Golden Earth Is Waiting For You

By Jelelle Awen


There is a world beyond the current one where things such as politics, greed, and war do not exist…it is this Golden Earth world that our hearts know is possible and our soul remembers…

We can invite others to join us in this Golden Earth and experience it ourselves in moments as our self worth and self love rises. As our connection with the Divine deepens. As our sense of being Infinite Love increases. As we surround ourselves with others who resonate and feel us deeply.

This Golden Earth is waiting for you and it lives already in your heart and soul.

The journey to it is through your shadow, your pain, and your suffering.

The journey to it is guarded by protective parts of you that are afraid for you to increase your frequency because they have been conditioned to fear love by a fear-based culture. These parts of you are afraid for you to feel too much of your woundings because they don’t want you to suffer even more.

The journey to it requires guides that can walk with you through your shadow land to reach the place where the golden rays of love rain down on you and emanate from you.

The journey to it invites you to risk the known for the unknown; to let go in order to let in; and to be dedicated in all ways to serve love for yourself, others, Gaia, and the Divine.

The journey to it is ultimately embracing the realization that you ARE it and that, in this way, you are already there.


Jelelle Awen is co-creator, facilitator, and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. For more about our awakening process that leads to experiencing Golden Earth life visit

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