All that we experience as life is given in Love held by Love for Love


By Jelelle Awen

This image feels similar to the space I was guided to today…higher frequencies, beyond five senses, where all is made of white filaments with rainbow auras. I was just overcome by the brightness and beauty of it all, especially human beings in their essence as Infinite Love, too bright to even look in the eyes.

Hours (no time really) I floated here, dimensional traveling, Angels and guides surrounding me…..and yet also feeling the core of my heart beating strong even as my body became lighter and lighter. Feels like it was an energetic boost to allow more overflow to others, more love, stillness, and less reactivity. What a gift!

My body reacted initially with some pain last night as a portal of some sort opened, a vortex, and yet it is moving now…birth pains held with Infinite Love and seemed to serve a purpose. Shook off some negative entities that had attached along the way, like being dipped in bright love and all the dark falling off.

I would not be able to let this in without also going to the tears (and there were those too), saying goodbye and letting go to what I thought was my purpose and my place to serve it, allowing the part of me that was so invested to feel sad….tears even with a smile as I realized that it is all given in Love held by Love for Love….

Much Love is moving from my heart to those who read these words, may you feel the energy of it and let it in whatever way you feel to…

You are much bigger and brighter than you can even imagine!


Jelelle Awen is co-creator, facilitator, and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information. 


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