You Are Arising: Message On Women’s Day W/The Magdalenes

Message on International Women’s Day from the Magdalenes with free gift below! ~

Dearest Woman,

You are arising….from the seeds of your sacred humanity, in feminine form, does your little bud grow into full blossom. Watered by self love, self worth, self connection…your flowers of soul and heart open wide, open UP, releasing the mysterious scents and displaying the vibrant colors of your woman-ness. This organic growth process happening often without your witnessing or tracking, spring-loaded.

You are arising….from the deep sleep of not being seen or heard or recognized in your authentic feminine powerful leadership, now BEing woken up to your soul purpose here. Transitioning from your slumbering sleeping beauty state to your co-leading reign with your beloved mate OR alone as solo Queen for a phase. Your slumber has been necessary, yet so painful at times, I know, and I have been compassionate witness to it ALL.

You are arising….from the letting go of mirrors within in relationships that no longer reflect your awakening self. BEing real about how you FEEL in these unions, especially those formed from previous genetic bonds, soul agreements that may be complete, and karmic binds that you no longer need. Moving on with love and grace from these bonds while keeping your heart open, yet your soul, heart, body, and mind desires for transaction clear.

You are arising….from the tears of your inner child being felt finally and the little daughter within you receiving a mothering from you and from the Divine Feminine Mother. Your awakening woman maturing through connection with the undigested trauma of those past thens….moments that still exist in the now of your emotional body that are assimilating into you. You are ripening into your emotional maturity as you integrate the ageless wisdoms and gifts of your soul.

You are arising….from the remembering of your galactic origins and tastes of your Star being roots. You are speaking the languages of these heritages, every syllable creating a wave form connection beaming out from your crystalline throat and your cosmic heart. There is something ancient here and beyond time too, in the NOW you are merging with your Star being aspects to infuse higher dimensional frequencies into your human one to arise into a sacred human in feminine form.

You are arising….from the essence of your purpose to serve love as you align your life to this calling. You are transitioning from DOing things as your means of drawing livelihood to BEing service of love in ALL moments. Receiving and responding to the gifts from the Universe and Divine Source that come as you serve love and let go of ‘hows’. The mind cannot be certified to serve love nor the remembrance of your soul gifts come from traditional learning or the previous self-image-based ways, yet you gain access to it as you become and open up to it with your genuine and humble desire to serve love.

You are arising….I so support this process and I am HERE to be with you in it ALL…the blooming, the growing, the speaking, the receiving, the responding, the giving, the serving, the being. I am here with so much love for you to offer a template of new sacred woman for you to lean into as my Divine frequencies blend with your human ones. You draw the form of me that you most need and can resonate with.

Dearest woman…you are arising!! Claiming the love that you ARE and so becoming it too during this time of Re-Union and Re-membering. So much love to you from me to me and with you!

In love,
The Magdalenes with Jelelle Awen
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Celebration Of Sacred Femininity Poem

By Jelelle Awen


A writing in CELEBRATION of International Women’s Day, sacred femininity, and all of us souls who choose the form of femininity for which to express our humanity AND the inner feminine inside of us ALL…….

Sacred femininity is unknown.

It is arising. It is mysterious.

It can wait to be noticed and it can draw.

It can be so deeply still and it can be beautifully active.

It is contrasts and paradoxes.

It lets love lead, trusting that the rest will follow.

It is open to being watered by the frequencies of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Mother, in whatever forms that She comes.

It is healing that from the soul’s history which blocks the current flow of love in relationships with others, self, and the Divine…..


Sacred femininity is invitational.

Sacred femininity invites the hearts of others out to dance, out to play, and out to be in love.

It transacts with openness and vulnerability, eager for every moment to be real and meaningful, whether it is light or it is deep.

It is willing to feel what needs to be felt and accepts that which is both in light and in shadow.

It aches for union, to be connected, and to see itself through LOVE transacting in resonant relationships…..


Sacred femininity is desire.

It is the rush of orgasm and the joy of afterglow that comes from heart open sexuality with self or with a beloved mate.

It is expressed in the physical with a softness that is visible in body, audible in voice, and in touch – gentle at times and passionate at other times.

It is natural and real.

It is beyond the images of physical perfection and is not found in the chemicals and products that cover and make over.

It is beautiful in all its expressions, in all its ages, and ALL its packages.


Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc