The Healing Gifts of Our Relationship to the Feminine: Kings of Heart Blog Series

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Today is International Women’s Day.  It felt fitting to feel into the Sacred Feminine for this blog series.  Now, of course, in the world of the Sacred Masculine, everyday is Women’s Day, and vice versa. It is a reverence that just IS.  It resonates and harmonizes with the feminine inside the masculine.  It is clear that the 3rd dimensional matrix upon Earth (I use Gaia for its 5D reference) is that of a patriarchal energy. While else would there be a day to celebrate women?  It feels important to let in what the feminine means for all of us males, and to feel where our personal shadow may be in relationship to Her.  

Since our “fall” from a more balanced union with the feminine there has been a force within the collective wounded masculine that has sought to dominate the feminine in one form or another. It has showed up in personal/social relationships, religious texts or their interpretations, the need to gain control over nature and consume Her resources.  In this I feel a deep fear of separation.  The feminine had a much stronger connection to Source, possibly due to their ability to give birth.  It just understands creation and is a vehicle for that in a much more visceral way.  I can feel this existential territory the collective masculine has navigated.  In this fear of the unknown and unknowable, of which the feminine is so intimate, it seems likely that this need to control would play itself out.  It also feels true that the masculine was more influenced by these darker energies and that this “influence” was coded into the DNA/meme of the masculine blueprint.  Again, playing here, but something feels true here. The main point to me feels like, as men who have more of the masculine energies in us, that we are a part of that coding and it has influence.  

To truly ascend into what we are calling our Sacred Humanity we must feel any blocks or denser energies that can anchor us into 3D, or wounded densities.  Our relationship to women is  psychospiritual and has many gifts even in the shadow.  By going inward (I call in going “yin”) and feeling the parts of us that hold more “negative” feelings about women, rooted in our relationship to mother and other important influences, we can begin to see what lurks in the background operating system of our projections.  Our mothers/female care-givers hold a huge part of that reflection.  What was the dynamic between mother and son and how does it play out in our current relationships and perception of the Divine Feminine?  I know it is a bit Freudian but it is extremely important.  I don’t feel it can be glossed over in regard to ascension.  

The era we find ourselves is requiring us to inhabit a more Feminine frequency.  We can not control this thing.  It is a surrender to Love Spirit that cannot be contained but seeks a container to move with and through. That is tough knuckles for the wounded masculine energy that wants to control and issue its own parameters.  I feel it in my being as the days progress.  I am still working with it on some level as the Light is shining more on what needs healing.  That is why I am being guided write this.  But the gift of going in and feeling our relationship the feminine we are given the gifts and guidance needed to make our way into our more natural expression as a Sacred Masculine Human.  

We are blessed with the ability to dance in the unknown and the aliveness that that brings to our present experience of life.  We are opened in our hearts to let in more of this exquisite love juice that in lapping up on our shores every second of infinity.  We are delivered into union with Her impeccable sensuality and sexuality as a portal to the All That Is that kareens this magical energy all up and down our chakras.  We see with heart eyes with reverence for all of life in all its bountiful and beautiful expressions both of, and outside, this world.  There is an unlimited capacity of imagination and creation that sends beyond the machinations of our limited consciousness.  She is the Queen to our King.  
Gaia is looking for her Kings of Heart to arise out of the necessary ashes of 3D and embody the truly majestic essence of our being.  We need to do our due diligence of feeling all there needs to feel in relationship to Her and the Feminine.  There is a correlate in woman as well, but I will leave that to my feminine counterparts for that discussion.   I will be touching upon more about our inner feminine in later posts as they arise.  As always I appreciate any constructive comments or ideas that you may have about this that I will take into my heart.  I am exploring this with an open heart and I don’t claim to have any definitive truths.  I feel the heart says it all and is willing to feel more.  Thank you for taking this in today and a special Love shower to all the women, feminine etheric/galactic BEings, Gaia, and Divine Mother on this day.  I am in awe and reverence of YOU.  

Gabriel Heartman is a teacher, facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  You can learn more about him at

Celebration Of Sacred Femininity Poem

By Jelelle Awen


A writing in CELEBRATION of International Women’s Day, sacred femininity, and all of us souls who choose the form of femininity for which to express our humanity AND the inner feminine inside of us ALL…….

Sacred femininity is unknown.

It is arising. It is mysterious.

It can wait to be noticed and it can draw.

It can be so deeply still and it can be beautifully active.

It is contrasts and paradoxes.

It lets love lead, trusting that the rest will follow.

It is open to being watered by the frequencies of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Mother, in whatever forms that She comes.

It is healing that from the soul’s history which blocks the current flow of love in relationships with others, self, and the Divine…..


Sacred femininity is invitational.

Sacred femininity invites the hearts of others out to dance, out to play, and out to be in love.

It transacts with openness and vulnerability, eager for every moment to be real and meaningful, whether it is light or it is deep.

It is willing to feel what needs to be felt and accepts that which is both in light and in shadow.

It aches for union, to be connected, and to see itself through LOVE transacting in resonant relationships…..


Sacred femininity is desire.

It is the rush of orgasm and the joy of afterglow that comes from heart open sexuality with self or with a beloved mate.

It is expressed in the physical with a softness that is visible in body, audible in voice, and in touch – gentle at times and passionate at other times.

It is natural and real.

It is beyond the images of physical perfection and is not found in the chemicals and products that cover and make over.

It is beautiful in all its expressions, in all its ages, and ALL its packages.


Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc