Swing In Bliss Mess Emotional States: Coronavirus/3D Matrix Switch Over Energy UPdate March 18

By Jelelle Awen

I wanted to share this as it came up in a session today with a sweet soul and I think what she offered here so captures what many people are feeling as we go into deeper phases of the coronavirus death-rebirth ‘experience’.

She shared something like,”I get off the computer and go outside and I’m fine. Going to the store, seeing how people are reacting than I feel like I need to freak out or panic more than I am. This virus is triggering up remnants of what we need to clear, survival things, and our bodies want more food and more safe. It is a strange time. I’m caught in between….out in the garden, I feel blissful. There is a quiet there that has not been there before and it feels so peaceful. I just feel so happy. And then I come inside, get online, and part of me is just like, ‘Oh my god, I’m dying.’ How did I go from bliss to suddenly afraid I’m going to starve to death?”

I offered to her that I felt this swing in emotional states is totally understandable considering the potential triggering and need for digestion that is going on here for the collective and for each of us on a personal basis too. There are many awakening souls/empaths/sensitive types that would feel a bliss about the quietness that this social ‘quarantine’ is offering many and inviting them into. As the world quiets and slows down as it has never really done in our lifetimes, then so does the collective energy grid that usually vibrates so strongly with doing and busy 3D frequencies. And also there is a bliss rush from the sense of renewed soul purpose and reason for being HERE as we feel an intuitive sense of significant switch over from the 3D Matrix to lay the grounds for more New Earth systems.

And, as she offered, the virus can also trigger our collective/personal survival fears and concerns at a very core level, the ‘mess’ inside essentially. If food and security has been a source of ‘love’ in your birth family (sometimes the ONLY real ones), then going without either of those can bring up another layer of insecurity and even terror/panic for parts of you. If people around you are triggered in this way at usually a deeply unconscious level, then it is ‘catching’ to that degree as your empathic heart (usually your Inner Child) feels them and tries to transmute their fear.

Where we went in the session is what I would recommend for all as well…connecting to the parts of you that are on guard right now, those that are feeling fear and panic in moments, offering them love, communication, reassurance, and connection. This is not about providing promises or guarantees, as so much is unknown right now. Yet, rather, the space and invitation to feel whatever is real without judgement.

There is also an opportunity to bring in and bridge to the parts of you and soul aspects that hold the deep abiding trust frequencies in you, ones that are anchored in 5D already, in the Divine and in love. For women, it is the stillness inside, the peacefulness, the surrender and sense of goodness toward ALL of life. There is a Unity Consciousness frequency that is above the 3D/Lower 4D Matrix One Mind fear frequency that provides a deep sense of belonging and community support while we go through this together. We connected to it yesterday during the meditation during the last 15 minutes of this Q & A livestream I did: https://youtu.be/XxhCJcAAaEk

As we connect to the parts in fear (and not resist them, deny them, medicate them, transcend them), they actually become bridges to these higher dimensional aspects of us. As we hold space in this way for ourselves, we can offer the same to others in pain, fear, and trauma in a NEW way. In a more authentic way that isn’t caretaking them to deny something inside ourselves.

This is a time of vast unknowns and infinite possibilities. I can see quite a few timeline potentials rolling out right now. I am choosing to place my energy and put my magic toward the one that feels the highest and best for me and for ALL. Some would call this ‘wishful thinking’ or ‘creating my own narrative’, yet, to me, that is exactly what we have the power to do!

As we embody our emotions and ALL aspects of ourselves, we connect back to the magic that we are capable of without denying the shadows within and no longer needing to go to battle with any aspects of ourselves or others.

Here is more about our parts work and Metasoul aspect integration process here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/parts

I have a whole heap of guided meditations to facilitate the inner journeying process to meet and connect and deepen with these parts of the inner family and soul aspects that are just waiting for love: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNmrHdaQSAvLiLpw1qSOmQE-tsqhGSAD3

Feels like the time to allow and accept the full range of our reactions. Becoming curious rather than condemning. Moving into self discovery rather than self judgement. Finding our places of resonance within and with others rather than vibrating in contention.

Connecting with Gaia reminds us of the catalytic nature of death and rebirth cycles that She is always and forever in surrender to. Gaia provides us with Ascension codes that support our ongoing growth pains and gains too. Sun codes also offer a wonderful infusion of sacred masculine trust and necessary action. Getting a balance of feminine/masculine energies right now as we move into the EQUInox tomorrow supports more balance inside between doing and being, which helps to navigate ALL this change going on!


Jelelle Awen

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