe to come through for them. This makes sense when you feel that if I have it all, then all there’s left to do and be is to share it all, beginning with myself and then overflowing to others.

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The Infinite Tug Of More

Painting by Patrick Ennis

We exist in a contemplative creative space seeking to uncover a mystery that has no finality or destination other than the one we have chosen to make of it. Even the choice of meaninglessness has its its own sacred purpose. That infinite void space of ISness and Presence is the canvas from which we give our soul creative expression. Pressing against the edges of our own chosen limitations and fears.

What is it that you really want from this realistic dream state you have found yourself in?


Love? Union? Interaction?

Fulfillment? Safety? Freedom?

Adventure? Wholeness? A reset?

All of the above?

The answer may not be as easy as it appears for with each choice lies more questions. More specifics. It brings you to a place where the answers may bring you to contradictions and collisions. What does the depth of this exploration ask of your current cosmology and morality? These internal conflictions seek a mediator and a claimer. A trust in something that is just not knowable but intuitively desirable.

Your heart is your homing device in this vast multidimensional arena. Inside lies your clarity, confusion, and delusions all told. They work themselves into BEing as you connect more to your ultimate desires and your hidden truths.  You may be in a tug-of-war with your inner selves as you are feeling the tug of “more” within your soul.

This is the process of choice, feeling, trust, and action. It is the universe birthing Itself through you. Are you creating It or is It creating you? Or are you dancing with It in Holy matrimony? Do you do this alone or in relationship? These are the questions that may be inviting you IN. Calling you forth into seeking the heights of your most unknowable and infinite self.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Poem: Letting Love

by Kalayna Colibri

Magical heart shape spiral in space fractal with particles

Interwoven heart clothes fall along shuffling feet.

Healing hands pull energetic nuances of lovely subtle flowers

and an escapee life of lush lovelorn lace and spinner lights.

It’s one place of many more magical moments to come into view of the dearest wanting pieces.

Foreign chords of many ordinary oddities bring it all back in to that rainbow of open road.

Even those sounds of the missing call the song of melodies remembered always.

An unknown toil of yet-to-be-known articles resembling the past and an ever-present presence

bringing all ebbs flowing forward in this dance of what could never be felt

until the time ticked along of the newly emerging emergency of now and instant bringings.

Take it all to the inside and outside of the corners where all stars are collected

and feel where the new-old love songs now call out to the unborn listener

of sometimes comfortable cravings still borne out to dry in the heavy lungs of the dawning days.

Love Love LOVE! is that sacred siren song of the aching breathers and reachers from the mud of what was once the only truth yet never satisfied as food should.

LOVE love LOVE! is the dance of the flying edges asking for more than they have ever known and the returning feeling that they have always wanted deep inside of the love they too are made of.

To find the way back is through each other.

To find the way in is through the self.

To find the way upward is through the press of life’s birth canals and all contractions brought by Love

inside the established ALL that forever knows the places and paces of its ongoing ringing out.

And for now and always a path is laid

for the eager and earnest to find, inhabit and become.



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, writer, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at




