Energy Update: Focusing On The Birthing Of The New You And New Earth Now

By Jelelle Awen



I received the sense that 2017 was going to be ‘the year beyond fear’ for me and for others too. Moving beyond our fears by feeling them with parts of ourselves in order to eventually serve love, to step out, and to share. So far, 2018 seems to be the year offering to focus on birthing a New You and New Earth Now. New Earth Now is arising in the continual collective disclosure process of the old, revealing the old power structures, and clearing the way. A New You is birthing in every choice point we make toward serving love.
All these energies of birthing are coming up as this new year of 2018 births itself too. Two weeks into this year and you can FEEL how it wants to invite you into your next forms, shapes, and ways that you are meant to BEcome. These energies of love want to move you through the necessary gestations that your REAL you has just needed to stew and bake in for awhile. You’ve been like a fetus growing in a womb of Divine Feminine and Masculine safety and support during 2017. Getting ready and preparing to BE born.
This gestation has been challenging at times and maybe continues to be. This gestation has felt like a void at times with nothing there and little sense of what could possibly fill up what has been emptied out. Sometimes you can feel the womb that you are in and the Divine love energy that is holding ALL of this process and you. Sometimes parts of you may feel abandoned, left ‘behind’ and left out, disconnected from the Divine parental energy that actually is ALWAYS there for you. Sometimes parts of you need to thrash out, say ‘no more’ to the old 3D ways that may still anchor and tug. And then, return again to the womb, to the comfort of the place where you can rest in what you are becoming.
2018 offers that the time of birthing is now, both collectively and personally. Is this your ‘time’ now? If so, you become inspired with new creativities and ideas. Your passions ignite and want to express and share. You are not interested in fighting or going to battle with the old, yet put your energy toward creating and manifesting the New. You receive and draw synchronicities, resonant alliances, and opportunities too. You are consumed with new ideas, that higher timeline picture, and renewed focus to see these ideas through. Clearer guidance is coming through from your Guides and your Higher Self, providing you directions to go in that are sometimes surprising yet seem to fit the bigger picture.
These 2018 energies are providing focus, whether inward on your own process and the continual healing of your emotional body and soul…or on service of love projects and visions to offer with others. Or both….back and forth. This focus helps you discern what is a good use of your energy and what is not. This focus allows you to decide what in your life (relationships, careers, habits, geographies, etc.) distracts and diverts…..versus what actually PROVIDES you with more energy to use toward creating the new.
Parts of you that feel fear, resistance, unworthiness to create and share the new can receive your love to soothe their doubts and distrust. They can receive and connect with Divine love to receive motherly and fatherly encouragement to rest, to allow, and to trust. These parts of you can be felt in where these doubts stem from and come from, where they originate in your childhood and other lifetimes too. In this feeling, these parts of you can let go and move into the Now with you….offering their gifts to the process. More about parts of the self that we connect with in the SoulFullHeart process here:
As an aspect of this focus you may be gathering your ‘midwives’ to you in the form of soul family connections, community, resources to support you in this process. So much of the gestation process you might have needed to do alone. Needing the private space to see, find, and feel yourself and parts of you again without reflection of what others could offer that no longer felt true or right. Yet, when you move into the New, you are more aware of your healthy need of others, of support, of relationships, of intimacy, and of community. You become aware of your need of a team to help you bring in the new and create it.
You are birthing now. You are BEcoming. BEcoming your service of love self in the forms and ways that are calling you to express…..and increasingly BEcoming your expression of Infinite Love in human form!


Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension. She also offers a 33 Day Video Blog Series called Metamorphosis. Visit for more information about space holding sessions and a free intro session, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings at




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