Negotiating The Soul’s Desires For Change

By Jelelle Awen


Your soul stirs, drawn forward by deep impulses. Like a magnet, your soul is drawn to the light, drawn to love, drawn to growth, drawn to inner transformation that arises then in external manifestation. Your soul wants to move out of suffering and into LOVE, even as the ‘suffering’ is held as a necessary ground of growth until it is time to let it go.

This soul draw is PURE and connected to your higher self, the fractal of you from Divine Source, your Divine expression, your sacred human. This draw is resonance, that vibration of “yes!” that vibrates in true tones. This draw is compelling, it invites you to return to it over and over again.

The push and pull, the openings and closings…these are reactions in your 3D self, within parts of you that have learned to modulate desire and draw. These aspects hover over the aperture of your heart and soul; opening and closing, adjusting based on their perception of safety or comfort or fear of getting hurt again. This adjusting of the aperture can be largely unconscious to you and happens in seconds in reaction to many triggers.

Your soul negotiates, feeling compassion for the push and pull aspects of you. Your soul understands and feels with compassion the fear of change, the fear of being hurt again, the fear of rejection, the fear of re-union because there might be more loss that comes, the fear of the unknown. Self love and compassion in response to the fear is what heals the fear, this your soul knows and remembers.

With loving negotiation, the parts of you that are in fear can move into love and trust. This I have witnessed in myself and others over and over…….when fear is held with connection to it, with desire to understand, with TRUE and PURE compassion for self and others then it can let go INTO love and so becomes love.

Yesterday, during a spaceholding session with a beautiful soul, we could feel together how all of the life changes she had made very quickly had moved her toward her soul and were inspired by her soul’s awakening. Yet, there was a part of her that was still ‘shifting through the rumble’ of her old life. Ah, it was so tender to see and feel this part of her who was now ‘homeless’ and in shock in response to so much abrupt change. This part was definitely oriented toward 3D life, and yet, had so many soul gifts to offer her too! I invited her to connect with and feel compassion toward this part of her, to ‘collect’ it from the rumble site and give this part love so that it could lean into trust with her (the higher self frequency that comes through when we ‘separate’ from the fusion). We also felt that any future changes and shifts in her life could be negotiated with this part of her so that less shock would occur and more acceptance.

Life, the Divine, the Universe, Gaia, your soul family, your soul mates, your own soul desires and awakenings will invite you into making changes and going into the unknown. At first, it may be primarily motivated by getting relief from suffering and yet, also it will be motivated more and more by experiencing more LOVE. To bring the push-pull aspects of yourself WITH you is to consciously connect with these energies inside of yourself. Not to make wrong resistance and fear, yet to feel it and love it is what moves it and heals it.

In SoulFullHeart, we offer space holding sessions that create beautiful room and space for this exploration. From roots to wings, integrating the ‘this life’ emotional reactions and feelings and woundings with the soul frequencies, karmic playouts, soul gifts of other lifetimes, galactic selves, higher self expression, etc. is the space that we template and create with you and that you experience on your own more and more. It’s a beautiful thing!

The soul will stir, desire, be drawn….it is ‘peeking through’ in some form of expression in ALL of us. The degree it can vibrate and express AS you is related to how you navigate its desires and longings and draws and the resistances that come up.

Jelelle Awen is an ascending teacher into 5D consciousness, Divine guide-scribe, and co-creator/teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information and inspiration.