Moving Beyond Scarcity To Embrace Infinite Love Abundance

By Jelelle Awen
Why does it feel to you as if love is scarce sometimes? As if there is only a finite amount of it in the world? A limited flow that parts of you then feel you have to guard and protect? To preserve and save and put away?
The 3D world offers to you that love is scarce and finite and on limited supply. Your birth family conditioning supports this messaging and programming. You experience as a child how no one around you seems to be flowing in love. No one seems to be living in abundant love. No one seems to be willing to share it very much, yet only in drips and drabs. Only in crumbs that they seem to reluctantly give in moments where it feels safe to do so.
3D religions only offer love if you are free from sin, if you ‘follow the rules’ of their punitive God, if you conform to the social agreements that they offer, if you buy into the idea that love is about sacrifice. This scarcity-based God frowns at you, pushes you away, and not much love at all seems to come from this source as mostly what you feel then is unworthy to receive what even IS offered.
The 3D world prioritizes not the abundant sharing of love in all forms (including money), but rather energies of getting and keeping; of earning and buying; of owning and having. Sharing only seems to happen in moments of open heartedness, between souls that trust each other, from one child to another when there is still innocence alive in them.
3D relationships run on the currency of giving to receive, on codependence, on needing each other to fulfill certain roles, on duty and obligation. They survive often on the fumes of promises of love; on the echoes of love’s exchange in moments when it can; on the wounded projection of self onto other that keeps it all stumbling and staggering along somehow. These relationships exist often on the ground of suffering and on push-pull dynamics that keep this suffering in place.
You’ve been offered scarcity in ALL these areas by a world that has run on love’s lack rather than on its abundance. But, this is not the TRUTH of what is POSSIBLE about love’s flow.
The TRUTH is that every BEing IS Infinite Love. That the Divine is Infinite Love. That energy flow IS sourced in Infinite Love.
Serving love from this flow of Infinite Love that you already ARE offers no limits on what can be healed and transformed by THIS love flow. Being in relationships in this Infinite Love flow allows them to arise anew, offering NEW grounds of connection and intimacy in every moment. Experiencing the Divine in accepting, loving, nonjudgemental frequencies as a reflection of this Infinite Love flow heals the soul experiences of It being anything less than THIS.
You are remembering this more and more as you decondition from what you have been taught and sold in 3D consciousness. You are experiencing this as you let this abundant love flow that is available in ALL moments into your life. You are BEcoming this as you separate from the parts of you that have received this scarcity conditioning and embodying your essence which kNOWs and IS this abundant love flow. You are BEing this TRUTH of the Infinite supply of Love as you overflow AS this with yourself, others, and the Divine more and more.
Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine and union facilitator, soul scribe, waySHOWer, galactic love ambassador, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book to be released on June 1st, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Flowing In And Flowing Out AS Love

By Jelelle Awen

Expanding out, wider and wider, to let others into the chambers of your heart. To let them in the places that you are clearing of the emotional cobwebs, the dust that has gathered, the shadows that have lingered. You are clearing out these heart places with your curiosity to explore INside. Your loving wonder about what is around the next corner of your deepest inner places.

Beaconing out, brighter and brighter, to lead others with the remembered wisdoms of your soul. Offering a mirror of possibility for what they TOO can remember as they unlock their soul doors. You are walking through the scenes of other lifetimes, feeling the edges and the gifts and the experiences that form the stories and substances of your soul legacy.

Going IN, deeper and deeper, to love yourself and all the pieces, parts, and aspects that you feel along the way. You are feeling your Inner Child in their school yard reality, stuck in a classroom or a childhood family living room, and bringing them into the current NOW with you and into the light of your love. Adventuring to the castles of your essence and meeting your Inner Protector there, offering him an invitation to rest and lean and trust.

Letting IN, more and more, that to serve love with others is your highest purpose for being here. You are feeling support from the Divine to express and to BE this purpose as you heal the fear, resistance and distrust within your emotional body and soul field that may block the expression and claiming of this. Inviting others into this space becoming more organic, natural, and authentic as you feel the Oneness from which we All originate and eventually return.

Flowing in and Flowing out, LOVE comes from this place of freed up frequencies of energy flow. You are experiencing this as you choose your most true path into your own heart and soul, drawing others then who resonate, feel, and BE with you too in mutual choice and reverence. In this abundant flow that comes from within, there is no scarcity here, no lack, and no need unfulfilled, as you experience the Infinite Love that ARE and always will be.


Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine and union facilitator, soul scribe, waySHOWer, galactic love ambassador, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book to be released on June 1st, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at



Quantum Service: The All In One


By Raphael Awen

It’s not what you do or don’t do that makes all the difference, but rather how and why you do what you do, or don’t do, that changes the entire world…quite literally…I might add.

New science is verifying this to be fact.

