The EnLIGHTENment Of The Heart

This morning I was feeling what Enlightenment means to me. In the past, I felt it as a goal or achievement. A state free from the suffering I was in. I focused on the Mind as the causation of my depression and anxiety. I meditated daily, went for long hikes in nature, and read many books.

Yet, in the formidable background, there was a voice that wouldn’t go away. An ache that made me feel everything I was ‘doing’ was a cover-up. A smoke-screen from really doing the one thing I was avoiding, and that was ‘feeling’. All the books, hikes, and words could not subvert the feeling.

After going into the emotional body for the past 8 years (not everyday, mind you), I have realized Enlightenment to mean something else at the moment. For me the key word is ‘Lighten’. To make, or be, less heavy. That is rooted in the Heart.

The Heart holds the Akashic Record of our wounded and sacred humanity. We can use the Mind to take us to the places we got hurt, got rejected, experienced the trauma of ‘not-love’. It is there we can offer the salve of Love to help heal, release, and transmute the pain, the experience of separation back into the Lightness of Being.

…The Lightness Of Being. Yeah. That is what Enlightenment means to me at the moment. The freedom to Be. To Express. To Create. To Partake and Enjoy. It is from this enLIGHTENed place that I can best feel and serve the ‘cries of the world’. The Darkness that needs us to be grounded in this Lightness of Being so we don’t go down with it, but lift it up and out of the Shadow, both individually and collectively.

I am now more free to explore more of my mental and spiritual enlightenment without it bypassing the emotional body. As long as I am human there is more ‘work’ to do, but now it is rooted in more joy and essence. That is what I have really been seeking this life. Maybe that is what you have been really seeking as well.

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You Are Already Enlightened

By Raphael Awen

In a higher sense, you are already as enlightened as you’ll ever be.

The challenge we all face (as well as chose) is becoming aware and fluid with that enlightenment on an everyday level.

In other words, we chose the journey to enlightenment because we already had (and never lost) the destination.

If that’s true, then all the resistances that you and I face in our awakening journey are all sacred and even very necessary.

It’s quite apparent that deep in our soul source history, that as love, we became something like bored and lonely in being in a total bliss state, where there existed no duality, nothing to choose, and nothing and no other to relate with.

Love had it all and wanted more.

That may be the truest thing still true about you and I today. We had it all, we still do, and yet, we want more.

Doesn’t that start to explain our detours in our addictions, our journey in self-help, our hunger for God, our conflicting belief systems, as well as our yearnings for more healthy attachments?

In other words (again), like creative children, we made up the coolest game together. Can you imagine all the creative ideas flying around? “Let’s individuate okay? There’ll be male and female, galaxy upon galaxy, infinity (why not?!), all manner of BEings, better throw in duality and even evil, …what else, oh, we must forget the reality we came from, or the whole game falls apart, and then we can slowly awaken, feeling everything as we go, so then when we reach the destination, the one that we are now leaving, we will have changed it into something magically so much more. We won’t be bored or lonely anymore, and the rest, we’ll discover and make up as we go.”

I believe we all signed off on such a game. I believe this is what you and I are living in every day in this dimension we call life.

Everyone of us alive on Gaia at this time of population explosion wanted to be in on this moment. We thought nothing of camping overnight on a sidewalk to get first in line for this grand opening event that is culminating in this moment in this setting. A camp chair, a sleeping bag and a tent, a water bottle, and you’re good to go. The rest comes as it comes.

My wealth is not that I have it all. My wealth is in my neediness, that there are places in me that yet feel like they lost it all. I get to bridge to those aspects of my being. I get to bring every resistant, lost and traumatized part of my BEing, from this timeline and other lifetimes into this dawning love and light of day.

That’s where the magic is.

As for my need for purpose and engagement, I get to be about helping others who are seeking help make their similar journey of personal awakening, which is totally connected to the collective awakening.

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Readiness For Awakening To Love

by Kalayna Colibri

There’s a readiness for receiving pure love even if you feel unready… even if parts of you feel like some other condition has to be met on the inside or outside because this is what they’ve been taught to believe about love.

It’s actually in feeling the vulnerability of not being ‘ready’ for it that most invites it in.

Love is Ascension… and Ascension IS love.

