As You Awaken, How Is Your Heart?

By Jelelle Awen


As you fly to the heavens, how is your heart?

You can fly to the heavens and BE with angels. You can BEcome more of the transcendent BEing that you ARE. You have been more of this substance of light and AIR then you have been anything else. You have been more of the stars, then of Gaia and a human body. You have been more soul than fleshy substance even if you feel that you have many lifetimes on Earth, what you might call ‘past lives’ although they are in the NOW…

Yet….As you go on your quest to the stars, how is your heart?

Your heart reflects your capacity to FEEL, to CARE, and to LOVE….the BEST of what makes you human. Your heart also reflects your emotional body and your pain body, your 3D body…..the place where the energies are stored of what you have experienced and felt as a human in this 3D reality and what still needs to be digested. You can BEcome more and more transcendent, yet, your emotional body has pain and congestion and it will anchor you to lower frequencies. Its unhealed places will draw situations to repeat out suffering patterns for you to see and feel. Your soul frequencies, your transcendent nature, can be used by aspects of you that don’t want to feel, that want to bypass heart healing, that want only light and no dark or shadow exploration.

As you awaken your soul, how is your heart?

As your emotional pain body heals, the anchorings lighten up, the aspects of you that guard, that hold the suffering frequencies, that are emotionally reactive in a charged way, that resist letting in love….these aspects transform into their higher frequencies, and eventually integrate into your sacred human/higher self embodiment. Your soul awakening can then ground into Gaia and into your healing and healthy human heart. And you heart vibrates at a higher frequency of health, it becomes more connected to the Christ Consciousness heart, the Mother Mary Consciousness heart, the cosmic heart.

As you become more of your cosmic BEing, how is your heart?

You are meant to take your heart WITH you on the journey of remembering yourself as a galactic BEing. It is your healing heart that brings in frequencies of vulnerability, compassion, reverence, humility, grace, surrender, relationality, connection, and healthy expression of femininity and masculinity. It is your healing heart that draws nourishing intimacies to you and relationships that water with love both your heart AND your soul. It is your healing heart that compels you to serve love as your highest purpose.

How is your heart? What does it REALLY want and need to experience and have felt in order to let in and BEcome MORE and MORE of the infinite love that you ARE?

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine facilitator, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and teacher of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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