Energy Update: Inner Supermoon Illuminates And Dissolves Your Defensive Layers

By Jelelle Awen


As we approach the Lunar Eclipse and second Supermoon for this month, you can feel the energies ‘ramping’ up. You could call this ‘portals opening’ and certainly it can look this way with your third eye. AND, I have been taking pictures of the sun during these gateways and portal openings offering energy download and code activations in which it actually looks like a portal. The physical ‘proof’ of this portal as reflecting in our sun serves to bridge to the 3D parts of us that still want and need that kind of link to what is happening in the cosmos with physical manifestation.

Your trust may be growing lately in what exists and can be felt much beyond the mind, beyond the five senses, beyond what you have been conditioned in 3D schools to believe as ‘real’. This trust grows as you connect more with your Higher Self (or Metasoul – individuated soul source) and these higher dimensional frequencies come into your consciousness. You experience this through altered states during meditation especially as you go within to discover the WORLDS there are to explore, find, and take in that exist much beyond the five sense limiting filtering system.

You can trust more too as you feel the parts of you that have been anchored to 3D reality and WHY they have been. Your Inner Protector had to form a shield and armor in order for you to survive here. Similar to putting on an atmospheric suit if you were to go explore on the moon’s surface, you needed a protective shield of density to be here in 3D. This protective shield creates layers of dense coverings over your energy field, over your heart chakra, over your emotional body, over your physical body. It is to protect you and exists for self loving reasons. These layers of protective coverings can make it more difficult to feel a transactional heart flow of love within yourself, in relationships with others, and with the Divine.

Yet, as you awaken, cracks of light start penetrating this protective suit. Trickles and sometimes storms of love water flood the suit and start to erode it away. The guardedness drops as you let in more and more love and light ascension energies such as what are being offered in this now. As you are in relationships which support and amplify this love exchange and make it safe to drop the defenses, the Protector can let go of the protective shield and trust love more. Your 5D Self (or your Higher Self coming into your body) is able to be in multiple dimensions at the same time, vibrating in joy, being porous to all feelings that are going on, bridge for all parts of you to the present moment without the need for the anchoring ‘suit’ of protection.

The moon energies support the illumination of this protective suit and getting to know it as a separate energy… become intimate with it in order to invite it into love. The Divine Feminine offers compassion and forgiveness to ALL parts, including the Protector and even the Inner Punisher too (that such harsh critic sometimes). The Divine Mother provides a re-templating of the wounded frequencies that we received. Acceptance and OKness with all of our feelings, shadow aspects, karmic patterns, and holding space for them to be felt and moved with and by love.

These energies have a feeling of rumble to them as well. Rumblings of desires and higher consciousness moving through the grounds of your life. These rumblings can bring deaths and letting go, which eventually lead to rebirths. Even your Protector can want these death and rebirths as it so desperately needs and wants to rest from guarding you and parts of you. The Divine Feminine shakes your life up with love so that you can see and feel all the pieces as they scatter about and choose if you still want them to ‘land’ in the same places and the familiar configurations.

There is an allowance and necessity for letting in, for integration, for going within to digest. There is a need for goodness, softness, compassion and self care. If you have difficulty accessing and providing yourself these frequencies, you probably have a masculine part of you (again, like the Protector) that is coming in to do, to judge, to conform, to maintain. Negotiation with these parts of you can allow for the feminine to come into your BEing more…….softening, enlightening, and soothing.

Your inner Supermoon wants to shine light onto all the fields of your life and illuminate what needs your attention, focus, and choice points. Your inner Supermoon reflects the BIGness of your BEing that can hold so much more than you might realize or even imagine, plus illuminates the edges and boundaries that currently limit your soul expression. Your inner Supermoon gives you a sense of what can be revealed when you are willing to look, open to feel, and surrendered to love.


Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension, Divine Feminine and Masculine, emotional body integration through parts work, quantum healing through Metasoul Aspect connection, sacred union, light body transformation, and much more!

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