You’re enough… your parts are enough. Even in their struggles to feel like they are ‘good’. Even in their contention and resistance to where your awakening and Ascension journey wants to take you next.

You can always receive love. You can always dive in and find the opening inside that can even let just a smidge of it in right now.

Love is actually what we live and breathe. It is the plasma of life around us in our atmosphere. It is the ground in which we grow our food. It is the warm blanket we wrap ourselves in for comfort and the clothes we choose to put on our backs or offer for the backs of others.

Attainment and deep awakening looks and smells different for everyone. It’s not meant to be uniform. It’s not meant to be expected or prepared for. It’s all about returning to love consciousness and how it lives, breathes and expresses in our shadow and light. In the positive and negative. In the masculine and feminine. In polarities of emotions and matrices of consciousness.

We can’t know our next place of deep movement back into love… but we can definitely let in that this unknown is the ride and journey of it and let in the surprise of how it moves in our lives next. ❤️

Much love! 🌹


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In These Moments Of Enlightening Mind, Awakening Soul, And Enlovening Heart

By Jelelle Awen


In these moments, your heart opens and whatever IS in that moment…it IS enough. MORE than enough. It is overwhelming actually, when its true essence is seen and felt by your heart.

The love ALREADY in your life through what your soul has so bravely chosen is overwhelming when let in more deeply. You could spend the rest of this life letting in more deeply what you already have and already ARE and still have MORE to let in.

In these moments, the filter raises and the essence of everything arises and dissipates. It is no longer whatever ‘name’ and ‘label’ it has been given, yet, rather magic in the form of energy. Nothing is ordinary or flat or common. Nothing is solid and static. It is ALL alive, pulsating, and constantly shifting. It is not actually the fear energies to which it might temporarily cling, but always sourced in and returning to love.

In these moments, the identities lift and the names, occupations, stories dissolve too. You are free then to BE beyond the labels, judgements, and boxes of five sense reality filtering. You have shed the false skins of your 3D conditioning. In those moments, you are bare flesh experiencing bare reality.

These moments of enlightening mind, enlovening heart, and awakening soul are the WHY of your incarnation here during this era of great ascension. These moments are a motivation and reminder of why you go into your own shadows to reveal the gifts they hide; why you go through death and rebirth and letting go of what no longer serves your expression as love.

Your enlightening mind is expanding beyond all it has been taught, conditioned in, and learned. You are seeking out resources to continue the re-education, the remembering of soul kNOWledge that goes much beyond the logical and rational boxes you may have previously felt trapped in.

Your enlovening heart is opening beyond the barriers and protections that it has needed in order to be around other defended hearts. You are increasingly choosing intimacy….with yourself, with others in relationships that allow an open hearted love flow based on compassion, respect….bonding but not binding, freedom.

Your awakening soul is spreading its angelic wings, unfurling beyond the limits of 3D reality. You are remembering you have stardust in your DNA and angels as ancestors and aspects too. Your multidimensional soul can live in your highest timeline even as it is fully present to your now.

These moments provide the juice and motivation to keep going, keep awakening, keep opening, and keep feeling. As you align your life more and more to your Divine service of love purpose here, so you experience these moments more and more AS your life and yourself as the Infinite Love in human form that you ARE.


This writing was inspired by re-reading my book, Keep Waking Up! about awakening journeys I experienced (kundalini, non-dual, Archon/Matrix reality, star BEings, travels to Avalon and Golden Earth/New Earth/5D, etc.) during an intense phase in 2015 on a remote, off-grid ranch here in Mexico. I am reminded reading it how these experiences greatly inspired and are the basis for all of my current writings and teachings. You can purchase it on our website here and my other book as well, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder:


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‘Master, What Must I Do In Order To Ascend?’


By Raphael Awen

The Student asked the teacher ‘Master, what must I do in order to ascend?’

The teacher replied ‘The entire universe is ascending all on its own super intelligence. You need only sit on your ass and do absolutely nothing and you will be most sure to ascend’.

The student paused long enough to suggest to the teacher that he had respectfully pondered his reply, and then came back with another question ‘Master, I have done nothing at times and I find myself plagued with boredom. Can you tell me how I might avoid boredom?’

