Growth By Choice


By Raphael Awen

The universe can never violate our free will, and make a choice for us, as it invites us into a fearful next step of our growth. It does seem however that while the universe can’t violate our free will, and force anything upon us, it does withdraw any support for us to prolong a path that it feels we are done with. In other words, the universe will not enable us to remain in a smaller place when it’s time for us to enter a larger expression of ourselves. Divine source feels where our higher self wants to go, while also feeling the parts of us in pain or anxiety over a given choice. It gently, patiently and yet firmly points us to our next steps.

I can say from personal experience that when I arrived at a surprising juncture of choice that would change my life profoundly, I was always given a sense and feeling of deep guidance and the time I needed to digest and integrate that guidance along with deep waves of love and support to where I could feel deeply held while the courage and clarity arose to act on that choice. This enabled me to consciously and groundedly walk out steps that would change my life forever.

I feel many of the people drawn to SoulFullHeart are at such junctures, particularly with men who are drawn to me for space-holding. And if I could speak to you directly, if that’s you, I feel to say I am ready if you are. I see a meeting room of some awesome architecture in the mountains that overlooks a wide space. I see your intentionality and mine creating a new ‘third thing’…a going on place into your true heart and soul growth and freedom.

I see you on another timeline, with the presenting ‘problem’ now fully behind you, and you asking yourself ‘So, now what?…now that this difficulty no longer defines and caps my life, my energy,….now what?’

I feel the universe inviting you into this question because if you can feel into it now, then you can tailor the steps you are taking with the end in mind from the outset. The end is here and available at the beginning, while the universe invites into the time and space walk-out of that choice to imbibe the growth and love into every cell of your being. It’s in feeling this end from the beginning where deep self love and support can flood your being!

Now, the timeline you are being invited into holds its deepest offer of love and growth vibrantly as it also feels with you the gravity of the loss you are also feeling. Only now are you enabled to choose and guide like the God-being you are. Only now are you enabled to fully feel the part of you for whom this loss will be profound. Only now does this deep change move in self loving ways that feel all that wants to be felt so the changes can healthily ground into your new life and timeline.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information and inspiration.

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