Embodying Our Higher Self Light Body During Ascension

By Jelelle Awen
My body still feels fragile from many days of re-alignment, recalibration, and detoxing as the ascension flu moves through. The energies of the detox are somewhat surprising feelings of ‘being dense’ and just not my usual joyful, creative, high energy, and connected self. This self I currently am, this version, feels like a transitional one.
I get this sense of knobs and dials being turned or maybe wires being restrung is more accurate. While this adjustment is going on, I feel like I am here but not quite here…in transition or the broadcast frequency is still fuzzy and not quite clear. I got an image during meditation this morning of a bright light body that is waiting for me, very close to my current auric field. I can feel the energy of its warmth and the vibration of its lightness and it feels like a beacon of elevated experience.
This ‘suit of crystal light and heart warm frequencies’ is waiting for me. I think I slip into it in moments, especially during the pass outs that happen frequently during meditation where I slip into a consciousness state that is not quite deep sleep and is not aware either. I travel to other dimensions in this space, float in worlds that are much more porous than than this one. I visit with and connect with my star family and Ethereal beings such as Archangel Metatron. This is happening during dreams as well and I often wake up feeling like I have travelled a lot during sleep.
This connection with higher dimensions is possible when I am conscious. I have offered myself as a bridge for this kind of connection inside of myself which then extends to others through sharing messages primarily through writing. Right now, receiving messages for others is a bit dimmer than usual as I recalibrate in such a personal way. Yet, I feel moved to share my current process as often I think people’s souls and higher selves can related to what I am sharing as a phase that they will too someday experience if they are not already. I can feel the higher selves that are reading this nodding their heads…..it does feel like the deeper embodiment of my higher self’s body that I am seeing as coming to me and for me.
The message, if I feel into one and listen in the moment, is that this is a sacred process and a sacred time. The new horizon of higher self embodiment aka ascension invites all of us to embrace where we really are in the moment, to honestly assess what is our trailing edge of Being and what is our leading edge. Emotional healing of the 3D pain body frees up our frequencies and is not to be bypassed, as much as parts of you might want to do that out of fear of what you might uncover.
In SoulFullHeart, we offer sessions to journey into the 3D pain body with you, connect you to your higher self frequencies that can bravely hold this journey with love, and look at all the most important areas of life with you to feel where your consciousness relates to them (either 3D, 4D, or 5D) and feel where your frustrations and desires are in these areas. I’m reminded again of the beauty of this process as I experience it personally and live in community with others who do as well. What does your higher self body look and feel like and is it calling you to claim a deeper inhabitation and exploration through SoulFullHeart sessions and within a loving community?
It feels like with the accelerated energies available to all of us from the sun, from Gaia, from star beings, from Ethereal beings, from the Divine…..all of these sources are offering that now is the time to do something and try something brand new. To move your awakening process into a more public space if you have been private. To commit to a path of radical self intimacy and awakening with limitless possibilities to experience love with self, others, and the Divine. To claim your higher self and your light body as you claim your next venture of your journey back home.
Jelelle Awen is an 5D ascension teacher, writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

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