The teacher again responded forthrightly ‘You must act upon all of your desires. Find out what you really want and pursue that to your heart’s desire. This is why you are here. Boredom is simply your heart calling out to you to pursue what you want’.

Now, the student was perplexed at the opposite advice given to him inside of minutes from the same teacher. He truly pondered much longer this time and then in deeper reverence for both himself and the teacher, he asked ‘Master, you have advised me contrarily for my 2 wishes. For my desire to ascend, you have told me there is nothing I can do, and for my desire to avoid boredom, you have told me that I must act on what I desire. Can you help me reconcile this difference so I will truly know peace?’

The teacher replied curtly, ‘Had I known it was peace you sought, I would have sent you on your way and not have advised you at all.’

The student edging towards being offended, said ‘But Master, can you explain this to me? Isn’t peace of mind and heart what we all seek and need?’

The Master turned and made deep eye contact with the student this time, paused to the point of becoming uncomfortable, and then replied ‘If it is peace you seek, you are of no value to me. I have long let go of my expectation for perfect peace, and instead live in the honest tension of what I really want and what I don’t yet have. This is the only kind of enlightenment that I am aware of that is available to be had. I find myself ascending and my deepest needs getting met by being around people who want desperately to have fun; who are not at peace without it; and who have accepted that this is truly the funnest fun.’

The student took this in deeply and in the space opened out by the teacher’s words and heart, he again found his tongue and said ‘You have blown my mind today, but so opened wide my heart. Can you tell me how I might live my way into more of this kind of enlightenment you speak of, Master?’

The teacher replied ‘Yes, you must now become your own Master. You are your own sovereign establishing your own heart kingdom. You have no one to report to or to surrender to, but yourself, as well as no one to blame for the outcomes of your life. If you have fun, it is up to you. If you are bored, it is up to you.’

‘Thank you…’ replied the student, stopping himself just short of adding the word ‘Master’.

The teacher replied ‘And just one more thing before you go…’

‘Yes’ answered the humbled student.

‘Stop asking teachers for their answers as a way to deflect from taking responsibility for your own life, and to deflect from owning your own truth. If you continue this practice, you will most surely not ascend any time soon, and it will be boring as the prisons of hell itself’ added the teacher for good measure.

The student knew to pause here, nod, rather than speak his acknowledgment and to go on his way.

Raphael Awen
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REALLY Showing Up For What YOU REALLY Want.


By Raphael Awen

What would YOU show up for in life, REALLY show up for, given the opportunity?

Asking the first question leads to second one that goes something like this ‘Well, I know I have it in me to REALLY show up for something, but I know myself enough to know that I would only REALLY show up for something heart and soul, ALL IN, if it REALLY called to me,…so what then is it that I REALLY want?’

Awesome QUESTion! What IS it that YOU…REALLY… WANT?

The entire universe literally awaits your answer to that question. The next great literature of the world will be written from your ‘literalizing’ of this quest and question inside of you.

To enter this quest, and have life and love as your SPONSOR giving YOU all you need to undertake this quest depends upon your literalizing of this offer that life and love are extending to you. Life can offer and even offer inspiration, but it cannot go beyond that, or it would be diminishing your power and learning. What’s more, rescuing YOU in this way of choosing for you would kill the fun and adventure that YOU signed up for as well. Life sees YOU in an exciting and ‘funnest-fun’ kind of adventure. This of course appeals to all of us, from the part of us who may only be seeking a bit of medicative distraction from boredom, all the way to the part of us wanting to blow the doors off of our limited life picture who resonates at a deep soul level with these words.

My truth is that for everyone of us, if we are here and breathing, that breath itself is alive with opportunity that is calling to us, and it is calling us on an EPIC level to step into our next pieces. Only YOU can know what that is even if it’s just a sniff of your next step. The YOU-ni-verse is in that sniff. Until there is action on that sniff, YOU are actually telling the universe and your guides that YOU aren’t ready to move. YOU are using your sovereign power of your sovereign being to ‘decide, decree and declare’ to the universe and all of its subjects that YOU will be remaining where YOU are…that you’re not REALLY going to be showing up for anything.

So I ask again, what would YOU show up for in life, REALLY show up for, given the opportunity?