One might ‘do their part’ by volunteering at a soup kitchen, making a contribution to alleviate a shortage of volunteers. That by itself could be seen as a linear kind of service. The kitchen needed 5 volunteers, and you reduced that need by one. All good. BUT, there’s something way more profound going on here while you were making soup, or thinking about making soup. What energy moved you to volunteer? What energy moved through you as you performed the act? What internal obstacles did you face as you chose the action?

What you did on an internal level is where the quantum level of service comes in.

New science is proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that we are all connected in ways more profound than we imagined. We are living in the days of what was hidden and concealed, is now being revealed. One of the aspects of new science has to do with the entire universe, (or multiverse for that matter) being a holographic projection. An aspect of this reality is the reality of ‘fractals’, that ‘any part contains the entire whole’, where the molecular structure for instance of a grain of sand is identical to the structure of a galaxy or a black hole. Both carry, or rather ARE deep intelligence, quite beyond our limited minds to comprehend. The new science confirms what so many of our personal intuitions have long been aware of. Whether it’s through intuition, or new emerging science, or a combination of both, we are left in a state of reverence and awe. The more we look, the more we see what we never saw, that we weren’t ready to see, but are now being invited into.

What the intuitions and new science are revealing to us is the profound interconnection of all things. From this it is quite clear, that what is done by one, and for one, is actually done to and for The All. This tells us that the motive ground is the quantum ground because of this interconnection.

What this means is that none of us are any less ‘consciousness evolving and learning its way to love’ than anyone else. We may esteem Jesus and Buddha for their historical example and contribution, but Jesus WAS you and you ARE him on a quantum level. If an act of love was ever imprinted on consciousness by anyone, you can find that imprint inside of THE ALL of your own personal consciousness. There is only one consciousness, and you have a lease on it, as an individuated part of it.

This is such crazy cool stuff, I find it hard to write! Being logical and present to the mind keeps collapsing into awe and reverence. And maybe, that’s the greatest contribution right there…moments spent in awe in reverence, by consciousness (you) looking at consciousness (the essence of all things) and consciousness looking back at you.

So let’s say that in order to pitch in at the soup kitchen, you had a deep personal process of feeling the part of you that holds judgment about people who ‘let themselves go down hill’ and through it all, you came to find that you had your own ‘inner derelict’ and downtrodden part of yourself buried by a more functional part of you. And in this process, you had great tears of homecoming to yourself to finally to find and feel this fear ground inside yourself, as well as this part of you working so hard in fear to avoid becoming ‘like them’ and all of this was, in large part, your real motive ground for being the hardworking and focused person you are.

Wow, now, you’ve just moved consciousness itself very much inside of yourself and made that movement available and uploaded it to the entire interconnected multiverse-wide-web of the love that we are and made it available for free download to any who are ready and willing to inhabit similar growth steps.

Now, you did something so much more than fill an empty volunteer space. You transformed consciousness.

And even cooler still, you did it before you focused outward. Your deepest and truest service to self was the quantum service to the all.

Everything you felt, that was difficult to feel moved the universe inside of you and also moved the entire universe in the process. In a fractal reality, one cannot be moved without the other, for there actually is only one ‘uni’-verse.

Then, another step is feeling the deeper reality that out beyond the projected reality of time and space, in ‘no-time’ and ‘no-space’, is where you can feel and download these movements that technically haven’t happened ‘anywhere’ ‘yet’. All the courage you need for any step that you need to take already exists on a quantum level. So, if that’s true, then any movement we make internally draws upon and replenishes this interconnected web of quantum energy in an infinite multiplication kind of way energizing it for others.

Now this feels true for those working in and on negative timelines also. They download and make negative contributions that then get energized out to others. However, because there is ONLY love, even those energizing evil are actually, and can actually, ONLY be in service of love…ultimately speaking. Only love is real, all else is love’s projected illusion or theatre to tell it’s story.

So what all of this means again, in part at least, is that everything you feel, and desire, and courageously choose in your deepest dark night of the soul kind of experience that no one sees IS the quantum service contribution to The All. What feels so private in personal healing process couldn’t actually be more public. We are fast entering the age of transparency and the end of secrecy; the age of abundance and the end of scarcity. We retain personal space and boundaries, but our ‘walls’ are turning to glass…or crystal actually, as we inhabit our own personal Ascension and light body.

