Becoming Childlike, Angelic, Sacred Human

By Jelelle Awen


Becoming childlike, you remember the innocence and purity of your humanity. Embracing your inner child within, your inner teenager, your 3D adult too……the joys and the hurts, the magic and the pain, both held in your heart with tender love and curiosity. The vulnerability emerges through this holding….the magical access emerges through this loving….the reverence emerges through your reverence for self…..the authenticity emerges through this genuine holding.

Becoming angelic, you remember the expansiveness and sacredness of your divinity. Embracing your inner angel within, your galactic and higher self, connecting from the ‘outside’ with guides in order to remember and become the angel that you ARE more and more. The soul bigness arises through this holding…..the soul purpose expression arises through this communion….the soul gifts sharing arises through this exchange of self to self soul gift love.

Becoming sacred human, you remember the BEST of what makes you human and the BEST of your sacred, soul nature. You remember and, also, BECOME something NEW in this embracement of roots to wing, integrating the human consciousness experiment into NEW frequencies of Divine expression. All is held with love, all the capacity, the FULL range of your BEing in its Creator God and Goddess expression.

Photo taken by me of childlike soulfulness (sacred human!) taking in with mutual reverence the beautiful sunset here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc

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