Can you see here that the question isn’t any longer about the ‘given the opportunity’ part? That was just a ruse coming from the part of YOU bent on staying stuck, making it look like that owning your power was predicated upon an outside chance opportunity coming your way, as if it wasn’t staring you in the face, impatiently waiting. Life itself IS the opportunity.

I’ve wrestled with this QUESTion time and time again. This one, you and I won’t ever actually ever fully get. You are an infinite being on an infinite exploration. THAT’S MAGICAL! You’re not going to run out of excitement, engagement and ‘next pieces’ if you take up this offer life is extending you. It will call upon every emerging ounce of your courage as you know it. Surprisingly though, you ‘blowing your wad’ on courage, going all in, won’t deplete your courage, but en-courage you to take on the next piece, and the next one after that.

If you see a next piece together with me, or with SoulFullHeart, that’s exciting to me! I’m out today sniffing my next pieces to REALLY show up for. If you are a man reading this, I’d like to offer you, from my universe, a possible ‘next piece’ in the Men’s Group Call on the Sacred Masculine coming up this Saturday that I’m leading along with Gabriel Heartman (details below). This in itself is a portal into a new world. Yes, there are many to choose from, but nothing moves in your kingdom or mine until choice occurs. But when it does,… watch out!

Your choice and a donation of any amount gets YOU in this sacred space with Gabriel and I and the rest of the MEN wanting to REALLY show up for themselves. I’m REALLY in if you are! 🙂

Here’s the men’s call event:

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Love Finding Its Way As You

By Jelelle Awen


Love opens up vistas of possibilities in every moment, each new curve and turn offering the Infinite Unknown….

The stumbling, crawling, fighting and purging…it is WORTH it as love’s embrace helps you find your way to your inner home.

The filters gone, the blinders off, the light shone on the dark…you can feel the miracle in the Now.

Completions and endings bring new beginnings, letting go allowing for more letting in….

This enlovenment, enlightenment, awakening of SELF, claiming of YOU creates a life filled with magical inner landscapes….

This ascending, growing, changing creates a life filled with not what you have known, but what you are BECOMING, more and more, as love finds its way AS YOU….

I love you…keep going! Keep being! Keep loving!

Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

Embodiment of the Multidimensional Self and 5D Reality Experience Of Experience

By Jelelle Awen
I am moving from a ‘me’ to a ‘we’, a more merged consciousness, a more multidimensional consciousness. A consciousness that is not in a particular time but is responding from ALL times and many different soul aspects AT ONCE. I am experiencing more moments where there is no personality there or orientation to previous personality that I have ‘known’ or can be ‘known’. “Jelelle” is really then a waveform sound that others can use to delineate the physical me that shows up in front of them or what they experience as my essence. I let go of my birth name awhile ago so there is no longer much association with names as an identity.
I am experiencing more and more moments where my soul essence is responding in the NOW with love and NO reactivity. Most of my moments are like this now in the now. There is no longer pain or suffering or being triggered by others, although I am open to this if it comes up. This is not unexpected as it is what I have been consciously awakening and enlightening toward for many years. The subpersonality or parts differentiation process that I have very consciously and very diligently engaged with has brought me to this ‘place’ more and more with so many layers of persona being integrated and dissolved away essentially.
For many years, I was tracking my reactivity with much focus, connecting my reactions to whatever part or aspect that I was connecting with at the time, feeling deeply whatever there was to feel. This heightened sense of self consciousness and awareness is what allowed me to sort and experience what was ME in my soul essence and what was ME in conditioned personality. What had been formed in response to conditioning versus what WAS me as a soul or higher self. The energy that these aspects of me held that anchored me to the past, to past woundings and hurts, to past formations of personality and reactivity and pain are essentially GONE now.
In place of this energy anchored to the past is now space for my multidimensional soul frequencies, galactic frequencies, to come in from the stars and from other lifetimes. With this multidimensionality comes the feelings that all of my experiences are ‘new’ as seen through the eyes and felt through the hearts of these soul aspects that are in much higher vibrational frequencies than what we feel here on Gaia. Yet, also, these aspects are VERY interested in what we experience as duality here, the edges that rub, the tastes, the sounds, the pleasures of the body, especially as felt through a healing heart and enlightened emotional body. These aspects of me are ‘dropping in’ now as there is more space in me for them. They are enjoying very much what they are experiencing through me and me through them. We are merging together and it is blissful, magical, and a feeling of deep RE-union with my soul. And, it is still very grounded to Gaia and inside of my body, not floaty at all, based in the heart.
This is challenging to write about honestly as the linear language of one word after another doesn’t work well to describe and transmit the energy of this kind of multidimensional experience of experience. To exchange this energy in voice and in person is much better, so you can feel it for yourself what it is that I am embodying and what you may feel drawn to embody. I offer spaces for this to happen if you desire for it to and it is what is next for you; through sessions, through our group calls, soon through in person immersion visits with us here in Puerto Vallarta, and a retreat later this year. Visit for more information. We want to offer spaces for you to experience this experience of multidimensional experience, we can call it 5D that is fine….spaces for you to experience it and remember, not just in writing but in energy exchange.
I feel it is where we are ‘headed’ as a species, to this more merged consciousness beyond personality where we are still an individual soul spark of consciousness. We are then both experiencing the non-dual nature of life AND the dualistic nature in the same moment. We have separated them out as that is what we tend to do from our overly dualistic focus place. Yet, to me and for me, they merge and the non-dual nature of our reality and of Divine Source HOLDS all experience of experience, including the dualistic frequencies.
It feels important to say that I did not open out or awaken or remember to this place of consciousness through bypassing my emotions or transcending them. I went into them and therefore through them. I am discovering (as are my beloveds on this path too) that there are more efficient ways to be in this, a sort of quantum healing way to be with the pain body, and more processes and methods are being offered to us in SoulFullHeart to share with you in the future. I have happily been a bush whacker of sorts, clearing the weeds and one of the paths. One of the methods is by being in immersion with us here, in our daily lives, in Puerto Vallarta, for as long as fits in your lifestyle. To be around this enlightened consciousness is to feel how it lives in you already and IS you already and it is just a process of remembering.
There IS an experience of experience beyond personality, beyond reactivity, beyond suffering, beyond pain, beyond negativity, beyond duality and WITH duality at the same time. I offer this to you as a remembrance that lives in you already and is ‘spring-loaded’ to BECOME you again. This is not an EASY path though as there is SO MUCH to unremember, so much to let go of, so much to say ‘NO’ to in the personality-based life you have created as you say ‘YES’ to your soul essence in expression. In my experience, these changes and letting go process are negotiable and always happen at a rate and pace that you can bear.
I cannot sell you on this process nor do I want to. Your higher self feels if it is your moment to claim it and if you are meant to walk it out and remember. I can offer you, with integrity, that this IS possible, what you dream is possible in terms of HOW you experience your life, yet, it is a continual, moment by moment choice of what IS your essence and to let go of what is NOT.
I feel a reaching out to you from beyond the personality, to your higher self, and feel us embracing together and remembering each other, seeing each other beyond the personality and name and identity….feeling each others as SOULS. I have felt many of you ‘in my field’ and even had some higher self conversations with some of you who wanted them. I am ready if you are ready. I am here if you are here as are my beloveds too. Where do you want to go together? The soul is limitless and the explorations profoundly unlimited too. Love is limitless and Infinite and wants you to remember that you are THIS too.
Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

Everyone Is A Channel: Conversations With Archangel Metatron

By Jelelle Awen

Flower Of Life

We are sitting in the courtyard in front of the Akashic Library. The courtyard is surrounded by trees, grass, and flowers. Everything is incased in a golden light, the perfect lighting that I recognize from higher dimensional frequencies as the visible light spectrum expands beyond what we experience in third dimensional or 3D reality. Archangel Metatron is ‘sitting’ next to me yet I still can’t look directly at him for too long as his frequency is so high and intense.

He is pure white light. He is presenting himself to me in his grandfather form, long white hair and long white beard. He knows that it is comforting to me and easier for me to take in his teachings when he is in this form. What his actual form is (way up in the 12th dimension) feels like would be impossible for me to even imagine or resonate with.

He wants me to be as current and transparent as possible in sharing with you what he is teaching me. The floods of information and teachings coming from Archangel Metatron are quite full in the moment. He wants me to claim it as him and to be more comfortable with offering myself as a channel of his and where my teachings are originated from as an aspect of my higher self embodiment process.

