Get A Heart-on For Yourself

By Raphael Awen


Somehow, I know that my greatest gift to the world has to do with my desire and need to be loved.

As I feel that, and make it conscious more and more to myself, and see where I have that love and where I don’t at present, I am moved. My need and desire for love is what ‘unstucks’ me.

I’d like to title this Valentine’s Day message:

‘Get A Heart-on For Yourself’.

You see, you won’t ever actually find love ‘out there’ to any degree that exceeds the actual love you have learned for yourself. In fact, the lack of love you have for yourself will always be mirrored to you in the actual quality of your closest relationships.

The entire universe we live in is wired on love. I know it doesn’t look that way when we live on a planet that is so much wired on proving what love isn’t, but such a planet and such a motive, could only exist in a fear reaction to this potent and fearful love.

Reverence is another word for what we’re talking about here. More than anything in life, I want and need reverence. I want to be revered and I want to swim in reverence for all things. That’s the stuff the universe is made up of. That’s what I came here to learn and become certified in.

If this is true, (and I say that because I am well aware that I am proposing a very different view of the world), then it so beckons the deeper quest in all of us, collectively and personally, to learn how to let in love.

And if that’s the whole point, then realizing that point gets you to whatever is next, and that’s truly and awe-somely exciting.

What’s next can only and ever be more love, because we are infinite love, made by infinite love, seeking to come to terms with infinite love.

Now, we are asked IF we feel that, IF we believe that, IF we KNOW that, then what does being a student of that love mandate? Dare I use the word ‘dictate’? If love is thee most powerful force for which any and all force is derived, then love’s dictates are of supreme interest to me. This is a dictating mandating force that waits incredibly patiently, but ultimately cannot and will not take ‘no’ for an answer.

Wait now, I’m not speaking of an other, some power over you….I’m talking about your own, you-to-you relationship. You are this love and that love won’t settle till it finds you in you. Feeling this, and letting it color in and out of the lines in your life is the most transformative thing you will ever do in this earth plane.

The circumstances (encircling standing things) of your life are the witnesses and signposts to this sacred marriage. What is happening outside of you can only and ever be a reflection of what is happening inside of you.

For many, and even most of us, this comes as a testament, a reflection and a dawning realization of what we are not, intended to point out way back to what we are.

Life now asks us to take the most courageous step of our lives. Would we be willing to risk losing what we have, in order to gain what we are? Are we willing to say a firm ‘No!’ in a bid to find our ‘yes’.

Falling in love always births a death-and-rebirth cycle in our lives. True love always gives birth to new life, but only after it has suffered the death of what preceded the emergence of that love. Many can yearn for love, but use that yearning to avoid the death that life is inviting them into in order to take them to that love. There simply is no other way to this magical kingdom of getting a heart-on for you.

Sex is a perfect metaphor here. It’s a possessing force that can and wants nothing less than to take over your life. It wants you to be dripping wet (self-consciously so) with ache and desire, and then it wants to relieve and relive that desire over and over again…

Sounds pretty hot, huh? That’s because it is. Love is not ambivalent about you. Love has its heart-on very firmly (and discreetly) set on you, and only you. Extreme Monagamy, because this extreme Monagamy is the only doorway into extreme poly-amory. You cannot love the many until you love the one. That one is you. That you is love.

It won’t settle for anything less. It can’t settle for anything less.

Will you surrender to this love that you are?

(I dedicate this writing to my valentine, my outer reflection of my self love journey, my be-loved, my am-loved, Jelelle Awen)

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information and inspiration.


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