Make Up Your Own Spirituality!


By Raphael Awen

So you sit down with a little self-assignment to write the first 10 things that come to mind if you were to make up your own Spirituality, unedited, it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you, it doesn’t have to draw the masses, it just needs to be spontaneous and from you….go….

(You might want to write your own before reading mine, and share your results in the comments later below)

1. Get real or go home
2. Victims not welcome
3. Shit or get off the pot
4. I love you
5. I hate you
6. See the biggest picture you can
7. Want like there’s no tomorrow
8. Drop the role
9. If you’re happy with lesser things, good for you, I was too, until I wasn’t and I loved it and needed it while I did.
10. Love yourself first

Then, poof, there appears in front of you, the world’s ‘Registrar Of New Religions’, and he tells you that you can only have 3, so you have to turf 7, and he closes his office in 5 minutes, and he needs the last 2 minutes to lock up. You’ve got 3 minutes. Go. Just 3 of the above 10.

1. Get real or go home.
2. Want like there’s no tomorrow.
3. Love yourself first.

You hand in your 3, and he says ‘I’ll submit this application for you, but you will need to sit down and write 1 paragraph for each of these 3 and submit it through my mail slot before leaving today or your application goes nowhere’.

You sit down to write. No pressure or anything right? You feel the world has needed a new religion for a god-awful long time, and now, it’s all hanging on some further words of explanation!? You write some further explanation, while wondering if this isn’t a really bad idea.

(Again, you may want to write your own before reading mine, and share below)

1. Get Real Or Go Home: If we could just get truly honest with ourselves and with one another, there may not actually be any higher enlightenment than that, or any form of enlightenment that you cannot access through radical self honesty.

2. Want Like There’s No Tomorrow: If you are anything, at your deepest core, you are a ‘wanter’. Denying this is self suicide, and then you are of no use to anyone, including yourself. You can’t sell a dead man a cup of coffee.

3. Love Yourself First: All attempts at putting others first are only pathetic attempts at hiding the fact that all we can do is put ourselves first. If I truly love another, it is because profoundly I have come to love myself and have overflow that is my funnest fun to share.

You fold your paper, with your name on top, and pop it through the mail slot. Now what? My god, you didn’t know the registrar dude was going to pop out of no-where. What if this new religion gets ‘approved’ and ‘installed’ somehow? Couldn’t it have used a bit more time and thought, maybe even some deep meditation, or even a retreat? How many eons might a new religion hold sway over the masses? What big thing did I miss? Oh, God, I didn’t even get the golden rule in there…

You walk out through a park out front looking to digest a bit more of what just happened and the Registrar guy is there looking all casual and approachable now for some reason. He sees your look and tells you that you just launched a new universe of reality into existence and you are at the center of it. He goes on to explain that every single religion, or spiritual practice is simply made up every day by the people living them from their deepest insides, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. You look back quite somber feeling wondering if you got it right or not, and he tells you ‘don’t worry, it’s as easy to change as it is to make up, actually, the hard part is getting people to see that’s what they are already doing, and always have been’.

You take that in for moments in the now casual easy quiet but alive energy between you and this registrar guy, when you realize you just met a part of yourself that simply wanted your attention…

Raphael Awen

In SoulFullHeart, we offer a way to connect with every part of yourself, from the part of you who may want to a write a new world religion, to the part of you who wouldn’t touch any such thing with a 10 foot pole. We are currently offering a free intro session conducted by myself or Gabriel Heartman to help you feel into where SoulFullHeart process may be wanting to take you. More about that here:

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