“Everyone is a channel,” he says to me as we ‘sit’ on a bench in front of a particular stunning tree that looks like an Oak tree but doesn’t feel like one as it is emanating a very strong rainbow colored aura. “Every soul has the capacity to channel and bring forward energies of higher dimensional beings such as archangels, spirit guides, ascended teacher frequencies. You are ALL sourced from It, so of course you can channel It.”

“I have about five questions that I want to ask you about that, Metatron, but I’ll start with this one. What do you mean when you say that we are sourced from It?”

He shows me an image of the Flower Of Life (image attached to this post), sacred geometry, for which I am becoming more familiar recently. He communicates to me in the form of shapes sometimes and especially during energy healing can use triangles, tetrahedrons, or his cube to move through my auric field to clear it out.

“The Flower Of Life is found in all major religions in the world in some form, the story of creation. Google it if you need to know more about its history,” he says, with humor in his voice. One of Metatron’s favorite expressions seems to be, “Google it!” He seems to find the Internet an amusing and amazing source of information and so it is.

“Anyway, the Flower of Life shows how everything originates from the center point. This center point has been called the Void, the Nondual, Big Bang, many others things. I like to call it Divine Source. Divine Source is All That Is Ever Has Been and Ever Will Be. And it is also No-Thing At All. It is Infinite Love, Infinite Awareness, and Infinite Possibilities.”

“I can feel the resonance here as this is what I have been feeling for awhile that each of us ARE Infinite Love in our essence and that awakening is about remembering this,” I say.

“Yes,” he nods at me in happy agreement. “You’ve had an intuition about this provided to you by your higher self and connecting with higher dimensional guides like me. You’ve had tastes of this Infinite Love essence in moments as you raise your vibrational frequency and mostly because of your work to heal your emotional pain body. The emotional pain body, which is created out of traumas experienced in third dimensional or 3D reality, is the biggest drag on your and everyone’s consciousness ascension.”

I’m starting to feel dizzy with all the questions I have and also because what he is offering validates my own focus and the work I offer to others through SoulFullHeart. Before I can respond or ask a question, he continues on:

“Let’s go back to the Flower of Life and my origin story, shall we? So, Divine Source is the source of all existence, which you can see demonstrated graphically in the Flower Of Life. Its energy pulses and surges in a very high dimensional space, you could call it the 13th dimension if you wish. I like the number 13 for many reasons, so we’ll use that. You can feel Divine Source, yet you cannot have a relationship with it as it has no duality or relationality.”

“Divine Source decided at some point that it wanted to experience different fractals of itself and, also, that it was bored,” he says. “Maybe not bored, but definitely I get the feeling that It wanted something to witness and live through. It wanted to get to know itself through a different expression than Its vast Infinite Love-ness. So, it created some first degree fractals of itself. These are the archangels, like me. Archangels are ‘tasked’ with holding back the intense energy frequencies of Divine Source. We act as pillars to contain the energy, hold it back for it would ‘wipe out’ all of creation if it came through. It is both great destroyer and great creator.”

“Ok, I see how that is represented on the Tree of Life as the first circle there,” I offer, pointing to the Tree of Life image that has appeared before us in the air.

“Divine Source then split off all Beings from the Archangels, just like the Flower Of Life shows. It is not a linear splitting off but rather a circling outwards, like shown here. In addition to the Archangels existence in the 12th dimension, we also respond to the heart cries and needs of all the fractals that split off after us. We can be in all places at all times as time and space are not real for us. We archangels are also what you been calling the Metasouls. Of course, I love that name, Metasoul, as it contains part of MY name and also because it perfectly captures the energy.”

What he is offering rumbles through me. Already, being a healer and teacher, I can feel how this perspective could serve people in their ascension process.

“Yes!” he exclaims. “You are already feeling the ramifications of what I am offering. Since all human beings originate from the 13 archangel Metasouls, you are fractals or projections from us. Therefore, you can learn a lot by identifying which archangel you most resonate with, connecting with us directly, and claiming your Metasoul origins connected to one of us. EVERY sentient being comes from one of the 13 Archangel Metasouls as every being comes from Divine Source. There may be others that could be considered archangels but let’s stick with 13 because, again, I like that number. Angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, are all higher dimensional fractals off of the 13 archangel Metasouls.”

