The Ways Our 3D/4D/5D ‘Selves’ Experience The World

by Kalayna Colibri


“I want to focus on how I look to others and try and control what they think of me. I want success and I want peace. The world is mostly black and white to me… ugly or beautiful, full or empty, alive or dead. What I want more than anything else is to be satisfied with life just as it is. And if I’m never quite ‘satisfied’, well, that’s okay. No one else seems to be living the life they really want to anyway! Why ‘take the road less travelled’ when this road is so paved and comfortable?” Says the 3D self that doesn’t think much about dreaming of more for itself, though the longing may be there for a different way to see itself and to experience life in a more expansive way. Yet, it finds contentment sometimes in simple content that doesn’t necessarily satisfy but does keep basic needs met at least. It is a simpler approach to life and one that less and less people are able to inhabit anymore these days.

“I want to fix and focus on the world outside of me… everything is falling apart or needs to fall apart. I can see the possibilities for the future and it all pretty much looks and feels like Hell. The world is anything but simple and it seems to be getting more complicated every day, with the lies that are told and the awful stances that most are taking! Wake up, world!!!” Says the 4D self, awakening more and more into an awareness of the turmoil, angst and outrageous circumstances in this world of ours. Feeling that everything happening on the outside is what needs addressing and that doing and battling is how to ‘win’. It is hard to feel satisfied by life in any way… or that there is much hope left for this world of ours.

“I want to keep going in, to find the parts that still need integrating. An act that changes the world within and can’t help but change the world with-out too! I have so much energy for it all… from where I am, the world does need help, and it IS moving toward something much better, much bigger, all on its own and also in tandem with all of those who are willing to go within. To me, there is not only hope available, but love has already won.” Says the ever-present (somewhere) 5D self that acts as more than a cheerleader for our growth and expansion, but also as a beacon, a reminder that life really can be good, that we really can heal, and that in the end, there is a much brighter way for us all to shine.

Multi-dimensional you, reading this… I’m willing to bet that you resonate with all three of these points of view, that each ‘self’ of your own is standing up, saying, ‘I totally get this!’. Every stage of awakening is sacred, and yes, you do likely move between these 3 ‘selves’ quite often, depending on triggers or what’s happening in your inner and outer worlds. The ways in which you see and feel the world is expanding, contracting, moving… sometimes from simple pleasures to hope, to despair, to grief, and then maybe back to joy and bliss again. There is so much to trust and feel in each moment of this. It is all finding its way… YOU are finding your way!

Some days it can feel like there is something intense going on within… different ‘selves’ trying to edge each other out to take centre stage and to get your attention, let alone the attention of those around you. Much is being shaken up within. Much is wanting air, breathing, movement. You’re on your way, even with each intense wave of feeling, doubting, hoping, loving.

There’s a way that the world outside of you wants to press on you to feel each of these ‘selves’ and the parts of you that they’re made of. The 5D self is more like a ‘no-self’ in a way, actually, with no parts, yet it is eager to create a greater, more loving container for the other parts of you. Sometimes it can feel like such a stretch to reach for these energies of expansive holding and high-vibe breathing that somehow gets to this place of loving and Divine frequencies without transcending or losing touch with the parts that need to be felt. To be able to live more in 5D is the dream for the near future and the invitation in the NOW too!

There is so much going on within you… and it is all somehow feeling its way, learning its way., finding its way to a greater centre inside of you that feels, trusts, knows that love has already won and so have YOU… ❤



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at


Growth By Choice


By Raphael Awen

The universe can never violate our free will, and make a choice for us, as it invites us into a fearful next step of our growth. It does seem however that while the universe can’t violate our free will, and force anything upon us, it does withdraw any support for us to prolong a path that it feels we are done with. In other words, the universe will not enable us to remain in a smaller place when it’s time for us to enter a larger expression of ourselves. Divine source feels where our higher self wants to go, while also feeling the parts of us in pain or anxiety over a given choice. It gently, patiently and yet firmly points us to our next steps.

I can say from personal experience that when I arrived at a surprising juncture of choice that would change my life profoundly, I was always given a sense and feeling of deep guidance and the time I needed to digest and integrate that guidance along with deep waves of love and support to where I could feel deeply held while the courage and clarity arose to act on that choice. This enabled me to consciously and groundedly walk out steps that would change my life forever.

I feel many of the people drawn to SoulFullHeart are at such junctures, particularly with men who are drawn to me for space-holding. And if I could speak to you directly, if that’s you, I feel to say I am ready if you are. I see a meeting room of some awesome architecture in the mountains that overlooks a wide space. I see your intentionality and mine creating a new ‘third thing’…a going on place into your true heart and soul growth and freedom.

I see you on another timeline, with the presenting ‘problem’ now fully behind you, and you asking yourself ‘So, now what?…now that this difficulty no longer defines and caps my life, my energy,….now what?’

I feel the universe inviting you into this question because if you can feel into it now, then you can tailor the steps you are taking with the end in mind from the outset. The end is here and available at the beginning, while the universe invites into the time and space walk-out of that choice to imbibe the growth and love into every cell of your being. It’s in feeling this end from the beginning where deep self love and support can flood your being!

Now, the timeline you are being invited into holds its deepest offer of love and growth vibrantly as it also feels with you the gravity of the loss you are also feeling. Only now are you enabled to choose and guide like the God-being you are. Only now are you enabled to fully feel the part of you for whom this loss will be profound. Only now does this deep change move in self loving ways that feel all that wants to be felt so the changes can healthily ground into your new life and timeline.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information and inspiration.

The Pearl Of Great Price


By Raphael Awen

All I need and want is found inside of me?

Who’d have guessed it was so stunningly simple?

Who’d have guessed all that external searching would have returned me to me in a great and tearful and fearful homecoming to my own heart?