All that is not love falls away to reveal the love that we are.

Here and now we don’t simply give to others through linear acts of kindness, but instead are a literal machine that multiplies and manufactures love into the infinite and abundant multiverse of love that we all are.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information and inspiration.

Trust: The Merkaba to Infinite Love


There is one word that I feel has more influence on us in our healing and emergence as sacred humans than almost any other and that is TRUST.  It is the bridge that connects us to the Motherland of Love.  In our pure essence, the word just doesn’t exist (not that any word does but you know what I mean).  We just ARE.  We flow, move, and accept all that IS because we are in harmony with Love.  But if we were pure essence, I wouldn’t be here writing and you wouldn’t be here reading.  We would be ONE.  And we ARE.. essentially.  But we chose to live and experience in this differentiated/ fractured dimension to experience ourselves as Love outside Itself to experience Itself. Learning to trust Itself back to Oneness.  

This separation was/is a scary thing for us.  And for Love.  If we experience this existential terror then so does Love.  It too is diving off a cliff to see what happens.  But the one thing Love has is Trust that it will reclaim Itself no matter how hairy things may get.  I feel for us in our human expression, this is a very epic lesson.  If Love has trust, and we ARE Love then what makes it so damned hard to trust sometimes?  We clearly have a part of us that still hasn’t drank the heart-shaped KoolAid cup yet.  Welcome to the relationship with our 3D self.  

We so badly want to let go of all that holds us back from experiencing Joy and Purpose.  And we have on so many levels.  I don’t believe there is a single soul on this planet that doesn’t have an issue with trust.  It may be less of an issue for some, but there is going to be something that kicks up this very human relationship to fear.  It is why we are here.  To continue this healing toward Pure Trust or Ultimate Surrender.  The chasm between where we are NOW and this desired place is different for all of us.  It is through experience that we learn to trust.  We have to act upon something. Make a choice and see what happens.  The results that occur are not always going to be the ones we are hoping for.  Just because they don’t happen doesn’t mean that we didn’t receive something we were meant or dialed up to learn.  If the result is traumatic then our level of trust will determine our ability to let in the deeper meaning, while we allow for all our reactions to be had in response to said event.  

There are also other life experiences and soul woundings that have great impact on our relationship to trust.  By asking our guides for assistance we can be shown many different soulscapes that provide much heart data to what is THIS life wounding and what is part of our larger MetaSoul picture.  What is in our fractal that contributes to this trust wounding?  There are stories to be unveiled and felt.

Can we hold the Meta-space of Trust while we navigate our journey into our new sacred humanity?  It becomes our life-preserver.  Our invisible stepping stone or set of forgotten wings.  It provides a container, a Merkaba, for our entrance into and through unknown portals of experience.  Without it, we stay stuck and stagnant on some level, even if we have access on others.  Ultimately we want ALL of us to come with us into this new frequency of existence.  If there are soul aspects that still have issues of trust, we can have a relationship with it to bring more of our essence of Love into the heartscape.  
The Separation is a uniquely 3D traumatic experience, I feel.  In 4D consciousness we have the tools to hold space for that within us but we need support along the way.  So many times have I taken leaps of faith and taken the fear with me.  I was also gifted with not just my own guidance from angels and other aetheric beings,  but also that of soul family.  Our 3D self needs it.  There are those that have been across many trust chasms and have found their way on the other side.  Leaning into that experience is essential.  I feel this is an ongoing journey for us.  Continuing to embody our own bigness and gifts,  while continuing to lean further into the forgotten territories of Galactic Love Consciousness to bring more and more Joy and Bliss to our collective creation.  Trust is the way across and into this new territory.  Finding the distrust and feeling its very real reasons for not trusting provides us the ground upon which we may take one step at a time.

Gabriel Heartman is a teacher, facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  You can learn more about him at