“How does the higher self fit into this picture?” I ask.

“Your higher self is another fractal, a higher dimensional one, usually from the sixth dimension. It vibrates at a higher frequency from the 3D one that you live in and experience life from every day. Your higher self is a soul fractal deposit that you left in a higher dimension to guide you in your way. One key aspect of the ascension process is about raising your vibrational frequency to eventually embody your higher self consciously within your human body.”

“Ok, yes, I have been aware of that one for awhile now. I’m sure there is a connection here, but since you tend to be non-linear, I want to bring it back to the point for which we started, which was about channeling.”

“Yes, of course! Thank you for keeping me ‘on task’, Jelelle! Many souls have the capacity to channel higher being consciousness and ‘hear’ the messages. As I said, this is nothing special since ALL beings come from the Archangels and Divine Source ultimately. Yet, often, the person channeling these energies has to go unconscious to bring the energies through. Or their channeled messages sound and feel strange, not human like, and fewer of the relational tones of warmth and compassion. This is because their higher self is not embodied inside of them. Their human-based bridge to the higher dimensions, which is through a healthy heart, is blocked and clogged from pains and traumas.”

“You said earlier, Metatron, that healing the 3D emotional pain body is key to embodiment of the higher self because that raises the vibrational frequency enough for the higher self to come in. This is also what allows the channeling of higher dimensional beings and hearing their voice (clairaudience) and seeing them (clairvoyance), yes?”

“Yes, but also the integration of your Metasoul fractals (those fractals that split off from the same Archangel source) that exist across spans and eras of ‘time’ helps with raising vibrational frequency and embodiment of the higher self. As you have felt for awhile, Jelelle, it is both the healing of the heart AND the soul which leads to ascension, enlightenment, transformation, healing….whatever you want to call it.”

“This is the work we are doing in SoulFullHeart, yes, and you have been expanding that out lately with access to Metasoul portals in the Akashic library that we can access to connect with our soul legacy and other lifetimes. But that feels like a topic for another writing.”

“Yes,” he says, smiling his bright, bright LOVE grin at me. “There is much more to offer about the story of creation, the connection to Archangels, and Metasoul healing, but we’ll let what I’ve offered today go in for now. We don’t want to blow any fuses, do we?”

I am starting to feel a familiar pressure at the top of my head and third eye/forehead area which usually means that I am at the full point in terms of letting in new consciousness frequencies and ideas… does feel a bit like ‘blowing a fuse’ but in a good way.

We smile at each other as he begins to fade from my vision and I start to drift into the deeper sleep that allows for integration of these ideas into my BEing to be formed later into words to share with others.

To be continued…..


Jelelle Awen is an 5D ascension teacher, channeler, writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.






Separating From 3D self (ego), Healing From Other Lives During 5D Ascension Video

Raphael and Jelelle Awen having an expansive conversation about healing, awakening, life, love, service, working with aspects of self…..this new video captures the energy of that exchange as they digest recent shifts in our focus due to our own continual awakenings and realizations. If you have been curious or drawn to their energy through words, watching this video will offer more a sense of who they are and how they interact with each other. And, they talk about what sessions with facilitators and our SoulFullHeart process offers you to serve your awakening and ascension process. More about sessions, etc. at

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Spiritual teachers and soul mates Raphael and Jelelle Awen invite you into their living room during one of their thought provoking morning conversations together about healing, awakening, transformation, and ascension. In this video, they offer the importance of integrating soul and heart aspects of yourself (including the 3D self (ego) and aspects from other lifetimes who are still ‘alive’) through the process they offer called SoulFullHeart. They also discuss how Ethereal beings that we experience as ‘guides’ (angels, ascended masters, star beings, etc.) are also fragments or aspects of our soul and what they call the “Metasoul”. This identification and integration of these aspects during sessions with a SoulFullHeart facilitator allows for an increase in your vibrational frequency, heart vulnerability, soul awakenings, chakral openings, and overall experience of more joy, goodness, love, and higher consciousness filtering of life. You get to bring your sacred humanity ‘along with you’ as you experience higher and higher dimensional realities.