All the gods and Gods of your own searching will only and ever bring you back to you to reclaim the majesty and sovereignty of your own heart.

Contrary to what you’ve heard, this actually IS a journey for the faint of heart. The universe of you had to wait for you to tire of other lovers who held your mesmerized attention intact until it could be safely returned to the unutterable greatness of you. Only as you come to this precipice of complete failure and exhaustion would you ever find what is needed to choose yourself. Only now will you find the courage to be truly and authentically no longer ‘faint of heart.’

Jesus spoke of the parable of a man who discovered a field in which was hidden a pearl of great price, who when he discovered that field, he went out and sold all that he had in order to purchase that field. That field is you. But in order to obtain you, you must sell all that stands between you and this ‘pearl of great price’ new version of you.

This means that all that exists in your current expression of your life is malleable (expendable) to what you really and truly want…you only and ever give away something lesser to obtain something greater, and you don’t need to do business with any other to obtain what is your birthright. Ultimately, you only will need to do business with yourself. This is because the universe, divine source has already completed its side of the equation. All of you is accessible to you now.

Truly astounding inner experiences that powerfully reshape your life as you’ve known it are available to you if you are ready to claim the power of your desire and your choice. None of this which Jesus spoke is available to the ambivalent. Desire and choice always offers you a going on point that your inner guidance confirms to you is your next step into your pearl of great price. Movement occurs when grounded choice answers grounded desire. All the experience that led to this moment of choice was only intended to garner desire and choice. It may be a small choice, but that choice inevitably guides and opens out the next one, and the one after that.

Our lives as we currently know them are built on the choices we’ve made up till now. New growth in the infinite depths of self love await us, but again, these new vistas wait for new choice to form new expressions of our utterly magical lives.

Here, in desire and choice and ongoing returning and homecoming is where all that was lost is returned to you. No matter how great the darkness or fear, or self loathing that currently lives in you, no matter how far it feels like you have wandered, you are offered this sacred path of acting upon these ‘homing’ desires that live in you.

If you need a glimpse of what your future might look like, look to those who have raised your desire, who have stirred a longing in you, who have mirrored to you powerful glimpses of your own essence. The hero that lives in you recognizes the true heroism that lives in others.

Who’d have guessed! Who’d have guessed that I can drink of this deeply nourishing stream in any moment, in any circumstance? Who’d have guessed all the paths and saviors who sought my allegiance to something outside of my own heart were actually just afraid of their own greatness and sought to have some misery and company in their need to control? Who’d have guessed that this love that I live and breathe IS me now? …simply awaiting my deeper discovery? Who’d have guessed that my safe place, my ark to sail through the most painful times currently upon us as a species, is this ‘pearl of great price’ me offering me not only safe passage into new births, but also the most exquisite of experiences imaginable?

Who’d have guessed that this mission to rediscover my own heart is actually my deepest super abundant contribution to others? Who’d have guessed that my true selflessness is actually found in this true heart based return to self?

So what choice is love and life infusing you with the clarity and power to actually act upon? Are you ready to move? The universe is watching YOU at the edge of its front row seat!

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information and inspiration.


‘Golden Earth Now’ – New Vlog Series with Raphael Awen

By Raphael Awen

I am very excited to announce my new video blog series entitled ‘Golden Earth Now’. The first installment is the video below.

It’s been in the idea stage for a while now, the idea being a place to share via video, the teachings and the flow from my own heart with others who are drawn. In 2016, I experienced a deep visitation experience to Golden Earth that left me longing for more, and left me irreversibly changed. That longing I was told would be fulfilled as I naturally gave myself to sharing freely what I was given and am being given.

This is the beginning of that…

From the video’s description:

The times we are presently in and entering deeper could not be more alchemical and changing, both for us personally and us together as a collective. With deep change comes both the fear on one hand of tipping over into chaos that doesn’t resolve and leaves us diminished and small, and on the other hand, the exhilaration of the possibility of truly changing and moving beyond what has felt like impenetrable barriers. Staying the same is no longer an option. How do we ride such waves?

In this first video of a new series called ‘Golden Earth Now’, spiritual teacher Raphael Awen launches an intention and makes an invitation for others to hop on this bus that is about to leave the station.

This series will explore heart, words and energy on a regular basis that will point us all in the direction of our true heart and soul home – Golden Earth or New Earth or 5D Earth -, while letting us feel and heal fears that keep us living below our birthright.


I invite you to connect with me and see what’s to come.


Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information and inspiration.

Golden Earth Is Waiting For You

By Jelelle Awen


There is a world beyond the current one where things such as politics, greed, and war do not exist…it is this Golden Earth world that our hearts know is possible and our soul remembers…

We can invite others to join us in this Golden Earth and experience it ourselves in moments as our self worth and self love rises. As our connection with the Divine deepens. As our sense of being Infinite Love increases. As we surround ourselves with others who resonate and feel us deeply.

This Golden Earth is waiting for you and it lives already in your heart and soul.

The journey to it is through your shadow, your pain, and your suffering.

The journey to it is guarded by protective parts of you that are afraid for you to increase your frequency because they have been conditioned to fear love by a fear-based culture. These parts of you are afraid for you to feel too much of your woundings because they don’t want you to suffer even more.

The journey to it requires guides that can walk with you through your shadow land to reach the place where the golden rays of love rain down on you and emanate from you.

The journey to it invites you to risk the known for the unknown; to let go in order to let in; and to be dedicated in all ways to serve love for yourself, others, Gaia, and the Divine.

The journey to it is ultimately embracing the realization that you ARE it and that, in this way, you are already there.


Jelelle Awen is co-creator, facilitator, and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. For more about our awakening process that leads to experiencing Golden Earth life visit